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SourceBans 2.0 Alpha (2013/09/04)

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Old 07-01-2013 , 12:00   SourceBans 2.0 Alpha (2013/09/04)
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We are pleased to release an alpha version of SourceBans 2. SourceBans 2 is still under heavy development, and we may introduce significant changes without prior notice. Please use it for testing purposes only.

There are still several bugs and missing features, but we encourage you to play around with the application, and give us feedback. While documentation is in the works, installation still consists of uploading the contents of the "web" folder to a web server and visiting http://hostname/sourcebans/install. We intend to provide an upgrade path for SourceBans 1 in the beta release.

Some notable differences from SourceBans 1
  • Multi-language and SMTP email support.
  • Logging of all admin commands performed on each server.
  • Admins can now authenticate by Steam ID, IP address or name.
  • Server groups and server admin groups have been merged. Admins can now have multiple server groups, which are assigned to one or more servers. For example, you can make a "TF2 Junior Admins" group which only applies to your TF2 servers. For simplicity's sake, you can no longer set individual permissions per admin.
  • You can easily import admins and server groups from admins_simple.ini, admins.cfg, admin_groups.cfg, and even clients.txt from Mani Admin Plugin.
  • The database prefix is now "sb_" instead of just "sb".
  • Extensible through third-party game plugins and PHP plugins, as well as a PHP API which any external script can include to access SourceBans functionality.
See the roadmap for a full list of features.

→ We are still looking for a designer to make a custom theme based on Bootstrap, so for now it just looks like default Bootstrap.

To keep up to date with development, visit our GitHub repository.
Feel free to report any bugs or request features on the GitHub issue tracker. Please do not use this for issues with SourceBans 1.

If you disagree with how a certain feature has been implemented, or are unsure if your feature request should be implemented, please post either in our design discussions forum, or in this topic.

Demo (thanks Rytis)

Download: zip

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