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[CSGO] Simple-VIP system

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Counter-Strike: GO
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    Implement VIP features into the game with easy configuration.
    Old 05-11-2022 , 12:56   [CSGO] Simple-VIP system
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    > Description
    Basically our team have had various number of projects published out there, but when one of our member has left the team, he deleted the projects to block people from using them. We have started to recover them or create it again from scratch (mostly the second option, because we want to upgrade them too).

    This project was originally published here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=307821

    I have fully recreated it from scratch, deleted all the unneccesary junk parts and improved the code quality. Some mechanism of the plugin has changed a lot to improve everything. New ideas and features are also planned to guarantee better solutions for the community.

    Also, if you have any idea or feature reques, just bomb us with a Feature Request!

    Required to run: Chat-Processor
    Required for compile: Karyuu Library and Chat-Processor

    > Credits
    shanapu, for the MyJailbreak support
    Pelipoika, for the Fading
    nicedayzhu for Simplified Chinese translation

    > Features
    • Support MyJailbreak (Event Checker)
    • Enable/Disable +HP in every round
    • Enable/Disable +Armor and Helmet in every round
    • Set Own ClanTag
    • Set Own NameTag
    • Set NameColor Color
    • Set TagColor Color
    • Set ChatColor Color
    • Multi ChatColor Support ({red}a{blue}b{green}c)
    • Rainbow (Fading) player Model
    • Every change saved to cookies instantly
    • 100% Translatability

    > Commands
    • sm_vip;sm_svip;sm_vipmenu - Open main VIP menu
    • sm_clan;sm_sb;sm_scoreboard;sm_clantag;sm_ct - Open Scoreboard Editor VIP menu
    • sm_chat;sm_cu;sm_chatutils;sm_chatutilities - Open Chat Modifications VIP menu

    > Links
    Download > Click me
    Source-Code > Click me
    Changelog > Click me
    KitsuneLab® Developments
    > K4ryuu <

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