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Defense Chamber Heal Stacking

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Natural Selection        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 03-14-2007 , 17:12   Defense Chamber Heal Stacking
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This plugin allows you to (almost) fully configure the way defense chambers operate in Natural-Selection.

The sole reason this was created was because of how the NS 3.2 defense chamber change hurt custom (namely siege) map game play. I ask, but obviously I cannot dictate, that this not be enabled on standard maps (eg: ns_tanith), since the new defense chamber was balanced for those maps in mind.

  • mp_dcenabled - A bitmask value of how to configure whether this plugin is functional for the map or not. Add up the following values to get the desired effect from multiple types:
    • 1 - This plugin is explicitly enabled on this map. The option to disable on combat maps can override this.
    • 2 - This plugin will be enabled on all maps that contain the word "siege".
    • 4 - This plugin will be enabled on all maps where all hives are within 1024 units from each other (the typical layout of most siege maps).
    • 8 - This plugin will not be enabled on any combat maps.
    • Default: 14 (Disable on combat maps, enable on "siege" map name or short hive distances)
  • mp_dchealtime - How long, in seconds, between each heal wave. Default: 2
  • mp_dchealamount - A static amount to heal each to each target in each wave. Default: 10
  • mp_dchealpercent - A percentage of the target's health to heal in each wave. This is a 0->1 value (1.0 is 100%, 0.01 is 1%, and so on) Default: 0
  • mp_dchealtargets - How many entities to heal in each wave. Default: 3
  • mp_dchealradius - How big is the radius of healing. Default: 400
  • mp_dcrequirehives - Whether to require active hives for defense chamber operation or not. Any value other than 0 requires a hive. Default: 0

The default values make the defense chamber mimic the heal output of the NS 3.1 counterpart.

Note that the plugin will check the cvars after the amxx.cfg and server.cfg files have been loaded. So it's possible to configure this even more precisely through the map-based config files.

Note that this plugin also eliminates the "one DC heal per target" aspect of defense chambers while the plugin is active.

Known issues:
  • The idle animation for defense chambers does not play. This is very moot, and it would be too much work/overhead to add it back in properly.
  • Occasionally the health ring display of an entity will be off by a very little bit. This is also very moot, as the health value is proper, but my equation to get the health ring display is very slightly off of what NS uses. The innate regeneration of all alien entities will fix it.
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