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[ANY] Custom ServerInfo Text

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Server Management
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    Replace the text sent to clients in CBaseClient::SendServerInfo
    Old 05-17-2023 , 23:42   [ANY] Custom ServerInfo Text
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    This plugin allows for customization of the server info text that's sent to clients each time they connect.

    • Values are inserted with printf format specifiers.
    • Since this plugin does not modify the internal snprintf call at all, you have the following values at your disposal (in this order):
      [ Game description (%s), Map name (%s), Current players (%d), Max players (%d), Build number (%d), Server number (%d) ]
    • Using less values than those available is okay (e.g. omitting the last specifier for server number).
    • String values can be skipped using "%.s".

    • serverinfotext_version - plugin version

    • Make sure you have Source Scramble installed.
    • Place the plugin in sourcemod/plugins and the gamedata file in sourcemod/gamedata.
    • Create a file named infotext.txt in sourcemod/configs with your custom text. An example config is provided below.
    • Load the plugin as normal. Plugin must be reloaded for config changes to take effect.

    Thanks to Zabaniya / Suza for help with mempatching this properly.

    Download plugin (serverinfotext.smx)
    Download gamedata (serverinfotext.txt)
    Download example config (infotext.txt)

    View source (serverinfotext.sp)

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