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[ND] Bot Radio Helpers

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Nuclear Dawn
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    Makes bots drop medkits and ammopacks when players call for assistance on the radio
    Old 03-12-2023 , 01:01   [ND] Bot Radio Helpers
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    When a player calls for a medic using the built-in radio commands, this plugin will check if there's a nearby teammate bot who's a medic. If one is found then this changes the bot's behavior to travel towards the player requesting medical attention and throw a medpack. Similar behavior was added for a bot engineer to throw an ammopack to teammates requesting supplies.

    Special Thanks
    Gallomimia for the idea behind the plugin. Also, the team who perfected the [TF2] Bot Combat Improvements plugin deserve a lot of credit as they developed the first proof-of-concept that I saw before writing this. Many of the functions towards the tail end of this plugin are based on or wholly adopted from the TF2 plugin.
    - EfeDursun125
    - enderandrew
    - Marqueritte
    - Showin'
    - Crasher_3637
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