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pure-ftpd OGP

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Qsai Wolf PS
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Old 02-17-2023 , 07:15   pure-ftpd OGP
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hello all

(I know this forum is not for OGP but maybe one knows a thing)

i know ogp useing pure-ftpd for FTP user

but if I useing UFW FireWall

FTP doesn't open

so I do thing {TLS/SSL Explicit encryption}

IDK what this Exactly
but it works

but sometimes give my customers msg

the msg

Disconnected from server Connection failed. 1 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry

my config pure-ftpd

ChrootEveryone yes
BrokenClientsCompatibility no
MaxClientsNumber 50
Daemonize yes
MaxClientsPerIP 10
VerboseLog no
DisplayDotFiles yes
AnonymousOnly no
NoAnonymous yea
SyslogFacility ftp
DontResolve yes
MaxIdleTime 15
LimitRecursion 20000 8
AnonymousCanCreateDirs no
MaxLoad 0
AntiWarez yes
Umask 133:022
MinUID 100
AllowUserFXP no
AllowAnonymousFXP no
ProhibitDotFilesWrite no
ProhibitDotFilesRead no
AutoRename no
AnonymousCantUpload no
MaxDiskUsage 99
CustomerProof yes
TLSCipherSuite HIGH
CertFile /etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd.pem
PassivePortRange 55521 55555

can anyone help me

Sory For my English
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Old 02-17-2023 , 11:31   Re: pure-ftpd OGP
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Same error: https://forums.fedoraforum.org/showt...-login-allowed has been solved

You should use ProFTPd wich is what i use for OGP , now switched from a few days to Ptereodactyl, has pre build SSH integrated per user, a little hard to setup but in the end result was awesome and worth it.

For connection
sudo ufw allow 22/tcp (ssh)
sudo ufw allow 21/tcp (ftp)
Dont forget to add passive ports if you are behind a router
sudo ufw allow 55521:55555/tcp

The passive ports must be enabled in proftpd.conf to work , ithink the default passive ports are: 49152:65534 as mine are.

In ptereodactyl every game server has its own user and password cand cannot be controlled from users outside Ptereo Panel only if they been giving root access and gameserver is stopped, just amazing, and secure the servers are running under isolated container means everything you can do to the server does not affect main os/machine (like they are virtualised)
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Qsai Wolf PS
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Join Date: May 2021
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Old 02-18-2023 , 16:08   Re: pure-ftpd OGP
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Thanks, not like you said
But because of you I found it

There is no file for

It looks like it was pure-ftpd
It doesn't work well or something

Thank you, I fixed it

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