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[L4D2] Invincible Ghosts

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Left 4 Dead
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    When a ghost drowns or falls off a deadly cliff, it receives no damage.
    Old 01-01-2018 , 15:24   [L4D2] Invincible Ghosts
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    There's a plugin of 500 whole lines that does this, this is completely useless and very inefficient. Also, he claimed there are times it fails to work and the invincibility fails.

    This plugin prevents infected players from being damaged while in ghost state.

    One cvar that determines if the plugin works or not and another irrelevant cvar of the version.

    invincible_ghosts_enabled - Plugin is enabled when set to 1 and disabled when set to 0. Default is 1.
    invincible_ghosts_version - The version of the plugin, you shouldn't care about this cvar.
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    Last edited by eyal282; 01-02-2018 at 15:23. Reason: Added a cvar of version, added FCVAR_NOTIFY
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    Old 09-08-2019 , 11:43   Re: [L4D2] Invincible Ghosts
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    * Converted plugin source to the latest syntax. Requires SourceMod 1.8 or newer.
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    Old 09-08-2019 , 20:33   Re: [L4D2] Invincible Ghosts
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    Good job

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