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Knife API v2.2

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Old 05-12-2014 , 13:46   Knife API v2.2
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Knife API v2.2
Version 2.2 released on 21st of July, 2014

Table of Contents

Description top
My first intention for this plugin was for my upcoming RolePlaying mod, however I couldn't find anything like this in the plugins section, so I decided to pre-release it (same as my Database ORM).
Knife API makes adding new knives a breeze due to the knife pickup/switching/dropping mechanism it provides. This way, all knives are added via a standarized way. Version 2.0 has added many new possibilities and functions to the core.

If you have multiple knives, you can cycle between them (or display a menu if you have the cvar enabled) with the R (+reload) key.
WARNING: Plugins written for Knife API <2.0 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the latter versions. You will need to port your old plugin. Apologies, hopefully it won't happen again!

Possibilities top
This is a really great tool for plugins which depend on knives (such as knife servers, RolePlaying(), jailbreak and stuff like that). Creating knives via this will make them seem like seamless addition to the game, especially when combined with custom sprites.

What this plugin can do:
  • Assign basic values such as models and sounds to a newly created knife
  • Custom knife sprites, see examples
  • Custom knife range
  • Additional delay after the animation start
  • Catch events such as attacking/drawing weapon for even more extendability
  • Etc.

What this plugin can't do:
  • While it can do a lot, you still have to put in some work yourself
  • There's not much it can't do. It can't make you a sandwich.

Requirements top
The requirements are:

Installation, configuration top
To install:
Install like any other plugin. Download the source code, compile it and let other plugins take adventage of it.

To configure:
By default, the CS knife has been removed from game and replaced by Hands (you can see those on Jailbreak). If you want to change this habit, comment #define DEFAULT_HANDS in the source code on line 59. If you do this, you also don't need any of the resources.

To configure the default knife/hands values, edit the __addDefaultKnife() function in the source code on line 203.

Use the following cvars to change the basic plugin functionality:
  • knifeapi_dropondeath (default:1) - should droppable knives be dropped on the player death? This doesn't remove them from player. You must also use knifeapi_lossondeath!
  • knifeapi_lossondeath (default:1) - should player lose all of their knives on death (including droppable knives except the default one)?
  • knifeapi_switchmenu (default:1) - when pressing Reload, do you want to display the menu of knives rather than cycling through them?
  • knifeapi_roundremoval (default:1) - should knives dropped around be removed on round end?

API (Natives and forwards) top
I'll put the .inc file here, the natives and forwards should be explained in it. It won't tell you anything when it comes to writing down the actual plugins, you should look at the examples for that kind of stuff.
PHP Code:
// I don't really know what this does.
#pragma library "knifeapi"

 ************ API ENUMS AND STRUCTURES ************

enum KnifeProperties
KN_STR_WeaponName,          // name of the weapon shown in the menu
KN_STR_VModel,              // v_model path including models/
KN_STR_PModel,              // p_model path including models/
KN_STR_WModel,              // w_model path including models/
KN_STR_DeploySound,         // deploy sound path
KN_STR_SlashSound,          // slash sound path
KN_STR_StabSound,           // stab sound path
KN_STR_WhiffSound,          // whiff (air) sound path
KN_STR_WallSound,           // wall hit sound path
KN_STR_SpriteName,          // if you're using a custom sprite, change this to the .txt filename (weapon_custom for example) - DON'T CHANGE IF YOU'RE NOT USING A CUSTOM SPRITE!!!
KN_CLL_Droppable,           // should be droppable?
KN_CLL_PrimaryDamage,       // primary damage multiplier (1.0 - default damage, 2.0 - double damage etc.)
KN_CLL_SecondaryDamage,     // secondary damage multiplier (1.0 - default damage, 2.0 - double damage etc.)
KN_CLL_PrimaryNextAttack,   // time between primary attacks in seconds
KN_CLL_SecondaryNextAttack// time between secondary attacks in seconds
KN_CLL_PrimaryRange,        // range of the primary attack
KN_CLL_SecondaryRange,      // range of the secondary attack
KN_CLL_PrimaryDamageDelay,  // delay between button press and the actual knife hit for primary damage
KN_CLL_SecondaryDamageDelay,// ^ for secondary damage
KN_CLL_PrimaryDmgBits,      // such as DMG_BULLET | DMG_ALWAYSGIB (makes the enemies explode), DMG_BULLET | DMG_NEVERGIB default
KN_CLL_SecondaryDmgBits,    // ^ for secondary
KN_CLL_TeamLock,            // if not 0, other team won't be able to pick up/deploy the knife
KN_CLL_NextAttackDependency,// if true, a primary attack also modifies the secondary next attack by the same amount (and vice versa); true by default
KN_CLL_IgnoreFriendlyFire   // ignore friendly fire?

enum _:ForwardReturns
KnifeAction_Block 5,

 ************ PLUGIN NATIVES ************

/* Knife_Register(): Registers a knife.

 * @params: See KnifeProperties, they're the same
 * @info: You can use additional settings with Knife_SetProperty
 * @return: (Int) Pointer to the knife
native Knife_Register(
WeaponName[] = "New Knife",             
PModel[] = "",
WModel[] = "",
DeploySound[] = "weapons/knife_deploy1.wav",
SlashSound[] = "weapons/knife_hit1.wav",
StabSound[] = "weapons/knife_stab.wav",
WhiffSound[] = "weapons/knife_slash1.wav",
WallSound[] = "weapons/knife_hitwall1.wav",
Float:PrimaryDamage 1.0
Float:SecondaryDamage 1.0

/* Knife_GetTotal(): Returns the amount of knives registered.

 * @info: Used for loops of knives: for(new i=1; i<=Knife_GetTotal(); i++)
 * @return: (Int) amount of knives registered
native Knife_GetTotal();

/* Knife_GetProperty(): Retrieves a property of a knife from the KnifeProperties enum.

 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (Int) Value: Value from the KnifeProperties enum
 * @params (any...): If you're using a value from KN_STR_X, the next two params are output string and buffer size,
        otherwise it's only the output cell to which the data is saved by reference
 * @return: (Int) 1 on success, 0 on failure/error
native Knife_GetProperty(KnifeKnifeProperties:Valueany:...);

/* Knife_SetProperty(): Sets a property of a knife from the KnifeProperties enum.

 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (Int) Value: Value from the KnifeProperties enum
 * @params (any...): String/cell with the value
 * @return: (Int) 1 on success, 0 on failure/error
native Knife_SetProperty(KnifeKnifeProperties:Valueany:...);

/* Knife_PlayerGive(): Gives a knife to a player.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (bool) Set: If true, the player will automatically equip the knife
 * @return: (Int) 1 on success, 0 on failure/error
native Knife_PlayerGive(PlayerKnifebool:Set true);

/* Knife_PlayerGetCurrent(): Returns the current knife a player has equipped.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @return: (Int) 0 - default knife, X - knife ID, -1 - error/failure
native Knife_PlayerGetCurrent(Player);

/* Knife_PlayerSetCurrent(): Force-equips a knife on the player. Player must own the knife.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player to give the knife to
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @return: (Int) 1 on success, 0 on failure/error
native Knife_PlayerSetCurrent(PlayerKnife);

/* Knife_PlayerHas(): Check whether a player has a knife.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @return: (Int) 1 on yes, 0 on failure/error/no
native Knife_PlayerHas(PlayerKnife);

/* Knife_PlayerSetLock(): Prevents a player from changing their knife.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @param (Bool) Locked: Lock status - true: locked, false: unlocked
 * @return: nothing
native Knife_PlayerSetLock(Playerbool:Locked);

/* Knife_PlayerGetLock(): Checks player's knife lock status.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @return: (Bool) true: locked, false: unlocked
native bool:Knife_PlayerGetLock(Player);

/* Knife_PlayerRemoveAll(): Removes all knives except default from the player.

 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @return: nothing
native Knife_PlayerRemoveAll(Player);

 ************ FORWARDS ************

/* KnifeAction_ProcessAttack_Pre(): Called when an attack is about to happen.
        Pre hook: This gets called before the animation delay if there is any.
        You can block the action with KnifeAction_Block.
 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player(attacker)
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (bool) PrimaryAttack: true: yes, false: no
forward KnifeAction_ProcessAttack_Pre(PlayerKnifebool:PrimaryAttack);

/* KnifeAction_ProcessAttack_Post(): Called when an attack has happened.
        Post hook: This gets called after the animation delay, if there's any.
        You cannot block this forward. Block KnifeAction_DealDamage instead.
 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player(attacker)
 * @param (Int) Victim: Player receiving the damage. If there was no player (wall/air slash), Victim is 0.
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (bool) PrimaryAttack: true: yes, false: no
 * @param (Vector) EndPoint: Ending point of the knife trace. This is the origin where the damage has happened.
        I recommend playing your custom sounds/showing various sprites using this.
 * @param (Vector) AimVector: Player's aiming direction
forward KnifeAction_ProcessAttack_Post(PlayerVictimKnifebool:PrimaryAttackFloat:EndPoint[3], Float:AimVector[3]);

/* KnifeAction_DealDamage(): Called right before an attack happening
        Pre hook: You can block the action with KnifeAction_Block.
 * @param (Int) Attacker: Index of the player(attacker)
 * @param (Int) Victim: Player receiving the damage
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (Float) Damage: Damage received with modifiers in mind (hitboxes/backstab/custom damage multiplier)
 * @param (bool) PrimaryAttack: true: yes, false: no
 * @param (Vector) EndPoint: Ending point of the knife trace. This is the origin where the damage has happened.
        I recommend playing your custom sounds/showing various sprites using this.
 * @param (Vector) AimVector: Player's aiming direction
 * @param (Int) Hitzone: Damage hitzone, such as HIT_HEAD.
forward KnifeAction_DealDamage(AttackerVictimKnifeFloat:Damagebool:PrimaryAttackDamageBitsbool:Backstab
Float:EndPoint[3], Float:AimVector[3], Hitzone

/* KnifeAction_Deploy(): Called when a player draws a knife.
        Post hook: You cannot block this forward.
 * @param (Int) Attacker: Index of the player
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
forward KnifeAction_Deploy(PlayerKnife);

/* KnifeAction_SoundPlay(): Called when a knife sound is about to play.
        Pre hook: You can block the action with KnifeAction_Block.
 * @param (Int) Player: Index of the player
 * @param (Int) Knife: Knife index
 * @param (String) Sound: Sound played
forward KnifeAction_SoundPlay(PlayerKnife, const Sound[]); 
Credits top
  • Mario AR. - custom sprites for knives, noticing stupid mistakes I left behind.
  • Black Rose - attack range/animation delay code.

Changelog top
  • v2.2
    • Code improved, completely got rid of dynamic arrays (too much data manipulation = stack errors)
    • Headshot sounds now correct
    • No longer using Ham_TraceAttack, Ham_TakeDamage is enough (blood is spawned manually)
    • Knife_PlayerGive now has a new argument - bool:Set, if true then the knife is equipped upon receiving it
    • KnifeAction_DealDamage now has 3 new arguments: Float:EndPoint[3], Float:AimVector[3], Hitzone
    • Release date: 21 July, 2014 (21 downloads reset)
  • v2.1.1
    • Global vars having incorrect size (MAXPLAYERS rather than MAXPLAYERS+1) has been fixed
    • Added a new property: KN_CLL_IgnoreFriendlyFire (thanks to hornet)
    • Release date: 17 July, 2014 (11 downloads reset)
  • v2.1
    • Fixed a stack error bug on dropping knives
    • Some small optimizations and code enhancements
    • Fixed forward returns not being taken into account for blockable hooks
    • KnifeAction_DealDamage now provides two more arguments - DamageBits and bool:Backstab
    • Added 4 more properties: KN_CLL_Primary/SecondaryDmgBits, KN_CLL_TeamLock, KN_CLL_NextAttackDependency
    • Changed weapon commands to use command indexes instead
    • Release date: 17 July, 2014 (18 downloads reset)
  • v2.0 - Major
    • Style rewritten, I'm dropping my old stupid unreadable style
    • Renamed knife_api.inc to knifeapi.inc so it makes more sense
    • A lot of slight optimizations and bug fixes
    • Got rid of cstrike_pdatas requirement by copy-pasting the required constants right into the .sma file
    • Got rid of 32 knives limit, feel free to change it to whatever you wish
    • Added support for custom knife sprites, thanks Mario AR.
    • Added a cvar for optional menu with knives on R press rather than cycling through them (knifeapi_switchmenu), thanks Mario AR.
    • Added a cvar to optionally delete all knives lying on the ground at round end
    • Added a new admin command (knifeapi_list) which prints all of the registered knives into the console
    • Knives now also have names (and shortnames such as weapon_hands used for custom sprites)
    • Added support for primary/secondary attack range and animation delay
    • Completely renamed all of the natives to correspond with my new style; you'll have to change your plugins
    • Added new natives: Knife_GetTotal(), Knife_GetProperty(), Knife_SetProperty() - see the KnifeProperties enum for applicable values
    • Removed forwards KnifeAction_Primary/SecondaryAttack, replaced with KnifeAction_DealDamage and KnifeAction_ProcessAttack_Pre/Post
    • Release date: 14 July, 2014 (66 downloads reset)
  • v1.1
    • Fixed a bug where undroppable knives were also dropped on death
    • Fixed a bug where picking a knife up with a different weapon drawn, the weapon's submodel was changed only so you were shooting with knife
    • Fixed a bug where damage wasn't taking hitzones into account, thanks KliPPy
    • Changed KnifeAction_TakeDamage to KnifeAction_TraceAttack
    • Added new natives: lock_knife(), get_user_knife_status(), remove_knives()
    • Changed default hands damage from 13.0 and 25.0 to 5.0 and 15.0 to make it slower in duels
    • Release date: 13 May, 2014 (?? downloads reset)
  • v1.0.1
    • Fixed a small bug where knife would do no damage if #DEFAULT_HANDS was commented
    • Release date: 12 May, 2014 (?? downloads reset)
  • v1.0
    • Initial release
    • Release date: 12 May, 2014
Attached Files
File Type: zip resources.zip (244.5 KB, 933 views)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (knifeapi.sma - 1837 views - 47.9 KB)
File Type: inc knifeapi.inc (8.8 KB, 778 views)
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Examples top
Example #1: Default CS knife with custom sprite - don't use without #define DEFAULT_HANDS (Tested, works)
PHP Code:
#include <amxmodx>
#include <knifeapi>
#include <cstrike>

new g_Knife

new const VMODEL[] = "models/v_knife.mdl"
new const PMODEL[] = "models/p_knife.mdl"

const KNIFE_PRICE 300

public plugin_precache()
// we precache the custom sprite .txt and .spr files
// ALWAYS precache your files. If you don't, the server will crash, knife API doesn't do it for you

register_plugin("Knife API example""1.0""idiotstrike")
g_Knife Knife_Register(
WeaponName =  "Default Knife",
VModel =      VMODEL,
PModel =      PMODEL
// additional properties (for a list of all properties, see knifeapi.inc):
    // we make the knife droppable
// since we want to use a custom sprite, we set this to the .txt filename without extension.
    // if you don't want to use a custom sprite, don't change the KN_STR_SpriteName property!
// we can also change the primary range to 60.0 to make it more unrealistic
    //Knife_SetProperty(g_Knife, KN_CLL_PrimaryRange, 60.0)
register_clcmd("say /buyknife""CmdBuyKnife")

client_print(idprint_chat"You need to be alive.")
    else if(
client_print(idprint_chat"You already have this knife. Switch to knife and press R to see it.")
Money cs_get_user_money(id)
client_print(idprint_center"You have insufficient funds.")
cs_set_user_money(idMoney KNIFE_PRICE)


Plugins using this top

Support me top
If you think that my work is worth something, I certainly wouldn't mind any kind of a donation

Or, add me on Steam and give me some trading cards or a TF2 key
Currently busy working on a very large scale anime database project.

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Old 05-12-2014 , 14:04   Re: Knife API
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Old 05-12-2014 , 14:24   Re: Knife API
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Added a video of how this works, also reuploaded resources.zip (hiccup in folder names, sounds should have been sound)
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Old 05-12-2014 , 14:40   Re: Knife API
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you should add ability to change knife distance.

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I doubt it's possible in a reasonable way. There's orpheu but I doubt you can set the knife distance invidually for each player (take in mind not everyone has to have the same knife equipped). Not worth doing this.
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I actually had some thoughts about something like this, but i'm very happy that someone experienced guy posted!

Good job.
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You're a genius
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Old 05-13-2014 , 01:29   Re: Knife API
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realy nice, but the video have no sense-
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Old 05-13-2014 , 01:35   Re: Knife API
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Looks useful.
Good job.
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Originally Posted by swapped View Post
realy nice, but the video have no sense-
It sure does, it shows switching between knives, dropping them etc.
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