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[ANY] OM Prop Spawn - Updated 27/6/2011

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    A plugin which allows you to spawn physics props predefined in a text file
    Old 02-19-2010 , 05:10   [ANY] OM Prop Spawn - Updated 27/6/2011
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    Please Note that this is for compilation purposes only. You do not need this for running the plugin.

    A little background on the plugin

    This is my first public sourcemod plugin ever! Basically I wanted admins on my Zombiemod server to be able to spawn props. However each time I ran into a snag when attempting this with Eventscripts. I could only spawn Prop_Physics and Prop_Physics_Dynamic, which isn't very useful.

    So I made this plugin! It allows Server Admins to spawn props which are defined in a text file (working example included). I wanted a safe way for admins to spawn props so I learnt a bit of Sourcepawn and here is the result!

    Special Thanks

    Model Menu - by pRED* - Without this, it would have taken me much longer to get my head around Keyvalues and Menus.

    RP_Tools - I can't remember where I obtained this, but it's thanks to this that I know how to make props spawn in a nice way! It was nearly perfect for me, however not very user friendly.



    Extract om_propspawn.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
    Extract om_public_props.txt to addons/sourcemod/configs


    Open om_public_props.txt and you'll find this:

        "Vending Machine"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_office/vending_machine.mdl"
                "height"        "50"
                "price"            "15"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_office/sofa.mdl"
                "price"            "5"
        "Book Shelf"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_office/bookshelf1.mdl"
        "Dryer Box"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_assault/dryer_box.mdl"
                "price"            "5"
    As you can see each prop can now have a "price" option. This sets the price for the prop if om_prop_public is set to 0. If there is no price option set in the file for a prop, it will be free to spawn.

    If you wanted to change the height at which the individual prop spawned at:
        "Vending Machine"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_office/vending_machine.mdl"
                "height"            "50"
                "adminonly"      "1" //Means it's admin only if set to 1

    !props (or /props) - Brings up the menu for spawning props. - Requires Slay Flag

    !credits (or /credits) - Shows you how many credits you have. (Public)

    !om_admin_credits <name> <credits> - Allows you to modify player credits. Minus numbers can be used to remove credits.

    !om_remove_props - Removes all props created by players


    om_prop_public <number> -0 means anyone can use this plugin. 1 means admins only

    om_prop_teamonly <number> - 0 is no restrictions, 1 is Terrorist and 2 is CT. Default: 0

    om_propspawn_version - Shows the plugin version

    om_prop_credits <number> - The number of credits a player should get when they spawn. Default: 20

    om_prop_removeondeath <number> - 1 means props are removed on death, 0 means they aren't

    om_prop_addcreditsonkill <number> - 1 means credits are added when a player kills someone, 0 means they aren't.

    om_prop_killcredits <number> - The number of credits added when a player kills someone. Default: 5

    And that's all I can think of putting down! Currently I have only tested this on CS:S but I don't see why it wouldn't work on any other source game (TF2 for instance), but i'm a newb at Sourcepawn so don't expect it to!

    Currently tested and working on:
    Team Fortress 2

    If anyone tests this on other games, please tell me if it loaded successfully and functioned properly and I will add the game to the list!

    Attached should be:
    om_propspawn.sp (thus the smx)

    Little Note:
    All props spawned are prop_physics_override

    V1.0.0: Initial Release
    Added new "height" string to define custom spawn heights for each prop.
        "Vending Machine"
                "model"            "models/props/cs_office/vending_machine.mdl"
                "height"            "50"
    Rewrite of plugin:
    • It now works on a system of credits.
    • Server Administrators can set whether or not normal players can spawn props (at a price).
    • 2 new ConVars added.
    • Team Only Setting added (Very useful for Zombiemod.) Spectators cannot spawn props anymore, no matter what value this ConVar is.
    • Replaced om_props.txt with om_public_props.txt
    • Uses ClientPrefs to manage credits.
    V3.0.0 Another Rewrite of plugin:
    • Fixed a lot of stuff
    • Clientprefs no longer used
    • SMLib is now used
    • Fixed Admin Only commands (I hope)
    • Added ways of removing props
    • Props are removed on client disconnect
    • Added "adminonly" property for props (see example)
    • Added a way for credits to be added when a player kills someone
    • Made the menu appear automatically after spawning a prop
    • Fixed Team restriction issues
    • Fixed props not being named properly
    • Fixed props not actually being deleted when using the command
    • Added debug mode in source code
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt om_public_props.txt (392 Bytes, 2661 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (om_propspawn.sp - 2153 views - 12.9 KB)
    File Type: zip om_propspawn.zip (21.5 KB, 3202 views)
    File Type: smx om_propspawn.smx (16.4 KB, 1627 views)

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    Old 02-19-2010 , 07:37   Re: [CS:S] OM Prop Spawn
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    If I spawn below the floor, will the prop bounce off the floor? Or stick to the floor like the ES SpawnProp script?
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    Old 02-19-2010 , 08:47   Re: [CS:S] OM Prop Spawn
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    Originally Posted by anonpiss View Post
    If I spawn below the floor, will the prop bounce off the floor? Or stick to the floor like the ES SpawnProp script?
    Wasn't expecting this question at all :O I tried it and if you go a certain distance below the floor, it will stick to the floor above (and sort of twitch). I'm not sure if there's a fix for this.

    I've added a "height" string for props. This lets you define a custom spawn height. If no height is set, the default value of 100 is used.

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    Old 02-19-2010 , 12:08   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    Interresting, granted i currently use the 'Modelfun' plugin (By pRED i believe), but are your props destructable? (wooden boxes and the like)
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    Old 02-19-2010 , 19:24   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    Currently all props are indestructible. If people want certain props to be destructible I can try to add that feature.
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    Old 03-02-2010 , 03:56   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    Hey, very nice plugin, but it would be really really great if you could add the option to spawn prop_statics!
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    Old 03-26-2010 , 07:21   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    -.-Owned Myself-.- Nice plugin, but I would like it public for all players, not admins only. It is possible?
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    Old 03-26-2010 , 12:51   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    To do this:
    Open admin_overrides.cfg in addons/sourcemod/configs

    "om_propspawn" ""
    And the command should then be accessible to all players. You may need to restart the server.

    Make sure it isn't in the comments section!
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    Old 04-23-2010 , 10:59   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn
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    hi guys!
    -.-Owned Myself-.- you may add cost to props?
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    Old 04-25-2010 , 16:12   Re: [CSS] OM Prop Spawn - Updated 25/4/2010
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    Hi guys, I've updated the plugin!

    I've done a rewrite of it (from scratch with some copy and paste).

    You can now set whether or not this will be public (set it in a cfg file.)

    It also includes a credits system which uses clientprefs. Player credits are updated every time players are spawned.

    Hopefully this enhances the gameplay experience for those who want to use this plugin.
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