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[TF2]RMF Ability Pack

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Fun Stuff
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Team Fortress 2
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    New ability is added to each class.
    Reason for Unapproving:
    Extremely outdates. Many parts don't work or crash. Author MIA.
    Old 08-10-2009 , 08:30   [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Released RMF Ability Pack 2013!
    Join official group.

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    Old 08-10-2009 , 08:33   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Edit: Just watched the video HOLY SHIT THATS AWESOME!

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    Old 08-10-2009 , 09:18   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Wow good work, some abilities are really interesting
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 10:16   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Wow, that looks impressive. You've put a lot of creativity into your ideas. They might be a bit unbalanced, but that's something that can be worked out later.
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 10:51   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Drunk Bomb. Holy *.
    Looks like a great deal of effort put into the plugin! Good job!
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 11:17   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Great plugins you made

    We have installed the plugin on our tf2 #5 server, you can see it working here:

    Think the cvar provided give a lot of room to customize to everyone's preferences
    Will post bugs when encountered.

    Is there a command which will show you the ability when chosen ingame?
    Have had some requests for that already, now you have a short splash screens after spaw, would be great to see it again after chosen.
    Maybe put it in a amxmod stylemenu or mani style menu with an 0 to exit and !ability command to see it again.

    translation files : need some checking up, there are some weird english sentences here and there, but it brings the message across ;)
    Let me see if i can edit them a bit.
    CSS, CS1.6, TF2 and L4D servers

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    Old 08-10-2009 , 11:36   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    Just put it on a srv. This is awesome!
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 12:01   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    5/5, awesome set of plugins!
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 12:05   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    This looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out
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    Old 08-10-2009 , 12:33   Re: [TF2]RMF Ability Pack
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    I just installed on our test server, this looks amazing and i can't wait for more updates to it. Some of your english translations are a bit off. here's a version that's a bit better.
    Edit: oh jeez didn't realize how many translations files there are, i'll post the rest later.
    Double edit: Is there a way to configure the plugins to have different settings?
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt rmf_abilitymenu.phrases.txt (893 Bytes, 926 views)

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