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All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip - AHK script included

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Old 06-02-2009 , 19:29   All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip - AHK script included
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EDIT: Finished AutoHotkey script - Link

This is a zip with all the sma files (1803 files) from the Approved Plugins section as of 2009/06/01 (June 1st 2009).

Normally, you have to search on the forums for examples of code, and sometimes you can't find a good example.

Now, with a nifty search tool like PowerGREP, you can search through the source code of all approved plugins! This can be very useful as a tool for learning new functions and stuff!

I used AutoHotkey, PowerGREP, and cygwin's wget to complete this little project. I'm in the process of writing coherent instructions to reproduce this project. I might even conglomerate some of my scripts and automate some steps. It can probably be done with AutoHotkey alone, but I ran into a snag, and it certainly can be done by writing a program in a "real" programming language.

It took me a few hours to tweak this and that. I can't guarantee that I got all of the sma files, but I have 1803 sma's, so it's a good start.

The hardest part was dealing with "odd" characters, like spaces and periods at the start or end of folder names, or other characters that didn't behave.

Do not use this as a "all-in-one" pack to install plugins on your server. Some plugins require additional files like language txt's, models, sprites, sounds, or inc's. This zip does not have any of these files.

Also note that some characters were troublesome and may have been removed or replaced with an underscore ( _ ).

Directory Structure:
Approved AMXX Plugins
Author Name
Plugin Name
It has been compressed twice to get under the 5.00 MB size limit for zip files. The limit for rar files is set at 9.54 MB for some reason.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Approved AMXX Plugins 20090601.zip (4.91 MB, 482 views)

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Old 06-02-2009 , 19:31   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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Lol crazy stuff. Certainly useful.
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Old 06-02-2009 , 19:34   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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haha awesome.

u know i just wont to see if my plugin is there, so go to folder One, open catch mod black edition & nothing is there hihi but its realy awesome. GJ & +k+k+k+k+k
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Old 06-02-2009 , 19:49   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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I'm feeling so special, my nick is on that file! :O
Nice work.
"There is no knowledge, that is not power"
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Old 06-02-2009 , 19:56   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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Nice, sounds like it was a lot of work.

What is the format of directories.txt? I see a lot of "" (xe2)in the file. I think it's probably a space or tab or something that is supposed to go there?
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Old 06-02-2009 , 20:29   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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I was supposed to take that out before I zipped it

I needed a good token to separate strings, so I used . Originally, I used commas, but then I found that some users have commas in their names and some people put commas in the plugin names.

I'll try to post the instructions soon, if you're curious.
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Old 06-02-2009 , 20:33   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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Waoo, good job.
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Old 06-02-2009 , 22:07   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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lolz alot of time to create that. Much credit

+ Karma (Wait....)
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Old 06-04-2009 , 16:19   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip
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Completing this project was a learning experience for me, so my first attempt was very messy and hard to follow. I don't want to bother trying to explain how I initially approached the problem, so I put all of the steps into one script, and it worked!

If you have AutoHotkey, you can try my script. I welcome suggestions to improve the script. There are some lazy steps and possibly some mistakes.

However, One's plugin was downloaded this time, so I must be doing something right.

I won't post the zips anymore because they are large. If you want to download all of the plugins, you can try running my script. It usually takes ~5-10 minutes to complete.

; Approved AMXX Plugin Downloader
; Language:       English
; Platform:       Win9x/NT
; Author:         stupok <[email protected]>
; Script Function:
;	This script downloads all AMXX approved plugins to a folder called "Approved AMXX Plugins" by parsing html code.

#SingleInstance FORCE
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

; number of entries in the approved plugins list

; name of main folder
MAINFOLDER := "Approved AMXX Plugins"

; temp file for storing stuff
TEMPFILE = temp.txt

; debug file
POSTIDFILE = postids.ini

; list of approved plugins
URL = http://www.amxmodx.org/compiler.php?mod=1&cat=0&plugin=&author=&go=search

; download the list
ToolTip, Downloading list of approved plugins..., 0, 0

; put the list in a variable

; clean up the variable's contents

; remove characters that aren't happy in folder names
MYBUFFER := RegExReplace(MYBUFFER,"&[^a][qlg#]?[ut\d]?[o\d]?[t\d]?\d?\d?;?","_")
MYBUFFER := RegExReplace(MYBUFFER,"&am?p?;?","&")
MYBUFFER := RegExReplace(MYBUFFER,"<img src='images/(.*?)\.gif' title=''>","$U1")
MYBUFFER := RegExReplace(MYBUFFER,">\.",">")
MYBUFFER := RegExReplace(MYBUFFER,"\.?\.?\.?<","<")

; parse the list to get post number, name, author, mod, category
REGEX := "<a\shref='http://forums\.alliedmods\.net/showthread\.php\?p=(\d{1,10})'\starget='_blank'>(.{1,35})</a></td>[\s\t\r\n]{1,4}<td>(.*?)</td>[\s\t\r\n]{1,4}<td>(.*?)</td>[\s\t\r\n]{1,4}<td>(.*?)</td>"

; make the main folder

i := 0
TotalFiles := 0
ETA := 0
FoundPos := 1

while FoundPos != 0
	; record starting time
	StartTime := A_TickCount

	FoundPos := RegexMatch(MYBUFFER,REGEX,Match,FoundPos)

	; display errors
	if ErrorLevel
		MsgBox, %ErrorLevel%

	; we found a match
	if FoundPos
		FoundPos += StrLen(Match)


		; replace wacky characters with an underscore
		Match2 := RegExReplace(Match2,"[^\w\d\s&]","_")
		Match3 := RegExReplace(Match3,"[^\w\d\s&]","_")

		; debug file
		;IniWrite, %Match1%, %POSTIDFILE%, %i%, postid
		;IniWrite, %Match2%, %POSTIDFILE%, %i%, name
		;IniWrite, %Match3%, %POSTIDFILE%, %i%, author
		;IniWrite, %Match4%, %POSTIDFILE%, %i%, mod
		;IniWrite, %Match5%, %POSTIDFILE%, %i%, category

		; make the folder for the plugin

		URL = http://forums.alliedmods.net/showpost.php?p=%Match1%&postcount=1

		; download the post and put it in a variable

		; clean up the contents

		StartingPosition := 1
		while (StartingPosition != 0)
			; look for attachment links
			StartingPosition := RegExMatch(POSTBUFFER,"attachmentid=(\d{1,10}).*?>Get Source</a> \((.*?) -",PluginMatch,StartingPosition)

			if ErrorLevel
				MsgBox, %ErrorLevel%

			; we found a valid attachment
			if StartingPosition
				StartingPosition += StrLen(Match)


				URL = http://forums.alliedmods.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=%PluginMatch1%&d

				; download the plugin to the correct folder
	; no more results

	; smooth the estimated time left display
		ElapsedTime := A_TickCount - StartTime
		if ElapsedTime
			ETA := ((ElapsedTime * (MAXPLUGINS - i)) / 1000) / 60

	ToolTip,Downloading... %i%/%MAXPLUGINS% Time Left: %ETA% minutes`n%Match3%`n%Match2%, 0, 0

MsgBox, Finished!`nTotal plugins: %i%`nTotal files: %TotalFiles%
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Old 06-04-2009 , 17:12   Re: All Approved AMXX Plugins in one zip - AHK script included
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Holy fuck.. are you normal?
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