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[ANY] Slope Boost Fix

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    Fixes slopes for perfect boosting
    Old 07-21-2015 , 17:14   [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    When landing on a ramp in source engine games, you don't always slide along the ramp, but you just stop. This plugin fixes that.
    This plugin is mostly intended for bhop/kz/surf servers.

    Demonstration video for visual explanation:

    Blacky (Me)

    Added some comments for readability
    Took into account sv_maxvelocity cvar for the TraceHull
    Fix for slopes with trigger_pushes.
    slopefix_version - Version number
    slopefix_enable - 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (slopefix.sp - 588 views - 4.3 KB)

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    Old 07-21-2015 , 19:10   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Haha wow I completely read that math wrong

    Anyway since you're overwriting normal p hysics in that tick, you may need to manually add velocity from the booster on that one slope on arcane:

    PHP Code:
        float xynormal[3];
    xynormal[0] = vNormal[0];
    xynormal[1] = vNormal[1];
    char map[64];
    StrEqual(map"bhop_arcane_v1") && vOrigin[0] <= -4245.0 && vOrigin[0] >= -4605.0 && vOrigin[1] >= 1300.0 && vOrigin[1] <= 1791.0 && vOrigin[2] >= 2700.0 && vOrigin[2] <= 3378.0)
    vel[0] += xynormal[0] * 250.0;
    vel[1] += xynormal[1] * 250.0;
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 00:25   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    I don't think that's a good way to do it, also the plugin is designed not to modify velocity going upwards ramps, because you don't want players losing speed while bhopping up ramps unless they get bad jumps.

    This code is what fixes going up ramp:
    PHP Code:
    if(GetVectorLength(vVel) > GetVectorLength(vLast)) 
    It's basically saying, if you lose velocity in your boost, that means you are going up a ramp, so don't change velocity.

    In the case where there is a downwards ramp with a push on it, it should still work for the most part because velocity is only changed on landing, it might not add about 1 tick of base velocity. I don't suspect this will be a problem but if it is I might hook StartTouch and tell the plugin to not fix the ramp boost in the next tick.

    Last edited by blaacky; 07-22-2015 at 00:25.
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 10:44   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Originally Posted by shavit View Post
    So basically, CS:S' amazing sv_enableboost for any Source Engine game.
    In css there is still bugs with slopes.
    FINALLY make bhop consistent
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    Dr. Api
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 13:05   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Tested and Approuved like my wife.
    [CS:GO] - APITimer
    [MUSIC] - Electro, house, etc...

    If you like my work.
    Add me on steam before donate, take some time to speak.
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 13:06   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Nice JOB !
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 13:28   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    I'm not talking about the upwards ramp boosters on the ice level if that's what you mean, I'm talking about a slope in the sewer level that has a very thin and thus very buggy booster that doesn't always activate normally, but NEVER activates when you have this on since the trigger_push is touched on the same tick as the slopeboost happens
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    Neuro Toxin
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    Old 07-22-2015 , 23:24   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Interesting. So this stops ramp glitches?

    I'm gonna try it tonight...
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    Old 07-23-2015 , 01:37   Re: [ANY] Slope Boost Fix
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    Nice work.
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