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[DEV] Event detection

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    Detects which events are implemented in the game/mod , and when they are fired.
    Old 02-11-2009 , 20:46   [DEV] Event detection
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    This plugin is only intended for plugin developers or people who want to get a better understanding of the inner workings of the game. The plugin contains a big list of names of known events. The plugin will attempt to hook every single one of these and report which can be hooked (screenshot) and which can't. It also notifies you every time any hooked event is fired (screenshot).

    This plugin is not ment to be "always on" on public gameservers. Most users of this plugin will either only use it on a local testserver, or uninstall it once they have the information they need.

    Supported games

    This plugin should work on any mod that supports sourcemod.

    Commands and CVars:
    • eventdetect_version - Shows the version of this plugin.
    • eventdetect_showall - Shows a list of all the events we attempted to hook, and wether or not this succeeded (screenshot).
    • eventdetect_show - Same as above, but will only display events that are succesfully hooked.

    1. Copy eventdetection.smx to the Sourcemod plugins directory (default: <gamedir>/addons/sourcemod/plugins/)
    2. Change the map on your server (or restart the server) to force the plugin to load.


    Just type eventdetect_showall in your client's console (You need to have generic admin access, eg: the "b" flag.).

    Should you want to extend this plugin by adding more eventnames, download the sourcecode (.sp file) below, and add your events to the big array. Don't forget to adjust the EVENT_MAXCOUNT constant to reflect the amount of events present.

    What's included ?

    I've included all the event names, for all mods which i could scrape together from the Sourcemod wiki. I've eliminated dups, which brought it down to a total of 274 unique events. Check the sourcecode for the full list.

    Version history
    • Version 1.0 (initial release)
      • Initial version
      • Tested in Team Fortress 2
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (eventdetection.sp - 927 views - 10.2 KB)
    File Type: smx eventdetection.smx (6.4 KB, 438 views)

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    Old 02-11-2009 , 21:31   Re: [DEV] Event detection
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    This looks really useful.
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    Old 02-11-2009 , 23:05   Re: [DEV] Event detection
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    It's no exceptional plugin, but it's particularly useful for new or relatively unknown mods. There's usually no documentation at all about which events they include and wether or not they actually fire them.

    This plugin is useful for quickly finding that out.

    Also, if you find this plugin useful you might like "net_showevents 2". A command build into TF2 and probably most other orangebox/source games too. It'll dump all properties about events that are fired in your console.

    ps: Added screenshots to the main post, this might make it a bit clearer what exactly the plugin does.

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    Old 04-05-2009 , 08:22   Re: [DEV] Event detection
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    Nice plugin but I have a suggestion.
    You can dynamically load available events from the game. For example: in CS:S events are listed in this files:
    I think for other mods files are the same. Your plugin can just read all this events OnPluginLoad. This can be very useful for games which events aren't listed in the SM Wiki page. You can make your plugin to be universal.
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    Old 04-05-2009 , 23:20   Re: [DEV] Event detection
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    Looks pretty useful, does it tell you when an event has fired and what the event arguments are?
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    Old 04-06-2009 , 14:20   Re: [DEV] Event detection
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    Nice idea exvel, if i get around to creating a newer version i'll definitely implement that.

    does it tell you when an event has fired
    It does, but it merely shows which event fired, not the values contained in it. You can often use net_showevents for this like i explained in the 3rd post in this thread.
    A few small plugins i released for the general public:
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