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JailBreak Mod

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Old 10-18-2008 , 03:06   JailBreak Mod
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Hi there,

My last request for today is to do with Jailbreak, the game in CS:S where T's start in jail cells and CT's start in control.

If your not familiar with the concept, basically the CT's control the T's and tell them what to do, this is done by the CT's having access to weapons and such and the T's starting stuck in a cell with only a knife each.

Basically it is up to the T's to try and rebel and kill all the CT's by knifing a CT at random grabbing his weapon then all pitching in to help overwhelm the CT's or guards.

I know there is a mod out there that when a T attacks a CT, that T (or all, don't know exactly) turn red and is thus rebelling, providing the CT's a reason to fire upon him.

What happens is this mod prevents, the CT's from free killing the T's, because if there not rebelling, and a CT free kills a T they get punished.

Say free kill a T once the CT, gets slapped.
Twice the CT gets slayed
Three times the CT gets kicked
And 4 times the CT gets a 15 min ban.

etc etc.

Now, I am running metamod, sourcemod, detox and a lot of other plugins.

I have tried to get hosties a version of the mod that runs on Eventscripts running and its says its running, but it doesn't do anything.

I was wondering if there are any alternatives or if someone here has knowledge on the plugin.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Old 10-25-2008 , 11:53   Re: JailBreak Mod
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I 2nd this mod to be created.

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Old 10-26-2008 , 04:15   Re: JailBreak Mod
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Hi all, some of you may know me from FPSB or YouTube.

I am making a map for CS:S JailBreak that will incorporate a number of scripts. The differences in my JailBreak version are many;

The layout of the map is such that CT's have an "overview" position and can generally control the inmates without mixing with them too much in the common areas. The CT's will have plenty on their hands restricting the amount of inmates in a given area for a number of reasons.

1) the CT's and T's alike will start with NO weapons of any sort, including the C4 pack; it will spawn randomly somewhere in the map. They will have to find it.

2) CT's will start with $16,000 start money and immediate access to the buyzones while the T's will have the default of $800. Many doors are restricted to CT access only.

3) buy zones are "permanent" in that they can be used at any time within 9999 minutes to purchase weapons. Arsenals are isolated in CT restricted areas (more on how the T's get to buyzones shortly). Buyzones are for both CT and T players (2 buyzones) and also spawn knives. The game time limit for the bomb zones will also be extended.

4) To plan and execute an escape, the T's must find their way into a restricted area, either by "gating" behind a CT or by accessing the large ventilation system that wends thru the prison. Vents have motion sensors and will alert the CT's if they attempt to access a restricted area. The alarm will sound and all inmates will have 1 minute to return to a cell during lockdown mode or lethal force is authorized. Some CT's will have to corral inmates and do a head count while others try to ferret out the missing inmate(s).
Only one of the bomb sites is in a general access area.

5) to buy weapons to mount an effective escape, T's will be able to do chores in the prison to earn buy money such as cleaning, serving food or cooking, reading to NPC inmates in the infirmary, doing laundry etc. They can also gamble, play basketball (for money), call family for cash and even sell contraband.

6) If a T finds a knife (there are several hidden throughout the prison common areas) or finds the C4 pack he may attempt a break out. If he is discovered with the weapon(s) by the guards, CT's can escort him to the basement solitary confinement cells where ALL of his weapons will be stripped including the C4 pack. Once locked in, the T's solitary cell will open automatically after 5 minutes. He will then need to be escorted back to the general population areas or he will have access to restricted areas. If the T is caught with the C4 pack and it is stripped, another C4 pack will automatically spawn somewhere else in the map once he is placed in the solitary cell.

The basic idea behind both the layout of the prison and the money-earning system is to give the T's something innocuous to keep busy with while they plan their escape and in turn relieving the need for the CT's to constantly boss the inmates around, trying vainly to control their every movement.

The map is about %75 done, has been tested extensively with many players and at least a dozen BOTs and the FPS is fantastic. I have friends making custom player skins, models and scripts. The scripts, if they work the way I want, will really make the game as far as adding the chores-to-earn-money aspect goes.

Here are some screens;


you can also view a walkthru video here;


once it is done, if it all works, I will post an extensive tutorial on how to make a map of this type including the specific pre-existing entities I am using to make %85 of it work, along with the custom scripts required to make the pay system work. I am hoping to also make server-side scripts that penalize the CT's for killing an inmate, The system looks down on that after all.

Thanks for reading, I know it is alot.

- uber

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Old 12-21-2008 , 12:48   Re: JailBreak Mod
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Hey all,

Sorry for bumbing this, but its not my intention.

Thanks for posting that man, the map looks awesome and truthfully, I would love you very very long time, if we could do even say the AU release on my JB server!

Anyway, its been a few months now since my original mishaps, I ended up going mani for the JB server and well *cough "mani sucks" and I love my fellow SModders. I keep having server crashes and the like so I would really love for someone to try and make the ultimate JB plugin for sourcemod.

I never have problems with SM and would love to have a fully function SM JB plugin.

Please guys I am crying out to you, someone with skillz, please invest in a JailBreak mod

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Old 10-05-2009 , 17:58   Re: JailBreak Mod
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know (if it's still interesting) that I'm working on a plugin called "Hosties for SM". It works kind of same like the good ol' hosties-plugin for EventScripts we used to see, but it is for SourceMod.
Hosties is just like this JailBreak-stuff.
If this works out well, we'll have a released plugin soon
If someone else is interesting in giving ideas or suggestions (or just wanna help out), please contact me in some way!
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Old 02-26-2010 , 13:36   Re: JailBreak Mod
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I have a jailbreak server. ..Why should i give the mod away
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Old 03-03-2010 , 07:12   Re: JailBreak Mod
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Will anyone release this jailbreak mod?
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Old 03-03-2010 , 07:39   Re: JailBreak Mod
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Read my post
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Old 03-03-2010 , 11:44   Re: JailBreak Mod
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I have working on a jailbreak script for my server. But I can't script anuthing to punish freekill.

When a CT take order to T (by mic), and if T don't do it, CT can shot 1 time. It's like a rebel (aka hosties call them), but he don't have gun or weapon, and don't hurt a CT.

In this case, it's not a freekill, but how to detect this type of rebel to prevent CT punishement ? :/

PS : if you are interesting about my plugin, you can try it on my Jail server ( ). It's a french server !
My plugin should be shared in few weeks.
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Old 03-12-2010 , 07:59   Re: JailBreak Mod
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your french server doesnt let anyone outside FR area in the server so why post it.
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