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[Hidden:Source] Radio Trip Alarm

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The Hidden: Source
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    Converts the Sonic Trip Alarm into a Radio one that only IRIS can hear. Also shows a visual sprite at Alarm's location.
    Old 10-14-2008 , 06:23   [Hidden:Source] Radio Trip Alarm
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    Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

     * Hidden:SourceMod - Radio Alarm
     * Description:
     *  Converts Sonic Trip Alarms to Radio ones that only IRIS can hear directly.
     *  The hidden hears the alarm from local IRIS's headsets
     *  Alarm becomes non-collidable when triggered.
     *  An indicator sprite shows on the IRIS's HUD at the alarm's location.
     * Cvars:
     *  hsm_rta_hud [0/1]    : Radio Trip Alarm HUD indicator. 0: Disable. 1: Enable
     * Changelog:
     *  v1.1.1
     *   Alarm sound and sprite broadcast to all non-hidden players in the game.
     *  v1.1.0
     *   Added the IRIS HUD alarm sprite to visually indicate what alarm was triggered. Cvar to control it.
     *  v1.0.1
     *   Fixed Alarm sound not playing sometimes of map-change or server crash.
     *   Removed alarm_sub.mp3 sound requirement.
     *  v1.0.0
     *   Initial release.
     * Known Issues:
     *  v1.1.0
     *   Visual indicator sprite is upside-down because I'm using an existing one. Hopefully I'll find another one.
     *   Indicator Sprite will not show up if it is outside of the client's render block. Similar effect to the Hidden aura not rendering all IRIS all the time.
     *   The sprites dont always render some reason depending on alarm placement.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (hsm_radioalarm.sp - 1863 views - 5.7 KB)
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    Old 10-14-2008 , 21:41   Re: [Hidden:Source] Radio Trip Alarm
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    =] Essential plugin.
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