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The Hunted Mod v1.2.1 (8/12/08)

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Team Fortress 2
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    Recreated Hunted-style gameplay from TFC. Blue must protect the Hunted - an Engineer - and Red must try to kill him!
    Old 07-02-2008 , 06:22   The Hunted Mod v1.2.1 (8/12/08)
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    The Hunted Gameplay Mod
    This plugin was written with the intent of returning "Hunted" style gameplay back into TF2. The "VIP Escort" game mode was removed likely for the same reason that Robin Walker states in the TF2 commentary that the Commander class was removed - The game can become frankly unenjoyable if the Blue Bodyguard team is skilled but has a terrible Hunted, or vice versa. While I do take Mr. Walker's noble advice into consideration, I know there are a large number of players who are unhappy with our "replacement" Hunted game mode, Payload. While Payload is very very fun, it's no Hunted!

    This plugin is designed to work on any Attack/Defend style Control Point map or Payload map. Using this plugin on other map types will cause unexpected results!

    Useful Links!
    The Hunted Mod Official Site - Go here for the latest in official server listings, Hunted maps, and other static info that may or may not be found here in this thread.

    Please join our Steam Community for announcements and game events.
    Also read the TF2 Wiki Article with ideas and concepts for how to play The Hunted.

    Currently there are a few Hunted-specific maps! Check out the Hunted remake, vip_hunted!
    Interested in making a Hunted map? Read the Hunted Gametype mapping guide over at the VDC.

    Gameplay - How To Play The Hunted
    The objective of the Hunted Gameplay mod is for the Bodyguards - the Blue team - to escort The Hunted, a lone Engineer armed only with a Wrench, through the map to the Capture Points. Red team - the Assassins - only job is to kill the Hunted before he escapes!

    There are class restrictions for each team:
    • Red - Sniper, Spy, and Pyro.
    • Blue - Heavy Weapons, Medic, and Soldier. One player is The Hunted, an Engineer.
    In order for Blue to win, they will need to keep The Hunted alive long enough to reach the Control Point or Payload as normal. Blue team members are blocked from capturing Control Points/moving the Payload unless The Hunted is present! This means that the Bodyguards will need to stick together - and keep The Hunted safe.

    If the Hunted is killed, the Assassins are awarded a team point and all players will respawn.

    sm_hunted_version - Plugin version.
    sm_hunted_enable - 1/0, Enable or disable the plugin. Default 1.
    sm_hunted_reset - Forces all players to respawn.
    sm_hunted_force - Selectes a new Hunted at random, then respawns all players.
    sm_hunted_set (username/userid) - Force a specific player to become The Hunted.
    sm_hunted_pyromode - 1/0, Limit the number of Pyros on RED based on a straight cap (0) or a percentage (1). Default 1.
    sm_hunted_maxpyros - 0-10, Maximum number of Pyros (if pyromode is set to 0), or the percentage of RED that can be Pyros (if pyromode is 1), note that 10 would be 100%, 5 would be 50%, etc. Default 3.

    Recommended Setup
    Dustbowl and Goldrush are the recommended stock maps for this plugin. There are currently two custom Hunted maps in the works - information about those will also be posted here when it is available. Any Attack/Defend style map, such as Gravelpit, or Payload map should work properly.

    Put "sm_hunted_enable 0" in your server.cfg so that the Hunted is disabled by default. In maps that you wish to play The Hunted, put "sm_hunted enable 1" in the mapname.cfg file.

    Features To Add
    • Add in a voting system for the Blue team, so that they can vote for a new Hunted. On occasion the Bodyguards will want to elect a new Hunted, such as the Hunted going AFK or other similar reasons. Coming in version 1.3.0!
    • Add in personal scoring adjustments for the Assassins who kill The Hunted.
    • Find a way to update the Scoreboard properly. Right now it is only updated at random, the trigger that updates it is a mystery to me at this point. Coming in version 1.3.0!
    hunted.smx -> addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    hunted.phrases.txt -> addons/sourcemod/translations/

    -- 1.0.0 (7/2/08)
    Initial release!

    -- 1.1.0 (7/15/08)
    . Fixing "Victory/Loss" sound bug where the victory sound is not played sometimes.
    . Fixing "No Engineer" bug from instantly selecting a new Hunted instead of waiting 20 seconds.
    . Fixing Hunted self death respawn, so that the Hunted suiciding or falling from a great height will not cause everyone to respawn.
    . Fixing respawn when a new Hunted is selected., and removed respawn if the Hunted is switched.
    . Limiting Pyros on RED. This can either be a straight cap or a percentage of the team.

    -- 1.1.1 (7/15/08)
    . Fixed stupid error in the Pyro limiter, and made it more strict.

    -- 1.2.0 (7/29/08)
    . Fixed a few more exploits.
    . Fixed crashing bugs, debug errors, and optimized code overall.
    . Adding in some rotation methods. The Hunted will now automatically change at the beginning of a new round.
    . Changed all text messages for phrases/translation support.
    . Added German translation, thank you gH0sTy!
    . Added French translation, thank you Jérémie!
    . Added in a team balancer that favors Blue, so that the Bodyguards always have the extra man.

    -- 1.2.1 (8/12/08)
    . Fixed a crashing bug when a new Hunted was chosen randomly.
    . Fixed a bug where no Hunted would be selected at end of round.
    . Fixed a crashing bug with the Team Balancer.
    . Made the Pyro limiter require a minimum number of players when used in "percent" mode.

    bl4nk for Sudden Death Melee Redux, the weapon strip code helped a ton figuring out how to strip the Engineer of weapons, ammo, and Metal.

    DJ Tsunami for TF2 Class Restrictions as it help me with ideas on how to limit the classes for the teams, as well as the "Show class selection screen" snippet.

    Sirc, MrTwoVideoCards, Mr. Happy, 1/4 Life, Jiko, azaroth, SixSicSix and his clan Soviet Propaganda, and the dozens of other playtesters that helped over the couple weeks that this plugin was originally developed.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (hunted.sp - 6081 views - 30.7 KB)
    File Type: txt hunted.phrases.txt (3.4 KB, 2220 views)

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    Old 07-02-2008 , 12:16   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Wow. I'm going to test this as soon as possible. Maybe even create a map to both add to the list of maps and encourage this mod.
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 12:25   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Sweet, I was just reading this in the Ideas section. I think this plugin will be very successful. Good luck, great job, and thanks!
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 13:06   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Great plugin, I'll be using this when those class cvars come in. ;D
    Please, give me some rep if you found what I posted useful. :]
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 13:57   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Awesome. +1
    Now we need to port the original hunted map lol
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 14:12   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    After the many playtests its finally here!

    Wooooo! Great work sleeper <3
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 14:22   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Originally Posted by dotISO View Post
    Awesome. +1
    Now we need to port the original hunted map lol
    A remake is in the works!
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 17:34   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    it's SixSicSix and the clan is Soviet Propaganda
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    Old 07-02-2008 , 17:42   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Originally Posted by SixSicSix View Post

    it's SixSicSix and the clan is Soviet Propaganda
    You will notice that I posted this at 50am. Fixed though!
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    Neo Cool Dude
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    Old 07-03-2008 , 15:21   Re: The Hunted Gameplay Mod
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    Great Job! Can't wait for that map

    For your next plugin you should make a Zombie Mod
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