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General Purpose
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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Servers with this Plugin:
    Plugin Description:
    Assorted Fun Commands
    Reason for Unapproving:
    Nearly full duplicate of existing plugin (SM Super Commands), author not updating.
    Old 04-29-2008 , 07:07   Super Admin
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    Super Admin
    Upgraded to be
    Curent Version: 0.6

    First I would like to say I did not originate this scripting, it is a combination of many, mostly of Preds Super commands
    This plugin offers added commands to the Basic Sourcemod Fun commands and others most liked. All duplicated commands of Sourcemod base commands have been removed for compatibility with all the new features of V1.0. I have included some basic bot controls in the menu. This comes in a complete package with Preds super menu all setup for you including the admin menu sorting for a simple drag and drop upgrade. If you have the old super commands, sm_name, sm_cash, Infinite Ammo or Simple Teleport, please remove these plugins before installing this plugin. Otherwise this is a perfect addition for a fresh install of Sourcemod. After installing this upgrade the server must be rebooted.


    Connect Announce - Cvar: sm_connectannounce <1|0>
    Admin See All - Cvar: sm_adminseeall <1|0>
    show damage - Cvar: sm_showdamage <1|0>

    Features & Commands:
    Armour - sm_armour <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <armour>
    HP - sm_hp <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <hp>
    Bury - sm_bury <player/@ALL/@CT/@T>, sm_unbury <player>
    Give weapon - sm_weapon <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <itemname> (eg weapon_ak47)
    Teamswap - sm_teamswap / sm_swapteam - <player1> <player2> etc etc. Or no args to swap entire team
    Move player team - sm_team <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <teamid> (CSS 1-spec, 2-t, 3-ct)
    Defuser - sm_defuser <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <1|0>
    NV - sm_nv <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <1|0>
    Helmet - sm_helmet <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <1|0>
    God Mode - sm_god <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <1|0>
    Extend - sm_extend <minutes>
    Speed - sm_speed <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <Float speed>
    Cash - sm_cash <player/@ALL/@CT/@T> <amount>
    Name - sm_name <player> <newname>
    Respawn - sm_respawn <player/@ALL/@CT/@T>
    Disarm - sm_disarm <player/@ALL/@CT/@T>
    Saves Tele loc - sm_saveloc <Wherever you are is the saved teleport location>
    Teleport Player - sm_tele player/@ALL/@CT/@T
    TeamSwap - sm_teamswap player/@ALL/@CT/@T
    Infinite Ammo - sm_aia <1|0>
    Connect Announce - Cvar: sm_connectannounce <1|0>
    Admin See All - Cvar: sm_adminseeall <1|0>
    show damage - Cvar: sm_showdamage <1|0>

    Note: It has 3 warnings of the "SearchForClients" Issue that Pred has been quoted to say is not a problem when compiled.

    Servers running Super Admin
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip Superadmin2010-beta.zip (35.6 KB, 11384 views)
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    Old 04-29-2008 , 19:31   Re: Super Admin
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    While I do genuinely appreciate your attempts to help and improve the level of code here, I think these changes hardly are enough to completely change the author to yourself.

    All you've done is take a very outdated version of super commands, and copy in code from a few other peoples plugins. Oh and delete the changelog...

    I think this comparison picture shows a lot. Admittedly I had to dig back through about 20 svn revisions to find the version you had edited.


    Note the almost 900 identical lines (of 1200), the myplugin field with only two words changed, the '[smcash]' (oops?) text and the massive amounts of black (unchanged) code.

    You are correct, I did say the 'SearchForClients' deprecated warning, was infact only a warning and would not affect the compiled binary. That doesn't change the fact that it's deprecated and should be removed (as it has been on my svn version of this for about 4 months - Thanks for motivating me to release this).

    Why have you attached the super menu source and binary? Have you edited that and called it your own as well (Too much effort to check)?
    A large number of users are using the 1.0.1 snapshot release which comes with super menu (renamed to dynamic menu) built in. And even if they aren't why would they need even more download links?

    Overall I can barely see the improvement between this and the ancient 0.5 Super Commands release (Nice work using 0.6 as the version number of your first release), and its quite a step behind Super Commands 0.6.
    Each to their own I guess.
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    Old 04-30-2008 , 05:35   Re: Super Admin
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    If you want me to delete this I will, it was never my idea to piss anyone off. it was a version i have been useing and thought others may enjoy the utility as well. I have removed many items that duplicated sourcemods base commands because they were casing my servers to crash and enjoyed the added commands. I stated I did not do the code, yet i did add alot of code to get it all to work a little better then before, and i know it is FAR from PERFECT. but for now i have added code to most commands to prevent things like dead players getting guns and anoying live players while specking them with that weapon. Preventing bots from unlimited ammo cuz they just stand there reloading insted of playing. and removed your teleport that never worked for me and the player exec that never worked and the shutdown command that would activate any time it wanted. Yes there is alot i removed that had bugs that caused me problems. I had only kept commands that worked good for me and was not duplicated by sourcemod. As for motivateing you That is all on you I did not do anything. And since sourcemod 1.0 has been relesed I think it has been the longest standing version without any updates so i thought you were all done. How do I know what you are working on or thinking of working on, is there a thread i am missing, if so please give me a link because i am just a simpelton and cant read minds and i dont know my letters to well.

    BTW the version of super commands I edited was the current one for everyone to download. and the changelog was removed due to large not needed file size.

    And thank you all for the help I asked everyone for on codeing because i didnt get any yet.
    I just stick thigs together and really dont know what I am doing so if anyone would like to teach me I would make a good student, what is "source and binary"? if thats what goes in the gamedata.txt I just add the stuff that goes with the commands to make them work and sometimes I copy too much and dont know that i didnt need that much stuff in the file.

    "Stupd is what Stupid dose"

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    Old 05-01-2008 , 20:13   Re: Super Admin
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    Source - The source code file - *.sp
    Binary - Compiled code - *.smx

    As I said I do appreciate you working to improve code, I just think removing my name from the author line (when it's obviously 95%+ mine) and reposting it as a new plugin is a little unfair.

    If you want to attach this to the main super commands thread with both our names on then fine, go ahead.

    Oh and removing the changelog has no effect on the output file size, Comments are stripped by the compiler.

    And I had mentioned the new version multiple times in the thread but it's perfectly understandable to not know about it. Feel free to merge your changes into the newer release. Theres nothing against distributing modified copies, but as is it won't make it through our approval system.
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    Old 05-01-2008 , 22:06   Re: Super Admin
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    I can see the method of the author to combine the work, but you gotta leave credit to pred in some way.

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    Old 05-01-2008 , 22:52   Re: Super Admin
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    I did put in big blue letters... Preds super commands. It is in no way NEW. Didnt expect it to be approved. just as something that will work till something better comes along that DONT duplicate commands of sourcemod and crash the server. And in the author line in the sp file I did not notice i removed Preds name, THAT was NOT deliberit, an accident. 99.999999 of my scripting is COPY PASTE. and i pasted a little too much on that line.
    "Stupd is what Stupid dose"

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    Banjo Boy
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    Old 05-02-2008 , 13:23   Re: Super Admin
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    @Techknow: Sorry to go offtopic but your the guy who makes all those sick server-side models right? Well I'm trying to use them on my server using Preds Model Plugin and it doesnt work. Are there any other model changer plugins out there? Thanks, Banjo Boy.
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    Old 05-02-2008 , 21:36   Re: Super Admin
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    Yes I am the one, http://www.fpsbanana.com/members/skins/259942 I have made model changers and they are close to relese, in what way u want the models, as everyone getting them or just admins? and BTW Preds model changer works perfect for me because i have set it up correctly, have you done this? Here is the 2 files you have to setup, this is the ones i made and used, PLUS you have to setup admin groups as well and THAT takes some understanding to do correctly. And if you want everyone to access the menu as in non admins take the sp file and change the two places in it that says false and change them to true and recompile.

    Attached Files
    File Type: ini models.ini (4.1 KB, 644 views)
    File Type: ini modeldownloads.ini (12.2 KB, 446 views)
    "Stupd is what Stupid dose"

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    Old 05-06-2008 , 11:21   Re: Super Admin
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    I have tried the original plugin and it seems to be buggy. I was looking for a workaround to an issue and posted on the original thread but looks like the author isn't interested. There seems to be some code variations in this modified release and some useful bug fixes so I think I will switch to this version. I will just re paste my comments from the original thread, would appreciate your help.

    I am having a slight problem with giving out weapons to multiple clients. With mani I could give weps to clients with their clan tag e.g. ma_give noobclan weapon_awp and that would give all the players with noobclan in their name the awp however with Super Admin it will throw up the following error if it finds more than one client with the name:

    [SM] Native "ReplyToCommand" reported: Language phrase "More than one client matched" not found

    I have found the bit of code with the condition involved:

        else if (iNumClients > 1)
            ReplyToCommand(client, "\x01\x04[SM] %t", "More than one client matches", Target);
            return -1
    If this condition is removed then it will just give the first client the weapon, I was wondering if you can please help me implement a method of giving every client with the same name the given weapon.
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    Old 05-06-2008 , 17:29   Re: Super Admin
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    I havent tested or tried the rungroup plugin but this may do what you need..

    "Stupd is what Stupid dose"
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