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Deagles' Map Management 3.23

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   ALL        Category:   Admin Commands        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 08-16-2007 , 00:25   Deagles' Map Management 3.23
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Alright people, as we all know Deagles Map management has been out forever, but the author has not logged in, in over a year. Me and a few other people have been supporting it since I dont even know when. I came across a revision from JTP10181's CVS site. I used that for a while, then updated it again, then again. It seems to many people use this its hard to control a plugin with no author and 62 pages to read of issues/requests.

I thought it would be a good idea to start from scratch, somewhat. I am placing version 2.47 up here for an updated and constantly supported plugin. (it was actually a request from a respectable source ) I would not post this just off the whim, I asked some higher ups for their advice on what to do, as in how to go about this since its out already and whatnot, and this is what it came up to be. (If I missed anybody for Support please let me know, as this has been around here and there so much its hard to keep track of) I hope the layout of this page is a good enough Description, if not, let me know lol.

Onto the plugin itself:

-(Plugin Support)
thedeagles3 for Origional (deags origional - port to amxmodx)
BigBaller for porting it originally, JTP10181 for Major code cleanup & Additions
The entire Amx Mod X Community who pitched in


  1. Download the plugin below
  2. Place deagsmapmanager.amxx in your server's addons/amxmodx/plugins folder
  3. Place deagsmapmanager.txt in your server's addons/amxmodx/data/lang folder
  4. Open plugins.ini found in addons/amxmodx/configs
  5. Add the following line at the bottom of the file: deagsmapmanager.amxx
  6. Save and close plugins.ini
  7. Put the standardmaps.ini, mapstoban.ini, and mapchoice.ini files in the
    <mod>\addons\amxmodx\configs directory (where <MOD> is the path to your Half-life mod)
  8. When in-game, to see a list of commands, use command dmap_status or dmap_help in console.
  9. Restart your server or change the map
  10. Done!
  • Important Notes:

    ******Be sure all other map chooser plugins are turned off, except for the mapmenu default plugin!******

  • If you run CS 1.6, please define either these config files, or mapcycle.txt, otherwise NO VOTE WILL APPEAR
  • Also, you need to put the line: mapchangecfgfile server.cfg
    in your server.cfg file! Otherwise the timelimit might not be reset every map, if the last map was extended
    for a period of time.

Commands and Usage:

The vote can be rocked by say "rockthevote", depending on the cvar rtv_percent and the # of people who rockthevote

-Say Commands: (All added in 2.40)

-Admin Commands:
dmap_mapsnum <N> (Specifies how many maps will be in the next vote)
dmap_rockthevote (makes the map vote instantly (rockthevote))
dmap_quietmode <OFF|NOSOUND|SILENT> (Default: OFF)(quiet mode for you people who must have silence on your server
dmap_rtvpercent <n> (Default:60)n must be from 3-100, at least this many players have to "rockthevote"
dmap_rtvplayers <n> (default:1)(n must be from 1 to 32) this many players have to rockthevote for the vote to start. Note both conditions have to be met, #players, and Percent.
dmap_rtvwait <n> (Default: 10) n must be from 5 to 30, this value is minutes before rockthevote will be accepted)
dmap_rtvtoggle (Default:ON. this will toggle on/off the ability of players to rockthevote, Note that Admins with ACCESS_MAP will still be able to use dmap_rockthevote, to manually force a vote)
dmap_banlastmaps <n> (from 0-20) this will allow admins, (like DoubleTap) to eliminate the Dust syndrome.
dmap_freeze (Default for CS: ON. this will toggle on/off freeze (only available in CS)
dmap_status (self-explanatory)
dmap_help (shows very general help)
dmap_messages <N> (Determines interval between display of messages. Default: 3 mintues)
dmap_nominations <N> (Determines maximum nominations that a user can make. Default: 3 maps)
dmap_default (sets all settings back to the default)
dmap_maxcustom <N> Sets maximum custom maps that can be nominated by all players.

Added in 2.40
dmap_cyclemode (Disables Voting (To restore voting use dmap_votemode)
dmap_votemode (This enables voting, default)
dmap_cancelvote (cancels the rocked vote)

  • dmap_strict (default 0)
    * If this is set to 1, only maps in the mapcycle can be nominated for the vote

  • enforce_timelimit (default 0)
    * changes map STRICTLY on timelimit, when this is set to 1.

    -Added in 2.40
  • emptymap_allowed (default of 0) (Much more stable to disable/enable the feature this way)
    * To enable/disable this feature

  • amx_emptymap (mapname) (default "") (Leaving it blank will Disable this feature also)
    * For whatever map you want your server to switch to when nobody is on after reading the staytime cvar

  • amx_staytime (in seconds) (default 300)
    * How long before the plugin changes the map.

  • amx_idletime (in hours) (default 5)
    * How many hours a player can be connected to the server before being considered idle.

  • nominations_allowed (default 1)
    * Enable/Disable Accepting nominations

  • weapon_delay
    * On aim maps and small maps, you can enable/disable "Waiting for vote to allow buying of weapons" on fy, aim type of maps

Config Files:
  • ****for all config files one map per line**All files belong in the addons/amxmodx/configs directory****
  • **** It is not required that you use any of the map config files, it will enhance your control over maps
    if you use them*****

  • ----mapchoice.ini------- (RECOMMENDED):
    Insert maps here that will show up for the vote when all 5 nominations are not made. Maps will be randomly selected
    from this file to fill up the unused Nomination slots. If you use this file, it needs to have a minimum of 10-15 maps in it,
    the more the better! If you don't use this file, mapcycle.txt will be used instead, or allmaps.txt (if it exists)

  • ----standardmaps.ini---- (RECOMMENDED):
    Standard maps for the mod goes here, if this file is not created by the user, there will be no "custom" warnings
    IT needs to contain at least all of the valid maps for the mod. The purpose of this standardmaps.ini file is
    exactly what the purpose of the file was in BugBlatter's map plugin, the words (Custom) will be attached to all
    maps in the votemenu that are not listed here

  • ----mapstoban.ini------- (OPTIONAL):
    Insert maps that users will never be able to nominate, and will never show up for a vote.
    Any map that is not put here can be nominated, if it is not the last <n> maps played

  • ----allmaps.txt--------- (OPTIONAL)
    Maps in this file will show up on say "listmaps" command. If this file does not exist, the plugin will use mapcycle.txt instead.
    Put all maps that are on your server in this file, even if they are not in your mapcycle

  • ----dmaptags.ini---------(OPTIONAL)
    This is the file that will add tags to the maps in A vote.


    ;This is a sample comment fy_iceworld2k GunGame de_westwood WC3FT fun_matrix_revolutions No plugins de_dust WC3FT cs_assault_necro This map is totally awesome

    Will show in the votemenu

       1. fy_iceworld2k (Custom) [GunGame]    2. de_westwood (Custom) [WC3FT]    3. fun_matrix_revolutions (Custom) [No plugins]    4. de_dust [WC3FT]    5. cs_assault_necro (Custom) [This map is totally awesome]


Change log:

I added the Change log from since it was original release, starting with jtp's changes.
v3.23 - 2009-02-17 by DynamicBits
	- Fixed menu vote not working in some situations
	- Corrected Swedish Translation

v3.22 - 2009-01-21 by DynamicBits
	- Added live voting percentages
	- Added dmap_nominate command
	- Added Romanian translation (Thanks to dorin2oo7 and georgik57)
	- Added Russian translation (Thanks to mozart123)
	- Added Brazil-Portuguese translation (Thanks to Warden)
	- Added Swedish translation (Thanks to Trut)
	- Fixed a handful of strings not getting localized properly
	- Fixed a translation that was causing the SVC_BAD error
	- Fixed several buffer overflow issues
	- Many optimizations
	- Updated help
	- Added a bunch of comments to source code

v3.21 - 2008-09-17 by DynamicBits
	- Added support for extra tags in the vote menu (See details for dmaptags.ini)
	- Added two new localized strings (Only English and Polish versions are in the lang file so far)
	- Fixed some multilingual code
	- Fixed several mistakes in the lang file
	- Formatted a few strings to better match AMX Mod X formatting
	- A few small code optimizations

v3.20 - 2008-08-15 by DynamicBits
	- Fixed indentation, spacing, semicolons, argument spacing, and missing
	    curly braces (these things: { }) to mostly match BSD KNF style.
	- Fixed return value in client_disconnect(). This may have affected any
	    other plugin that relied on client_disconnect().
	- Added some missing return values
	- Removed several sections of redundant code
	- New define: DEDICATED_LOG_ENABLED allows logging to be disabled by
	    commenting out one line (see source).

v3.1  - 4-05-08
	- Fixed issue with emptyserver portion giving errors and flooding console

v3.0  - 9-29-07
	- Changed txt file for German to supposedly stop the Kicking issue that so many people are having.
	- Added cvar weapon_delay to Enable/Disable "Voting for nextmap delayed to allow buying of weapons..."

v2.48 - 9-27-07
	- Added command rtv in chat for quick rock the votes (client)
	- Added cvar emptymap_allowed (1|0) To enable/disable this feature
	- Added cvar emptymap (mapname) For whatever map you want your server to switch to when nobody is on after reading the staytime cvar
	- Added cvar amx_staytime(in seconds): How long before the plugin changes the map.
	- Added cvar amx_idletime(in hours): How many hours a player can be connected to the server before being considered idle.
	- Added cvar nominations_allowed (Enable/Disable Accepting nominations)

	-Made the code look much prettier with proper indentation.
	-Removed cvar rtv_percent - Useless, when the command saves your settings

v2.47 - Changed a some code for issues occurring randomly

v2.46 - Now uses the file defined from cvar named 'mapcyclefile' and not the hardcoded mapcycle.txt, by _KaszpiR_

v2.45 - Multilingual & Cancel vote
	- Multilingual by Vlad
	- Cancel Vote command by Lt. Llama

v2.40 - JTP10181 - 3/12/2006
	- Major code cleanup
	- Added allmaps.txt generating back in and fixed it for linux
	- Added support for no nominations allowed
	- Fixed all admin commands to check using cmd_access

Additional Info:
  • Taking Multilingual Suggestions at This Post

  • To search through your maps much easier in game try Enhanced Map Searching

  • The entire changelog is in the .zip file

  • All prior version of this plugin are Here
Current Version: 3.22
Attached Files
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File Type: zip deagsmapmanager3.23.zip (158.0 KB, 33572 views)

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Old 08-16-2007 , 08:27   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Plz tell what was fixed and what's new
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Old 08-16-2007 , 08:28   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Originally Posted by draft View Post
Plz tell what was fixed and what's new
Yeah....this is nice!
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Old 08-16-2007 , 11:17   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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I've recently read the log of changes but to my mind you should add these cvars:
- dmap_fastchange (0 - freezing after last round, 1 - fastchange with mp_chattime 0)
- dmap_nodustchanges 2 (how many changes of map appear with no dust and dust2 autonomination in streak; but dust and dust2 are available to be nominated by players)
- dmap_votetimestart 3 (how many minutes before end of map voting is started)
- dmap_voices (0 - no voices, 1 - all voices except "loading on your computer", 2 - all voices [default])
- dmap_mapstovote 5 (1-7 how many maps are shown in voting time, also you may upgrade to vote randomness, for example, on one map 2 choices, on another 5 choices)
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Old 08-16-2007 , 14:35   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Dam draft, its almost you were ready for this. lol

But yea, you see the command changes and teh major code cleanup in the top, but the changelog is somewhat bigger, so I kept it in the zip

And im just about to move, so it may be a few days before theirs somewhat of a pro-activeness to this. I just wanted it released to get some dam good support with and updated plugins.

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Old 08-16-2007 , 15:07   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Hello PM, I been looking for a clean version of this Ty
Need a private coder? AMXX, SourceMOD, MMS? PM me!
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Old 08-16-2007 , 15:26   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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the only good changes are multilanguage and cleanup of code?? so what was wrong with the old, i had no problems with it at all and the size of the source isnt smaler in comparison to 2.30 it is much bigger "about 20kb)

"Dont touch a running system" Define Running? i want it running faster and better always
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Old 08-16-2007 , 17:12   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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bmann what about adding cvars listed by me? if you add them your plugin will get approved, cleaning the code good job, but as u see there were no problems with oldest versions...
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Old 08-16-2007 , 18:30   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Their was not problems, just the author cant support it, no additions can be made or any progress can be made. I wouldnt have posted this is somebody diddnt request it with respectable stature enough to persuade me. I will add those (dont think it would make or break a approval) but their will be additions and changes, that the difference here. The front page has a description, t he code has been cleaned up since the 2.30 pretty much is extremely old and their are many new ways of doing things now which will be implemented here. I find a bunch of reasons why this should be here, if its not worthy, then it will be put in unapproved.
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Old 08-17-2007 , 07:19   Re: Deagles Map Management 2.47
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Actually I have 2 problems when using this plugin. First affects only newer versions (I have tested 2.46 and 2.47): As soon as the map is changed I just get a bad server message in the console with a long trace (I can post this if needed). Im running newest hlds with newest stable amxx on a windows box (sadly i can't change to linux, not my server).
The second problem is, that setting the banlastmaps cvar to 0 seems not to work. My goal is, that 2 maps are always available for voting and the remaining slots get filled with nominated maps (if there are any). Now as soon as the second map is running, there will only be the option for extending the timelimit, which usually results in extending the map until no one is on the server anymore. "dmap_status" reports, that 0 last played maps will be banned from the vote, so at least the cvar should be set correctly.
Thanks for any help!


Maybe I should add, that the second problem occurs with 2.30b and 2.40. I did not test 2.46 and 2.47 but I did a diff between 2.40 and 2.47 and think that the difference is mainly the multiple language support and a new function to cancel votes. I might still be wrong, reading the code without comments and being not into the amxx language makes it a little hard to get an overview.

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Old 08-20-2007, 15:54
This message has been deleted by n-o-l-o. Reason: text search didn't work

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