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i have a hat
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Hat City
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1.0.0 Beta 5
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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Liam taking over. Hi
    Old 06-24-2007 , 14:27   GunGame:SM
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    This was also brought to you by faluco and the hat.

    GunGame:SM 1.0.0 Beta 5
    by teame06

    • SourceMod rev 1196 and above

    Click here for install instruction

    To Do:
    • Multi-Lingual Support when SM Translation natives are finished.
    • Plugin to convert ES gungame player data and top10 to my format.
    • How to use custom map config.
    • Documentation
    • Original Idea and concepts of Gun Game was made by cagemonkey @ http://www.cagemonkey.org

      Especially would like to thank BAILOPAN for everything.
      Also faluco for listening to my yapping, advice, and help
      Custom Mutliple Kills Per Level setting was an idea from XxAvalanchexX GunGame 1.6.
      To the SourceMod Dev Team for making a nicely design system for this plugin to be recreated it.
      FlyingMongoose for slaping my ideas away and now we have none left ... Geez.
      I would also like to thank sawce with ^^.
      Another person who I would like to thank is OneEyed.
    SVN: http://svn.alliedmods.net/viewvc.cgi/?root=teame06

    Full ChangeLog:
    1.0.0 Beta 5 - July 16, 2007
    - Fixed an exploit if a player killed themself with a hegrenade would cause a team kill.
    - Added forward GG_OnStartMapVote when a player reaches 2nd to last level to execute a map vote in another plugin.
    - Removed GUNGAME_MENU_TIME from gungame.sp
    - Moved GUNGAME_MAX_LEVEL from gungame.sp to gungame.inc
    - Moved GG_ADMINFLAG to GUNGAME_ADMINFLAG and moved it to gungame.inc
    - change gungame stats strcmp to case insensitive which might cause problems later.
    - Fixed a bug in top10 rank where it could cause two entry for a single person.
    - Added a admin command "gg_rebuild" to rebuild top10 rank from player data.
    - Spelling error in gungame and config MutlipleKillsPerLevel to MultipleKillsPerLevel.
    - Suppress sound level up or down during knife pro level steal.
    - Removed EngineSound extension usage, so extension is not required any more.
    - Fixed crashing issue with CSSDM 2.0.
    - Moved Afk management system to gungame_afk.sp
    - Moved Tk management system to gungame_tk.sp
    - Renamed Forward name to conform all together.
    - Added Forward GG_OnClientDeath, GG_OnClientPointChange.
    - Added natives GG_AddAlevel, GG_RemoveALevel, GG_RemoveAPoint, GG_AddAPoint natives, GG_GetClientLevel,
    GG_GetClientMaxLevel, GG_GetClientMaxPointLevel, GG_GetClientPointLevel, GG_IsGamecommenced.
    - Added more signature and virtual offset to GunGame:SM
    - Added a check to make sure MultipleKillsPerLevel never go below zero.
    - Added a check to make sure MinKillsPerLevel nevevr go below 1.
    - Fixed a problem with rank shifting or switching rank.
    - Fixed a bug where switching rank would incorrectly give the an incorrect win for a player.
    - Added a gungame_mapvoting.sp to start the a map voting.
    - Fixed a bug where round end would let players move around after a player won.
    - Rename forward OnPlayerLevelChange to OnClientLevelChange.
    - Rename native GG_GetPlayerWins to GG_GetClientWins.
    - Rename forward GG_End to GG_ConfigEnd to the config naming structure.
    - Seperated the equip and config file into gungame.equip.txt and gungame.config.txt
    - Added GG_OnShutdown and GG_OnStart forwards.
    - Fixed a bug where player level get reseted after the client got the average level.
    - Implemented afk to spectator switch.
    - Implemented gg_enable/disable admin commands
    - Fixed a bug where the client used !score would show their wins for all the players.
    - Winner is now shown at the upperleft corner hand side.
    - Added KnifeProMinLevel option. This will set the minimum level that a player must be before they can get their level stolen.
    - Added CommitSuicide disable option.
    - Added a check to make sure a player has a knife since some custom gungame maps does not give a knife to the player.
    1.0.0 Beta 4 - June 28, 2007
    - Adjust mp_chattime for winner not by map timeleft out.
    - Change player wins retrieval to OnClientAuthorized.
    - Forgot to clear out cache player wins on disconnect in the stats plugin.
    - Restructure of stats plugin.
    - Release folder restructuring to organized the server folders
      Which moved the *.smx into plugins\gungame\*
    1.0.0 Beta 3 - June 25, 2007
    - Fixed an error with loading weaponinfo.txt
    1.0.0 Beta 2 - June 25, 2007
    - Plugin reordering structure.
    - Moving top10 and player data information to another plugin.
    - Move config reading to another plugin.
    - Fixed suicided by worldspawn
    - Winner sound did not play.
    - Fix a bug in !level menu where it displayed wrong level.
    - Added a option to disable a gungame win by objective bonus.
    - Added a option to disable knife pro when on hegrenade
    - A bug where you didn't get you next level with knife pro and turbo mode enabled.
    - Change gungame_logger.sp to conform with HL logging standard. Thanks tobi17
    Originally Posted by CSS: DM 2.0
    Follow CSS: DM 2.0 install instruction.
    Do not install dm_equipment.smx on the server.
    Click here Bug Report System

    Click here to download the plugin
    No private support via Instant Message
    GunGame:SM Released

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    Old 06-24-2007 , 14:48   Re: GunGame:SM
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    Did I just cream my pants or what... <3 man. Viva la SourceMod! Great job :]
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 14:59   Re: GunGame:SM
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    Congrats on finally getting this out!
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 15:11   Re: GunGame:SM
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    wow finally!
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 15:35   Re: GunGame:SM
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    Much, much <3 Too bad you released it when I wasn't able to play it
    Is that loud enough? Oh, while I have you, check out Viper.
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 15:52   Re: GunGame:SM
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    Great job.
    Please do NOT PM for support.

    Only ask for support in plugin threads.

    TunedChaos.com - Precision Tuned Game Servers
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 16:31   Re: GunGame:SM
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    AMX Mod X Beta Tester
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 20:51   Re: GunGame:SM
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    awesome, /tips hat.
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    Old 06-24-2007 , 21:20   Re: GunGame:SM
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    WOOT <3

    been waiting for this


    if only there was respawn

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    Old 06-24-2007 , 22:07   Re: GunGame:SM
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    Might have found a bug. It played fine up untill I (the leader) got to nade level. I Was in mid throw and got hit once with a knife from behind so i tossed the nade but by that time he got me a second time and made me lose a level and then the server crashed on me. Also, when you have turbo mode on and knife someone to steal a level, you sometimes dont get your next weapon. Its just a test server of mine to test new stuff out like this so its no big deal that the server crashed to me, but I thought I would let you know what happened.

    Along with GunGame I have the following plugins installed:
    ESTools .418d
    Restrict Item
    Advanced Team Attack Control
    Healthkit on Demand
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