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AMXX not executing amxx.cfg

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Old 03-27-2004 , 18:58   AMXX not executing amxx.cfg
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Earlier I tried to play a match on my server, but everyone except me (as I was the only admin joining) was being kicked with the message "Entry to server refused". Afterwards I checked amx_mode in configs/amxx.cfg - yep, set to 1 just like I wanted it to. However, when checking the value of amx_mode on the server via rcon it returned "2.0", the default value. This was also the case for amx_vote_answers, as that was set to 0 in configs/amxx.cfg, but the default is 1.

It seems configs/amxx.cfg isn't being executed, at all - this might be fine for someone who uses the default values anyway, but I hardly imagine many people would.

I have also tried configs/amx.cfg but to no avail.
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Old 03-27-2004 , 18:59  
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this is a known problem - I am going to repackage 0.16 shortly so this works
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Old 03-27-2004 , 23:04  
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Bail, I wasn't aware of this problem. Is there an easy way to workaround this temporarily?

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Old 03-27-2004 , 23:10  
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Only the windows packages are affected

Recompile the admin.sma from CVS
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Old 03-28-2004 , 08:31  
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Bah, ok thanks - as a workaround I just added a line to server.cfg so it would at least load on map change and server start-up.

Edit: Just went to check admin.sma as you said and I have found the line in the version that comes with 0.16. It's an easy edit of a single line that changes the path of amxx.cfg to execute so it is correct and in line with the rest of the AMXX configuration structure.

In admin.sma, on line 74 change:
  server_cmd("exec addons/amxx/amx.cfg") // Execute main configuration file
  server_cmd("exec addons/amxx/configs/amxx.cfg") // Execute main configuration file
Then just (re)compile the plugin like any other.

I'd just like to say that so far, I am very impressed with AMXX. It generally seems a lot nicer, especially the way in which the files are kept. Look forward to my donation in the future
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Old 01-30-2013 , 18:59   Re: AMXX not executing amxx.cfg
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PHP Code:
    server_cmd("exec %s/amxx.cfg"configsDir)    // Execute main configuration file 
This is actually found on line 111.
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Old 01-30-2013 , 19:13   Re: AMXX not executing amxx.cfg
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You revived this thread just to post that.
Just buy the fucking game!!!!
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Old 01-30-2013 , 20:15   Re: AMXX not executing amxx.cfg
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See the year man , '04..
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