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1 bug & 2 questions

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Old 06-24-2006 , 12:21   1 bug & 2 questions

First of all, nice to let phpBB being in the past, vB is a much more modern, comfortable and faster bulletin board! I know, a migration of a big forum isn't easy, congrats!

I got one error and have two questions I wasn't able to fix with the options. Hopefully I just wrapped the right setting or it is easy fixable.

At first the bug: vB tells me I have 65535 messages in my inbox (see attached screenshot).

Your file of 58.1 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 39.1 KB for this filetype."

I'm a 'pure' AMXX user, the posts regarding the other forums (like shm, MM:S) are not in my interest on my daily visit, how I can hide them in the `View posts since last visit'?

I regularly check the threads where I posted something for updates (new posts in these threads). Like in phpBB vB has a function ('View your posts') for the own posts. But vB is taking it literally, really displaying every full post I made. How I can switch this output to only displaying the topics?
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Old 06-24-2006 , 12:31   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

1. I've just sent the private message to other preson and then deleted it immediately. This solved that problem. Though this better should be fixed for all accounts in the other way somehow.

2. Yes, i agree. Most of the AMXX users not needs to know about non-AMXX threads/posts. Would be nice to hide non-related stuff somehow.
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AMX Mod X Team Member
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Old 06-24-2006 , 14:16   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

I'll look into a way to only show unread posts from the categories you're interested in.
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Old 06-24-2006 , 21:04   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

Just for anyone who thinks they have a whole bunch of messages they don't see...

When I logged in it had 6,000 some odd messages also. I then proceded to my sent box and found that somehow every single last PM i'd sent in the past 8 months was logged into these forums in my sent box.

Anyone who has this problem go into ur sent box and delete all of those first. This may be your problem as well if you don't see anything in there.

After I deleted all of the post from my sent box I had 0 messages.
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Old 06-25-2006 , 02:57   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

Also if you want to keep your PMs, you can just mark them as "read" (at the lower right corner).
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AMX Mod X Beta Tester
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Berlin / Germany
Old 06-30-2006 , 07:11   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

Thanks, I got my private messages count back to normal.

But the other two points are not fixed yet. For now, I can just sporadically click into some forums looking around. I can't keep track on the topics I replied to and the "view new posts" makes still no sense to me (subforums like "offtopic", "scripting help", a.s.o. are doubled and I can only allocate them by clicking).
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Never Fall Asleep
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Old 06-30-2006 , 07:13   Re: 1 bug & 2 questions

next forum update i make will have all those features you want.
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