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L. Duke
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Old 07-01-2005 , 00:58   FakeClients
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Remember OLO's FakeFull for MetaMod?
Fakefull 1.3 (downloads: 25781) is a small Metamod plugin which makes fake traffic on your server. It creates fakeclients in spectator mode (so they don't affect the gameplay) who join and leave server to keep always some number of players. Maybe it's a bit unfair but there is a lot of ppl who are only looking for full servers. With this stuff you should have your server faster filled and frequently visited.
FakeClients is FakeFull:Source for MetaMod:Source. I wrote this plugin as a favor for SoopaFlyYT at PAF and thought I'd share in case anyone else was interested.

Requires Metamod:Source 1.2 or above

FakeClients 1.2.3
Released: 29 Jan 2006
- Added interface search
- Fixed last character of name getting cut off on Linux

FakeClients 1.2.0
Released: 5 Jan 2006
- Compiled against MM:S 1.2

FakeClients 1.1.1
Released: 21 Oct 2005
- Updated for CS:S update
- Updated for DOD:S

FakeClients 1.1.0
Released: 21 Oct 2005
- Compiled against MM:S 1.1
- Added delay after map change before bots join to allow existing players time to connect
- Rewrote CSS specific code to improve compatibility with other HL2 mods
- Added support for Plan of Attack (POA uses PlayerInfoManager interface 001 instead of 002)

FakeClients 1.0.4b
Released: 16 Jul 2005
- Added Linux version of 1.0.4

FakeClients 1.0.4
- Fixes plugin turning off and leaving fake clients on server when fakeclients_starthour/fakeclients_stophour are changed from console

FakeClients 1.0.3
- Randomizes first fake name to join server each round
- Added command fakeclients_time - Displays system time in in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
- Added command fakeclients_starthour and fakeclients_stophour to set FakeClients to only run at certain times of the day

FakeClients 1.0.2
- Fixed bug with bots joining/leaving server when a new player connected

FakeClients 1.0.1
Released: Jun 2005
Download from PunkAssFraggers.com


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Old 07-01-2005 , 15:22  
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when you go to view server info it says connection time -1s can u fix that?

and player list - cpu player but i dont think u could fix that

that was when i was on PAFS server
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Old 07-02-2005 , 15:01  
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Yeah Duke, thasnks for making this for me.

I used Fake Full on all of my servers before Source and it does help bring people in.

I haven't had any problems with this at all. Good work on it!!

----------------------------------------- !PAF #1 CS (HostiTron - NO AUTOSNIPER/AWP)
PAF Hosti-Tron metamod hostage model switcher
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Old 07-02-2005 , 18:56  
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Any way to stop it spamming "xxxxx is joining the server" just for the fake people?

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L. Duke
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Old 07-06-2005 , 17:32  
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No way to stop it, but the plugin had a bug where it kicked all bots when someone joined, then all except one would rejoin.

I posted an update (Version 1.0.2) that fixes this issue. You will have fewer "xxxx joining" messages now.
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Old 07-07-2005 , 18:27  
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how can i make it so like this only runs on my server from 2am to 6am?
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Old 07-07-2005 , 20:27  
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Old 07-08-2005 , 12:33  
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excellent job, i have been waiting for this forever

one request, can we get it to randomize the fakeclients names from the list, so its not always the first two in the list(i only use two)?

thanks, your work is greatly appreciated
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Old 07-09-2005 , 16:58  
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I got this crash today where it said failed loading name null. If I get it again ill post it in its entirity.

Yeah it happend again, I get a crash window box (that keeps the server from rebooting till i hit ok) and a whole bunch of faild loading name null. This only happens on map change
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Old 07-10-2005 , 01:20  
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No luck with my system.

Fedora Core 4
SourceMM 1.00-RC2 (Linux, glibc-2.3.4)

Metamod loads fine.

meta list says:

meta list
-Id- Name Version Author Status
[01] - - - ERROR

I know it sees the plugin because if I change the location in metaplugins.ini, it says "NOFILE".

I can provide more info, if you tell me what to look for.

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