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[ANY] LibModSys

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    A "library" plugin or plugin-library designed to make it easier to setup inter-plugin communications.
    Old 11-22-2022 , 15:07   [ANY] LibModSys
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    A plugin-library that's designed as a library to help other plugins manage systems of forwards and plugins as well as sharing data between them!

    Have you ever wanted to have a modular plugin system but annoyed with the process of setting up forwards and having for them to interact with other plugins through natives? Annoyed with having to setup natives just to share data?

    LibModSys includes 3 separate types of managers that plugins can request and/or use:

    1. Global Forwards Manager => Global Forwards are defined from a config file and managed by a single plugin that can be accessed any time!

    2. Private Forwards Managers => Plugins can request MULTIPLE Private Forward Managers as needed through a Manager ID system as well as pre-made natives & stocks so that plugin systems can hook and unhook to specific Private Forwards by name!

    3. Plugin/Module Managers => If a core plugin wants more control of the plugins and their runtime, just like with Private Forward Managers, plugins can request multiple Module Managers via ID system. With Plugin Modules, devs have more control where you have the option of 4 attributes for each Plugin Module: flags, components, groups, and priority. Pre-made stocks are available that allows devs to retrieve Modules by either flags, components, or groups and also sort them by priority!

    On top of these features, there is Shared Maps which allows plugins to safely share data in a controlled and easy to use manner!

    The repo comes with the config file examples and the required files with builds.

    The ReadMe also contains examples on how to use Shared Maps for inter-plugin communications.

    Github Repository.

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    Old 03-12-2023 , 23:20   Re: [ANY] LibModSys
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    Made `SharedMap` much more safe to use and share.
    Newly made Properties are now default immutable and undeleteable (plugin-owners can still change/delete properties though).
    Corrected `SharedMap.Delete` deletion rule functionality.
    Corrected memory leak from SharedMap managers.
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    Old 07-06-2023 , 17:43   Re: [ANY] LibModSys
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    Added function setting, getting, and invoking for `SharedMap`.
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    Old 10-15-2023 , 14:43   Re: [ANY] LibModSys
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    v1.4 Update

    Updated ConfigMap version
    No longer in alpha, is in beta now.
    Added integer-based key operations for SharedMap.
    SharedMap properties are automatically locked & frozen on creation.
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    Old 12-21-2023 , 13:59   Re: [ANY] LibModSys
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    v1.5 update
    Added plugin owner names to make plugin handle updating easier.
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