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[TF2] SCP: Secret Fortress

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Team Fortress 2
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    A custom gamemode that brings SCP: Secret Laboratory to Team Fortress 2. Along with new mechanics for creating new gamemodes.
    Old 10-06-2021 , 00:55   [TF2] SCP: Secret Fortress
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    SCP: Secret Fortress
    A custom gamemode that brings SCP: Secret Laboratory to Team Fortress 2.

    AlliedModders release just in time for Scream Fortress! SCP: Secret Fortress is a custom gamemode that changes completely how the normal game is played. This features custom classes, unique way of handling items and weapons, proximity chat, intractables, and more.

    Note this gamemode differs alot from standard Team Fortress 2 gameplay and not so much keeping main mechanics. So it may not be something you want if you want to stick with good ol' gameplay.

    The gamemode has started off as a standalone, everything hardcoded, but slowly developed to be more of a tool in creating a similar, but different, gamemode using some of the same basic mechanics or not.

    If you like to see some gameplay of it in action, here's a neat playlist.

    Compatibility Notice:
    This plugin uses different features which may cause some other plugins to misbehave:
    • Uses it's own chat processor for proximity chat which causes other chat processors to not function (See scp_sf.inc about SCPSF_CanTalkTo)
    • Team 0 (Unassigned) is used as a playable team (Check if a player is alive along with team check)
    • Pop up menus during gameplay can be neagtive to weapon switching
    • Player's class swap often for plugins that may check one time
    • Without SendProxy can cause trippy viewmodels
    • Custom model plugins may not function at all

    Required Dependencies:
    DHooks with Detours
    MemoryPatch (Compiling)
    More Colors (Compiling)

    Recommend Dependencies:
    Basic SendProxy or
    Per-Client SendProxy or
    Linux-Only SendProxy

    Supported Plugins:
    Source Vehicles (Whitelist/Blacklist classes that can drive)
    SourceBans++ (For integrated chat processor)
    Goomba Stomp (Restricted to SCP classes)

    Mikusch - Many many related DHooks and SDKCalls
    AlliedModders Profile - Fortress Royale

    42 - Some other related DHooks
    GitHub Profile - Randomizer

    sarysa - Eye-based system for SCPs like SCP-173
    AlliedModders Profile - Forum Thread

    Benoist3012 - Spectator team swap
    AlliedModders Profile - Forum Thread

    nosoop - Per-player outlines
    AlliedModders Profile - TF2 Custom Attribute Starter Pack

    xXDeathreusXx - Increased movement speed cap
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    Naydef - Medi-Gun DHook
    AlliedModders Profile - Forum Thread

    93SHADoW - Revive markers
    AlliedModders Profile - Forum Thread

    artvin_boy - Map/Model development
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    Crust - SCP custom animations
    Steam Profile

    DoctorKrazy - Chaos & SCP-049-2 rigs
    AlliedModders Profile

    JuegosPablo - MTF rig
    AlliedModders Profile

    RavensBro - SCP-173 rig
    AlliedModders Profile

    Marxvee - Special thanks
    AlliedModders Profile

    SCP: Secret Labortory - Game assets
    Steam Game

    And GitHub Contributors

    GitHub Release
    GitHub Latest
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    Old 10-16-2021 , 10:37   Re: [TF2] SCP: Secret Fortress
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    damn batfoxkid and the team Devs are doin gods work

    really great job
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    Old 11-19-2021 , 18:35   Re: [TF2] SCP: Secret Fortress
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    need to update scp damage collision against other teams, class D, swat, etc...
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