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[ANY] The Text Store

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    Yet another store plugin for any source game!
    Old 02-14-2020 , 21:07   [ANY] The Text Store
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    The Text Store
    Yet another store plugin for any source game!

    This is store system where players can buy items using credits, obtained by doing objectives.
    This kind of store uses a subplugin based system where other plugins control how items react or when to give out credits.
    And the main reason why it's called "The Text Store", it uses a text document based storage system, everything for a client is saved under data/textstore/user/.

    Everything you need to know on configuration or making subplugins is on the GitHub repository.

    The plugin automatically comes with a default subplugin for your needs (small right now).
    There is also extra features such as a crafting and trading system for users

    You do need to configure to your store, this is not something to work out-of-the-box.
    And of course this is still a work-in-progress with the lack of defaults, you might need to make your own subplugin.
    Here's the download or if you want here's the compiled zip.

    There's still alot more things to do on this project like seeing if this works on all source games.
    Contributions would be thankful, even just providing any feedback helps.

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