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[TF2] All-Class Dead Ringer

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    A functional all-class dead ringer for almost every player.
    Old 02-11-2020 , 03:36   [TF2] All-Class Dead Ringer
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    This plugin was made using Mentlegen's simple plugin as a base.


    -= Credits =-

    = Mentlegen, for his original plugin that was used as a base. Even though he disappeared from Alliedmodders. =
    = codename-G-, for their Fake Death plugin, created before the Dead Ringer was a thing, in which I took parts of the corpse creation code. =
    = nosoop, for completely solving the death notice crisis whilst I stood by the sidelines, not being much help. Thanks, and sorry for not crediting you sooner, I completely forgot about your aid. =

    -= Description =-

    An All-Class Dead Ringer for TF2. This is currently unfinshed, but is functional for potentially 90% of the time.
    Upon activation, a fake corpse + ammo pack + weapon is dropped, and the scoreboard and top-of-screen reporter's status for it's user will report them as 'dead' for as long as the cloak is active.

    -= Features =-

    - Fake corpse + fake ammo pack + weapon drop as well as fake death sounds.
    - 3 seconds speed boost + fire immunity. (toggleable)
    - Fake 'final hit' hitsounds.
    - Recharge and cloak timers.

    -= To-do =-

    - Right-mouse click to drop cloak.
    - Damage resistance. (functionality is there, but still W.I.P.)
    - [TODO BUG-FIX] Proper fix for sideways corpse spawn which happens while disguised.
    - [TODO BUG-FIX] Force heavies to stop revving/shooting their minigun once cloaked.
    - [TODO BUG-FIX] Fix healing condition still staying on a healed patient that uses AC-DR. Potentially overpowered, will essentially give them regen and %150 of hp, requires quick fix.

    -= ConVars =-

    sm_ac_dr_recharge_timelimit [0.0/INF] = Set the time limit until the AC-DR fully recharges.
    sm_ac_dr_cloak_timelimit [0.0/INF] = Set the time limit the AC-DR cloaks the user for.
    sm_ac_dr_speedboost [0/1] = Toggle speed-boost upon AC-DR usage.
    sm_ac_dr_afterburn_immune [0/1] = Toggle afterburn-immunity upon AC-DR usage.
    sm_ac_dr_friendlydis [0/1] = Makes Spies drop the corpse of the friendly disguise instead of themselves.
    sm_ac_dr_classrestrict_spy [0/1] = Restrict Spies from using the AC-DR.
    sm_ac_dr_extra_effects [0/1] = Give other effects, most likely to attackers, that the normal DR couldn't. (W.I.P.)
    sm_ac_dr_botspawn_toggle [0/1] = Force bots to enable their AC-DR on spawn. (W.I.P.)
    sm_ac_dr_damage_res [0/INF] = Damage is multiplied by this value for cloaked AC-DR users. Do <0.9 for lesser damage. (W.I.P.)

    sm_fd = Toggle the All-Class Dead Ringer.
    sm_fd_ply = Toggle the All-Class Dead Ringer on a specified player. (Admin-only)

    -= Further Info =-

    - This isn't a complete recreation of the actual Dead Ringer's fake death mechanic, but it has a bit more features to feign death better. (Death state on top-of-screen reporter, unfinished fix for corpse spawning sideways if spy is disguised, etc.)
    - The fix for the sideways fake corpse is not finished. The spy might blink into uber for a split-second before cloaking.

    -= Releases =-
    Version 1.1.1
    - Further fix of health-pack drop from Candy Cane.
    Version 1.1.0
    - No more unreliable, glitchy timers for all clients! Uses a think hook on seperate clients instead.
    - Tweaked/added a few features to sm_ac_dr_extra_effects.
    Version 1.0.8
    - Fake ragdoll now takes up a slot of an actual player's death ragdoll.
    - Added experimental code for adding the TF_DEATHFLAG_DEADRINGER bitflag to the fake player_death event.
    Version 1.0.7
    - Added sm_ac_dr_extra_effects, sm_ac_dr_botspawn_toggle and sm_ac_dr_damage_res. (CVARs are W.I.P!)
    - Fixed ragdolls of friendly disguises using the spy's actual cosmetics instead of the disguise's own ones if sm_ac_dr_friendlydis is enabled.
    - Plugin will now load or auto-generate a TF2_AC_DR.cfg file for cvars in cfg/sourcemod.
    Version 1.0.4
    - Fixed spy's cloak from watches not dropping for the Halloween cloak to properly take effect upon activation.
    Version 1.0.3
    - Will now play the final hitsound on the attacking player.
    Version 1.0.2
    - sm_fd_ply should now use the actual target names 100% of the time instead of reusing the argument string.
    Version 1.0.1
    - Feigning death while disguised as a friendly will now use the disguised target's name instead of the real spy, if sm_ac_dr_friendlydis is in effect.
    Version 1.0.0
    - Initial release.
    -= Total Views (as of 7/23/2020) since Version 1.1.0 =-

    Source File = 32
    Compiled File = 44
    Gamedata File = 42

    -= How to Install (IMPORTANT) =-

    - Get the Source Scramble Extension.
    - (OPTIONAL) Move the .txt file to your gamedata folder inside the Sourcemod directory. The plugin, by itself, will auto-generate the gamedata needed if it doesn't find one, hence this being optional.
    - Move the .smx file to your plugins folder inside the Sourcemod directory.
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    ragdoll spam, that is all

    Steam profile, where I game, obviously.
    Youtube channel, where I do Stick Death Maze animations and some other stuff.

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    no plugin requests, sorry

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    Old 02-11-2020 , 06:22   Re: [TF2] All-Class Dead Ringer
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    The damn forum secretly switched the compiler to 1.1 while I had initially set it up to 1.8.

    I know it's minor and that this plugin wouldn't compile anyways, but it's still annoying especially when you don't know about it.
    ragdoll spam, that is all

    Steam profile, where I game, obviously.
    Youtube channel, where I do Stick Death Maze animations and some other stuff.

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    no plugin requests, sorry

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