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[CS:GO] JailBreak Advance

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    Old 07-30-2017 , 15:35   [CS:GO] JailBreak Advance
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    [CS:GO] JailBreak Advance
    well, i had made this plugin a long time ago for one of my servers and it's a real simple one and new jail break system allows you to play jailbreak mode in a little more peace and avoid ending up new players shooting everyone for no reason.
    basically i made this plugin for that purpose and decided to update it's syntax , fix bugs and release it to be used by anyone who wants it.

    How it works?
    In this jailbreak mode plugin Terrorists are inoccent guys at the beginning of each round and no CT player can kill them until they become Bad Guys.
    Terrorists will become Bad Guys when ever they switch a gun which is forbidden or hurt one of CT members and then they can be killed by any CT player, but before all of that, there is also 2 ranks for CT team which are named as Captain and Guardians.

    Captains and Guardians are those CT members who have the ability to kill every Bad Guys and Innocent Guys without getting punished but the way they are chosen can be controlled by Admin.
    When the round starts one of CT members will automatically become a Captain and it's color will change into Yellow, the Captains can hire Guardians by using +USE key on any other CT but T side members must be more that 10 players to allow Captains to Hire Guardians which their color will be marked as PINK
    Captains and Guardians also have 3 other advantage that other CT members don't, they can use +ATTACK2 key to create a Metal Spark at where they are looking, they also have a Tag Grenade to locate Bad Guys,
    the third one will be mentioned soon.

    When a T member become a Bad Guy , Their color will change into RED which allows CT members to identify them but ANY ct member can easily arrest bad guys but using +USE key when they are looking at them from a particular distance so when they cut Bad Guys they actually freeze and cannot move , their weapons also get removed, now CT members can kill them or leave them but Captains and Guardians can FORGIVE the arrested Bad Guy and their color will change to green which means they have committed crimes before.
    also when a T member is arrested, one other Bad Guy or innocent guy can Rescue them by using +USE key on them which will have consequences for innocent guys in a way which they will become Bad Guys as well.

    Safe Weapons Configurations:
    As you read above, T players will have to switch weapons to become bad guys but you can make exceptions for some weapons within the configuration file:

    PHP Code:
    "WeaponClassName"            ""
            "weapon_knife"                ""
            "weapon_decoy"                ""
            "weapon_flashbang"            ""
            "weapon_smokegrenade"        ""
            "weapon_c4"                    ""
            "weapon_healthshot"            ""

    Admin Commands:
    sm_ul userid ---> With this command, admins can make a CT member Useless which means they will not become Captains anymore.
    sm_uf userid ---> With this command, admins can make a CT member Useful which means they will again become Captains.

    jba_data_reload "1" ---> if this option is enabled, everyone will become usefull as the map changes.

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    - Just Released!

    UPDATE 3.0.6 - 7/31/2017
    -Fixed a bug with taser which spammed client chat
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip JailBreak 3.0.5 (beta version).zip (21.5 KB, 191 views)
    File Type: zip JailBreak 3.0.6 (beta version).zip (21.5 KB, 470 views)

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    Old 07-30-2017 , 18:33   Re: [CS:GO] JailBreak Advance
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    Wow nice release man
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    Old 07-31-2017 , 09:14   Re: [CS:GO] JailBreak Advance
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    UPDATE 3.0.6 - 7/31/2017
    -Fixed a bug with taser which spammed client chat
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