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[CSGO] Hunger Games (Custom loot, survival, map events, teams, zombies & more)

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    Hunger Games is a king of the hill survival gamemode.
    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:20   [CSGO] Hunger Games (Custom loot, survival, map events, teams, zombies & more)
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    Hunger Games



    Keep in mind this list of features is incomplete, the plugin contains a lot more features as listed.
    You don't need to install other HG plugins like HG-Alliances or HG-Beacons since those features are included already.

    • HUD which shows survival stats, your items and more
    • Spectators can see their target's HUD
    • Endgame phase with beacon
    • Forced final knife fight
    • Download manager for sounds/models etc.
    • Dead players can respawn as zombies/hunters
    • Roundend fireworks above the winner
    Custom loot groups: (config)
    • Adjustable spawn and respawn chance
    • Adjustable spawn distance to spawn
    • Custom sound & model
    • Custom loottable per lootgroup
    • Foods, drinks, stamina buffs, tools & weapons
    • Make it buyable on the sponsor shop
    • Translateable custom message with placeholders
    • Adjustable interaction method (use, touch,lockpicking & defuse)
    Sponsor Shop:
    • Advanced target selection system (lists you, your last target and your team members first)
    • Buy map events
    • Buy loot groups
    • Buy tools
    • Round logging & counter
    • First seen, last connect & playtime
    • Kills, Knife kills
    • Top lists by kills, knife kills, wins, ELO, deaths & more
    • Statsme command (fully customizable)
    • Hunger (starving / health regen)
    • Thirst (stamina recovery)
    • Stamina (running speed)
    • Energy (max stamina / max health)
    Special Items:
    • Compass (shows direction to nearest player)
    • Tracer (same as compass but more info)
    • GPS (enables radar)
    • Jammer (makes you invisible for Compass & Tracer items)
    • Parashute
    • Binoculars
    • Throwing knifes (Every additional knife a player equips will be transformed to a throwing knife)
    Map Events:
    • Napalm air strike
    • Rain / Thunder storm (with lightning)
    • Ion cannon / Mortar strike
    • Earthquake
    • Charged water
    • 13 district icons which are shown above head
    • Glow for teammates
    • Teammates are ignored on compass & tracer
    • Adjustable damage rules for team mates

    Support / Feedback ( No forum support )


    Install instructions
    1. Upload Zcore-MySQL, Soundlib & Zcore-Lootspawner to your server (no configuration needed).
    2. Upload the plugin, sounds, models & materials to your server.
    3. Add "hg" to you databases.cfg (no SQ lite support).
    4. If your server has issues with geoip you can create an empty textfile, rename it to geoip.autoload and place it inside the extensions folder to fix it.
    5. If you like to install CustomPlayerSkins to enable glow keep in mind it can lagg your server if your CPU is not strong enough.
    6. Use the command "zcore_loot" to add loot spawn points to your map, I recommend to add at least 300 spawns per map otherwise the server may crash!

    • Creany0 - various stuff
    • Wrox - Various stuff
    • snap - Made a lot HG maps
    • Pandora - luv U
    • DrunkenMonkey - District icons
    • Barcardi - Throwing knifes
    • Peace Maker - Trigger grenades
    • and all others I don't remember anymore

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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:24   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    Bout time
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:44   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    nice job
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:44   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    He's finally released it! Good job lad.
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:45   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    Nice one!
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:55   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    great !!! thanks
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 14:57   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    Thanks for sharing ^.^
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 15:28   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    Nice! Thanks alot!
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 16:35   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    Neat zip, nice release
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    Old 07-24-2017 , 17:44   Re: [CSGO] Hunger Games
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    It's a good release but it's very unrespectful for the people that bought this from you, i personally did and as far as i remember i spent around 25 euros for this plugin and now it's been released for free.
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