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[ANY] Connect 4 minigame

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    Connect 4 minigame in a panel. Play against other players - includes highscore.
    Old 09-25-2016 , 23:38   [ANY] Connect 4 minigame
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    Connect 4
    A Connect 4 minigame simulation in a panel.

    Type !connect4 and challenge some other player for a game of Connect 4! This brings the old connection game to the Source Engine. Players take turns on placing discs down a grid. The player who first gets four in a row wins.

    The number of wins, draws and losses is stored in a database for highscore ranking. Players might pause and resume the game anytime, even across map changes.

    Players can type !connect4 or !playc4 to open the main menu.

    1. Get the plugin and place the .smx in your plugins folder.
    2. Optionally create a "connect4" section in your databases.cfg for the highscores.
      1. If the "connect4" section is missing, the plugin just uses the "storage-local" database.

    Did you see...:

    Thanks to T.w | Conman118 for suggesting and testing the game!
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    Old 09-26-2016 , 07:47   Re: [ANY] Connect 4 minigame
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    Wow, epic! Gonna try this on CS:GO. Nice job
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    Old 09-26-2016 , 08:01   Re: [ANY] Connect 4 minigame
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    Ran quickly through the code, looks good, nice to see these uniqe plugins keep it up!
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    Old 09-26-2016 , 14:16   Re: [ANY] Connect 4 minigame
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    wery wery nice (hindu tech scammer)
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    Old 06-10-2018 , 09:51   Re: [ANY] Connect 4 minigame
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    Can you add "onlydead" cvar for this plugin ?
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