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[Any] Change Overrides

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    Allows command overrides to be changed outside of the usual cfg files.
    Old 07-19-2016 , 06:24   [Any] Change Overrides
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    [Any] Change Overrides
    v. 18.0122.0

    This plugin provides simple commands that can be used to examine, change, create, or remove an override without editing one of the usual cfg files and reloading the admin cache. This plugin will find its greatest usage within map and gamemode cfg files on servers running multiple gamemodes. For example, sm_jumppad is a command that should be admin-only during Death Run, but I would like to be public during FF2. In addition, this plugin may be useful for admins wishing to debug command access issues.

    All commands require root access by default. You should probably not ever change this. (Do not override the override overrider.)

    Example Command Usage:
    • sm_override "someOverride" [flagsNeeded / 0 / -]
      sm_override "sm_noclip" a
      The above command would set sm_noclip to require the "a" flag. Just like in the standard overrides file, if multiple flags are specified, the user must have ALL the flags in order to have access. In addition, specifying only 0 as the flag will make the override public. Specifying a hyphen ( - ) as the flag will cause the plugin to remove any overrides on that string. Finally, specifying no further arguments after the name of the override will cause the command to display the current flags required, if the override exists, or the default flags for the command specified.

    • sm_override_group "someGroup" "someOverride" [deny/allow]
      This command sets the allow/deny permissions on a command for an admin group. For example, the following command would allow access to sm_votekick by players in the "VIP" group.
      sm_override_group "VIP" "sm_votekick" allow
      Please note that this will only affect group members who join the server after the command use. Further, once set, a group override cannot currently be unset or changed without reloading the admin cache. Omitting the "allow" or "deny" in the command will display the current setting.

    • Both of the aformentioned commands also support command groups. Simply append a @ symbol to the front of the override string, as follows:[code]
      sm_override "@basecommands" a

    CVARS, shown with default values:
    • sm_changeOverrides_update 3 - Controls Updater compatibility
      • 0 : Completely disables Updater integration
      • 1 : Updater will notify you in Updater.log if an update becomes available.
      • 2 : Updater will automatically download any updates. They will be installed on the next server start or map change.
      • 3 : Updater will automatically download and immediately install any updates.

    To install, simply ensure that your Sourcemod installation is up to date, and place the SMX in your plugins folder.

    Please also consider installing Updater. This will let you automatically keep your plugins up-to-date. Updater is NOT required for this plugin to function.
    The plugin requires custom includes. As such, it does not compile here on the forums. Includes required to compile the plugin are:



    If you like what you see here, please consider donating~

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    Old 01-22-2018 , 20:04   Re: [Any] Change Overrides (v. 18.0122.0)
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    Updated to 18.0122.0. Cleaned up the code in a few places, consolidated the 5 commands into 2, and fixed the download URLs.
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    Old 07-28-2018 , 22:04   Re: [Any] Change Overrides
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    Where do I apply these commands? Do I just execute them in console or where?

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    Old 07-28-2018 , 22:09   Re: [Any] Change Overrides
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    You type them in console:

    sm_override "sm_noclip" b

    Or in chat:

    /override "sm_noclip" b
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    Old 07-28-2018 , 22:25   Re: [Any] Change Overrides
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    I did just that. The problem is, I want to override it where only a specific group can access it, even putting in the override still lets defaults use the command.

    For Example;

    !cw - Custom Weapons on the server.

    I did this below;

    sm_override "sm_cw" q (The custom flag I want it tied to so players with that flag [donators] can use it.)
    sm_override_group "Default" "sm_cw" deny (Did that to deny defaults the access and still nothing happens.)

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    Old 08-02-2018 , 00:26   Re: [Any] Change Overrides
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    I can't really help you without knowing anything about the rest of your setup. That being said, is there a reason why you aren't using the built in overrides system?

    Also, "mentions" aren't a thing here.

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