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[CS:GO] User banned from server but not shown in SourceBans

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Old 12-31-2015 , 13:01   [CS:GO] User banned from server but not shown in SourceBans
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So uh... I have a user banned from all of my servers for some reason. This user isn't supposed to be banned but every time they try to join the server, it says they're banned from the servers. I try going to SourceBans but nothing is shown there. Their Steam ID isn't in the banned list so I'm not sure what could be broken here. Obviously, something is messed up. The thing is that I honestly have no idea what that thing could be.

Could someone please help? This user has done nothing wrong but they're banned anyway and I want to unban them so they can have a good time with the rest of the community.

Edit: Nothing is in the banned_ip.cfg or banned_user.cfg files. They're both completely empty.

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Old 01-01-2016 , 08:33   Re: [CS:GO] User banned from server but not shown in SourceBans
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Did you take a look at "listid" and "listip" (w/o quotes)?
SB by default adds a temporary ban of 5 minutes upon connect (if a player is banned ofc).
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Old 01-02-2016 , 05:44   Re: [CS:GO] User banned from server but not shown in SourceBans
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I just want to say, I ran into the exact same issue today, banned from my own server and servers that I wasn't even connected to at the time. I've also seen 4 IP's that were banned across 3 of my CS:GO servers, all IP's were exactly the same. I deleted the bans via console, but after a few minutes I got banned again without even being connected.

Eitherway do as pcmaster advised, use "listip" and then "removeip iphere".

I do not use SourceBans.

@whtevrwt - do you use gameMe? I just want to rule that out.

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