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[TF2] whitelist.tf downloader

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    Download whitelists from whitelist.tf
    Old 08-11-2015 , 17:03   [TF2] whitelist.tf downloader
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    Whitelist downloader

    Download the latest version of a whitelist from whitelist.tf and execute it.

    sm_whitelist_id - Download and execute a whitelist sm_whitelist_id [Whitelist id]

    sm_whitelist_tf_base - Set the base url for whitelist downloads (Default http://whitelist.tf/download)

    cUrl - Depends on the cUrl extensions to do the actual downloading

    Wiethoofd for making whitelist.tf
    Attached Files
    File Type: smx whitelisttf.smx (7.7 KB, 838 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (whitelisttf.sp - 543 views - 2.8 KB)

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    King Cnut
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    Old 08-11-2015 , 17:56   Re: [TF2] whitelist.tf downloader
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    Ooooh I'm loving this! Thanks!
    *tips fedora, unsheaths katana, teleports behind u, nods respectfully*
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    Old 01-13-2023 , 03:30   Re: [TF2] whitelist.tf downloader
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    Doesn't work. I'm trying to enact a whitelist to remove Gas Passer and Demoknight by my community's request and it must not be applying the whitelist, because I'm still able to use the weapons I've banned.

    Whitelist: https://whitelist.tf/13512

    TFTrue is outdated, and I don't want to use mp_tournament, so my options are limited.

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