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Release WebPanel Version 2

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Old 05-25-2015 , 11:00   WebPanel Version 2

General Information

The Store WebPanel is required by the Store Plugin to manage items / users / categories.

There are currently two versions of the WebPanel available:
  • The CodeIgniter Version (WebPanel or WebPanel1)
  • And the Laravel Based Version (WebPanel-Core or WebPanel2)
The Laravel Based Webpanel has just been released as a release candidate.
It already offers 90% of the Features the old WebPanel offered.

Selecting the correct WebPanel

If you are using Store 1.X you have to use the WebPanel 1.X which can be found here

If you are using Store 2.X you have to use the WebPanel 2.x which can be found in Post #3 in this Thread


The WebPanel v2 offers in addition to all of the User / Item / Category Management abilities of the Webpanel v1 the following features:
  • Overview of the installed Module Versions - Finished
  • Automatic Updates of the WebPanel - Finished
  • Automatic Updates of the Database - Finished
  • Permission Systems (You can grant specific permissions to specific users) - Finished
  • Mobile Friendlier (It works with smart phones / tablets, but there is still room for improvements) - Finished
  • Restriction of items / categories per server - Finished

Current State of the WebPanel

I am posting regular development updates to this thread

Below are some stats for the develop and master branch.



Credits and Thanks

I would like to thank:
  • Alongub for his store plugin
  • Drixevel for maintaining it
  • Every Module author who distributes his modules free of charge
  • JetBrains for their PHPStorm Open Source License
  • aTechMedia for the DeployHQ Open Source Plan
  • Kryutek for providing me with a stable platform to develop the store webpanel + plugin

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Old 06-16-2015 , 15:22   Re: WebPanel Version 2

Feature Vote

I am currently trying to prioritize the development of the new WebPanel Features.

Please fill out the Vote below, so I can find out what the most important features are.
Please do not give everything a high priority, or your vote wont help me prioritize

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Old 10-27-2015 , 17:40   Re: WebPanel Version 2

WebPanel V2

The WebPanel V2 is the Laravel Version of the WebPanel V1
It offers some additional features and is built upon a well maintained framework.

Important Note
The WebPanel 2 has just been released and I expect there to be a few bugs.
But they will be ironed out and new Features will be added with time.
Make sure to follow this thread so you dont miss updates / ...
(This thread will only contain release infos and important announcements about the WebPanel)

Installation and Updating

The installation instructions can be found in the WebPanel 2 Wiki on Github
It should not be very hard to follow them.

At the moment you need to have CLI Access to setup the WebPanel.
If you dont have that, your Web Hoster might be able to help you or even set it up for you. (If you have a decent one)

Getting Help

If you are stuck, there will be people that are happy to help you as long as you follow a few simple rules:
If you are missing a feature or have found a bug, head to GitHub and create a feature request / bug report - DO NOT USE GITHUB FOR INSTALLATION SUPPORT

If you are getting a error message when installing the WebPanel or have a generic usage question, make a post in the forum.

If you want someone to setup the WebPanel for you, take a look at the Section: "Installation Service"

Installation Service

If you cant or dont want to install the WebPanel yourself there is always the option to ask someone else to do that for you.

Below is a list of people who are able to setup the WebPanel

Some of those people might ask you for something in return.

People who can setup the WebPanel for you:

(If you want to get on that list send me a link to a reference installation that you made via PN)

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Old 10-27-2015 , 17:42   Reserved for Future Use

Reserved for Future Use
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