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Suicide Bomb v1.5

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Old 07-14-2014 , 02:26   Suicide Bomb v1.5
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Suicide Bomb Shop

The suicide bomber is a strategic combat technique recommended only to idiots. It enables you to blow up enemies at close range at a cost, hence the word 'suicide' in the title. This isn't related to this plugin. This plugin doesn't force the server to be suicide bomb based, there aren't any objectives. It's simply here just to add a simple twist onto current game-play. This truly gives a new meaning to the old saying: "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer."

Currently only supports Counter-Strike 1.6. But other than that fault, it requires no extra sounds, models, sprites, etc.

How To Use:
There are 2 commands total, and they are all chat related.
  1. /buybomb
  2. /bb

Type any of those into public chat, or team chat, and it will display a menu allowing you to confirm that you would like to buy a suicide bomb. Once bought, hit your flashlight key to activate, but I suggest waiting until you're close to an enemy. Suicide bombs will last until the round ends, so make sure you use it when you can!

PHP Code:
    Suicide Bomber Information Center:
    The 'Suicide Bomber' idea came to me from a
    somewhat old mod that Exolent made (I've
    also made a version myself). Once you've
    gotten enough cash (cvar controlled), you
    will be permitted to purchase a 'Suicide Bomb'.
    You will then be able to activate it and blow
    anyone up in a certain radius of yourself, 
    thus creating an epic death scene.
  1. 0 = Disabled | 1 = Enabled
Default: 1

  1. Set to any reasonable number. This is how much the suicide bomb costs.
Default: 16000

  1. The radius in which players need to be to be damaged/killed.
Default: 400

  1. Whether or not to damage teammates. 0 = False | 1 = True.
Default: 1

There are two simple cvars, and they can be easily read (hopefully). I hope you enjoy it. Happy suicide bombing!

Note: Any suggestions you have may be posted here, and I am willing to include them in future updates as long as they are decent ideas. And with that being said, any issues/glitches you find would be much more appreciated by me if I knew about them. Thank you!

  1. Initial Release
  1. Suggestions Accepted: Click Here
  1. Suggestions Accepted: Click Here
  1. Problem Solved: Click Here
  2. Cannot buy more than one per round.
  1. Suggestions/Problems Accepted/Solved: Click Here, and Here.
  1. Suggestions Accepted: Click Here.
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Update your previous thread. I'll be trashing this one shortly
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