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Admin Spectator ESP v1.3 (05/06/06) -- stable release --

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Admin Commands        Approver:   EKS (166)
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Old 01-28-2006 , 03:23   Admin Spectator ESP v1.3 (05/06/06) -- stable release --
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Admin Spectator ESP v1.3 by KoST

This plugin allows admins who are spectating and are in 'first person view' of another player to see the enemies (and teammates) of that player through the walls. This may help to catch wallhackers

VAC-Info: there is no way that you could get banned by VAC when using this plugin, sure!
it is a serverside plugin which only spawns temporary entities (the most plugins use them to create visual effects) like WC3 for example.
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by darkfyre
    does this only let spectating admins use this plugin?
  • Yes of course, it is for detection of wallhacking not for cheating !! (this plugin is only active if admin using it is spectating/dead)
(click to enlarge)

  • red/blue lines to the enemy depending on team (Terrorist=red CT=blue)
    the lines will get wider depending on distance to target
  • a green box which shows the enemy position through walls
    the box gets much brighter if there is line of sight between player and target
    the box gets darker if distance to target is bigger
    it briefly changes color if target is hit by player
info of the nearest target to the crosshair is shown:
  • the name of the target
  • health/armor
  • weapon name
  • clip/ammo
  • distance to target
  • shows the aim of the target (white lines)
If you are dead and in 'first person view' of another player you have the following three options:
  • you can press your 'reload' button and the following menu appears:
    • Code:
      Admin Sepctator ESP
      is on (use move forward/backward to switch on/off)
      1. Line is on
      2. Box is on
      3. Name is on
      4. Health/Armor is on
      5. Weapon is on
      6. Clip/Ammo is on
      7. Distance is on
      8. Show TeamMates is off
      9. Show AimVector is on
      0. Exit
    • here you can adjust all esp options (each admin has individual settings)
  • you can press your 'move forward' (mostly: "w") button to enable your ESP (this also works when ESP menu is not open)
  • you can press your 'move backward' (mostly: "s") button to disable your ESP (this also works when ESP menu is not open)
that's all..

  • if you do not like that you can control the ESP with reload/forward/backward keys you can set 'esp_disable_default_keys' to 1 which disables that functionality (see cvars). but then you have to use the following console or chat commands to control your ESP:
  • additionally you can bring the ESP menu up by typing '/esp_menu' in game chat.
  • and toggle your ESP on/off by typing '/esp_toggle' in game chat.

    if you want to bind keys to control your ESP you can use 'esp_menu' and 'esp_toggle' console commands.
    for example:
    • bind f9 esp_menu
    • bind f10 esp_toggle
    pressing f9 would show up your ESP menu
    pressing f10 would toggle your ESP on/off
  • esp_settings nnnnnnnnnn default: 1111111101 -> you can set all esp options with this command (this is a client command, no cvar):

    Warning: if you put this command in your config.cfg no menu settings are saved any more, since they will be overwritten every mapchange by this command !!
    only put this in your config.cfg if you always want to start with the same settings each map.

    a nice way to use this command for admins:
    bind f9 "esp_settings 1111111101" -> pressing F9 sets esp to default settings
    bind f10 "esp_settings 1111111111" -> pressing F10 sets esp to default and also shows teammates

    for example:
    'esp_settings 1011000001'

    sets esp to these settings:
    1 -> ESP_ON
    0 -> ESP_LINE
    1 -> ESP_BOX
    1 -> ESP_NAME
    0 -> ESP_WEAPON
    0 -> ESP_CLIP_AMMO
    1 -> ESP_AIM_VEC
  • esp 0/1 (on/off) default: 1 -> switch whole plugin on/off
  • esp_timer x.x default: 0.3 -> all graphics are redrawn every x.x seconds (refreshrate of all graphics) do not set this value <0.1
    if you set this lower it is more accurate, but uses more resources
  • esp_allow_all 0/1 (on/off) default: 0 -> enable for all users (doesnt't check ADMIN_KICK flag) requires mapchange to activate
  • esp_disable_default_keys 0/1 default: 0 -> if you don't like that you can control the ESP with reload/forward/backward keys you can set this to 1 which disables that functionality.
This requires ADMIN_KICK flag ("c") for admins to work.
see amxmodx/configs/users.ini

if needed you can change it on line 42 of this plugin and recompile..
you can find a list of all flags here: http://www.amxmodx.org/funcwiki.php?...=1#const_admin

you can set 'esp_allow_all 1' which allows all users regardless of admin or not to use esp

Required Modules: (enable in amxmodx/configs/modules.ini)
-- engine

To do:
-- override mp_forcechasecam

Thanks to:
+ VEN: (SpecHealth2 event and get_user_team 1 char)
+ EKS: (get_maxplayers)
+ Brad: suggestion (change color on hit/line of sight)
+ BoK | Krazy: suggestion (menu definition)
+ lantz69: general debug help/hudmessage interference
+ ElectroE: Traditional Chinese translation
+ and to all who contributed in this project..

+ 01/28/2006 v1.0
-- first release
+ 02/01/2006 v1.1
-- changed: client_authorized to client_putinserver
-- changed: event StatusValue to SpecHealth2
-- fixed: way of getting team changed
-- fixed: hardcoded maxplayers replaced by get_maxplayers()
-- added: lines are colored team based
-- fixed: placement error when ducked
-- added: change color when hit/in view
-- added: draw aim vector of target
-- added: menu
-- removed: some cvars (not needed anymore)
+ 02/01/2006 v1.2
-- added cvar esp_disable_default_keys to disable reload/forward/backward keys
-- added console commands
-- optimized: client_prethink
-- fixed: esp 0 should also disable ESP control
+ 02/10/2006 v1.2b/c/d
-- fixed: invalid player id
+ 02/11/2006 v1.2e
-- fixed: show teammates
+ 02/13/2006 v1.2f
-- fixed: hud message interfering with stats display
+ 02/14/2006 v1.2g
-- fixed: index out of bounds get_user_attacker()
+ 02/14/2006 v1.2h
-- changed: don't show command_help to non admin users
+ 03/06/2006 v1.2i
-- fixed: out ouf bounds error ()
+ 03/30/2006 v1.2j
-- added: now saves the menu options for each admin
-- changed: re-added StatusValue event
-- added: command 'esp_settings'
+ 05/06/2006 v1.3
-- added: resethud event (no fullupdate problem since this turns esp off)

Installationsanleitung auf Deutsch:

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Traditional Chinese Version:

English Version:
here is a version (1.4_beta) that uses pcvars (faster):

Original (version 1.3 / with cvars):
Attached Files
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (admin_spec_esp.sma - 130838 views - 22.3 KB)

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Old 01-28-2006 , 03:44  
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Even better that i thought!

K++ as soon as i can affect your karma again!

adding "how far away the enemy is" to the hud!
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Old 01-28-2006 , 03:51  
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thanks a lot...

much fun with it !

adding "how far away the enemy is" to the hud!
already done
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Old 01-28-2006 , 03:56  
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Yeah for sure!

How did you make it seeable trought the wall?
I couldn't find that in the source ;)

Ahh i can see that now
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Old 01-28-2006 , 03:59  
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it is in line 148,149:
// get the point 10.0 units away from wall normalize(v_middle,offset_vector,distance_to_hitpoint-10.0) // offset from wall
it is placed 10.0 units in front of the nearest wall
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Old 01-28-2006 , 04:03  
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Much thx!
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Old 01-28-2006 , 05:24  
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Damn dude, really really good work.
I will vote 5 when it gets approved.
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Old 01-28-2006 , 06:21  
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Nice dude!
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Old 01-28-2006 , 06:23  
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Nice :!
Um, hi.
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well done
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