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Objectcaps & Entity PlayerUse

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teh ORiON
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Old 08-30-2013 , 18:52   Objectcaps & Entity PlayerUse
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Idk if anyone needs this, but I did anyway.

Basically not all ents are useable, sure you can hook use on them, but it wont register when a player hits his use key on it. You can change this however by messing a bit with the function objectcaps.

What is objectcaps?
PHP Code:
virtual int        ObjectCapsvoid ) { return FCAP_ACROSS_TRANSITION; } 
Basically objectcaps defines some basic capabilities for any given entity. The function returns a bitmask where you can use the following bits:
From the sdk:
PHP Code:
// These are caps bits to indicate what an object's capabilities (currently used for save/restore and level transitions)
#define        FCAP_CUSTOMSAVE                0x00000001
#define        FCAP_ACROSS_TRANSITION         0x00000002        // should transfer between transitions
#define        FCAP_MUST_SPAWN                0x00000004        // Spawn after restore
#define        FCAP_DONT_SAVE                 0x80000000        // Don't save this
#define        FCAP_IMPULSE_USE               0x00000008        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_CONTINUOUS_USE            0x00000010        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_ONOFF_USE                 0x00000020        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_DIRECTIONAL_USE           0x00000040        // Player sends +/- 1 when using (currently only tracktrains)
#define        FCAP_MASTER                    0x00000080        // Can be used to "master" other entities (like multisource) 
And thus if you flip e.g. the FCAP_IMPULSE_USE bit on your return, you will be able to register a player's use on the entity. Below is an example with info_target.

PHP Code:
#include <amxmodx>
#include <hamsandwich>

#define        FCAP_CUSTOMSAVE                0x00000001
#define        FCAP_ACROSS_TRANSITION        0x00000002        // should transfer between transitions
#define        FCAP_MUST_SPAWN                0x00000004        // Spawn after restore
#define        FCAP_DONT_SAVE                0x80000000        // Don't save this
#define        FCAP_IMPULSE_USE            0x00000008        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_CONTINUOUS_USE            0x00000010        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_ONOFF_USE                0x00000020        // can be used by the player
#define        FCAP_DIRECTIONAL_USE        0x00000040        // Player sends +/- 1 when using (currently only tracktrains)
#define        FCAP_MASTER                    0x00000080

public plugin_init()



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Old 08-30-2013 , 20:10   Re: Objectcaps & Entity PlayerUse
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This is a nice tip, your example is wrong though.

It is like you return this :

SetHamReturnInteger( FCAP_IMPULSE_USE )

because iCap is never set to something else, so you should first use ExecuteHam to get default return, or you should hook it as post and use HamGetOrigReturnInt or however it this native is called, and then set its return.
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teh ORiON
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Old 08-30-2013 , 20:16   Re: Objectcaps & Entity PlayerUse
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Yeah, was using it for something else, forgot to change it. At least in the case of CPointEntity the return is 0, so doesn't matter getting the return I guess.

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Old 01-29-2018 , 06:18   Re: Objectcaps & Entity PlayerUse
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Hey, sorry for reviving the thread!
First of all, this tutorial was useful for me, so I gotta thank you. So Ham_ObjectCaps can be used for multiple things, one of them being hooking IN_USE button? It would be nice adding more examples for the rest of the bits.

If I use
will Ham_Use be triggered with a custom class-name, such as for ex: ent_newitem ?
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