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change c4 time to detonation in real time (mp_c4timer)

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Old 05-06-2012 , 08:52   change c4 time to detonation in real time (mp_c4timer)
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I`ve tried to change time to detonation of c4 entity in real time, but I failed a lot of tries.
I wanna change "mp_c4timer" for any player, where custom players can have other "time counts to detonate"

Ask: How can I change c4 timer in real time (instant) depending on player who planted the bomb?

I tried DispatchKeyValue( ent, "detonatedelay", time ); but it doesn`t to anything for me.
I tried set_pdata_float(ent, 85, time); but i doesn`t work too.

Also, I can`t stand how to change the bottom HUD timing for the c4 counter.
I believe you can help me or give the way to script it. Thanks a lot.

For example, the code, which set detonation time for c4 to 35 secs for user`s
authid begining STEAM_0:0: or to 45 secs for STEAM_0:1: would make my problem done.

edit. I solved it by myself using cs_set_c4_explode_time(ent,get_gametime()+tim eToExplode);
I would be glad if you close the topic. Thanks a lot.

Last edited by benio101; 05-14-2012 at 19:15. Reason: added an example of a code, which would done my prob.
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Old 05-07-2012, 04:41
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