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Crit Issue

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Old 03-26-2012 , 19:08   Crit Issue
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Pretty simple question here, don't know about response. Ever since I added this to my server, I didn't attempt to fix the problem, because, well, I didn't know there was one. I set it up to where anyone with ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1 receives %100 critical strikes. This works fine, however this disabled all crits for anyone else without this flag. (Even when uber charge or an all crits weapon is being used)

Easy fix question mark

PHP Code:
#include <sourcemod>
#include <tf2>

new Handle:crits INVALID_HANDLE;
Handle:chance INVALID_HANDLE;

crits CreateConVar("sm_crits_enabled""1");
chance CreateConVar("sm_crits_chance""1.00");

Action:TF2_CalcIsAttackCritical(clientweaponString:weaponname[], &bool:result)
    if (!
GetConVarFloat(chance) > GetRandomFloat(0.01.0) && CheckCommandAccess(client"sm_crits_flag"ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1))
result true;
result false;

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Old 03-26-2012 , 19:14   Re: Crit Issue
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Try removing result = false; and changing the last line to return Plugin_Continue; instead.

As it currently stands, result = false; ensures that everyone without the ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1 do not get crits, then that change is set in stone by returning Plugin_Handled. Removing those two lines, and instead using return Plugin_Continue; would allow the normal calculations to continue, i.e. allowing other players to sometimes get crits.

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Old 03-26-2012 , 19:35   Re: Crit Issue
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And that did it, thanks man.
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