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[ANY] Hattrick's Geo Resolver (1.0) [Aug 11, 2015] +Plug-ins

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Old 08-01-2015 , 15:32   [ANY] Hattrick's Geo Resolver (1.0) [Aug 11, 2015] +Plug-ins
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This extension is intended to resolve geographical information by the IP address (IPV4 only) and does only work on Windows and Linux.

It uses two free C libraries and databases at the same time (MaxMind's GeoLiteCity and GeoLite2-City) in order to improve the look-up process ensuring that there are less chances to fail retrieving a record.

Furthermore, you can also run in the same time another two paid MaxMind databases (GeoIPCity and GeoIPISP), if you own them.

How it works?

It starts scanning by using the free databases, to see if a result is retrieved, then it continues by scanning with the other databases, completing the missing fields that appear as "N/A" or "Err"/ "Error".


It supports updating the databases while the game server changes map, without manually restarting it. Read the instructions inside the zipped file.



This is how a complete record looks like


This is how the INC file looks like


This is a test suite plug-in


This is how to manually install the databases in /addons/sourcemod/data/GeoResolver directory.

Download and un-zip the next two files:

1.	GeoLite2 City	@
2.	GeoLite City	@

Their un-zipped names are:

1.	GeoLite2-City.mmdb
2.	GeoLiteCity.dat


1.	GeoIPCity.dat
2.	GeoIPISP.dat

* Put these files too if you want a better accuracy and you own them.

1.0 @ Aug 1, 2015 - Initial release.
1.0 @ Aug 2, 2015 - Updated INC file and added Connect-Announce plug-in.
1.0 @ Aug 6, 2015 - Updated INC file adding new functions [GeoR_Reload, GeoR_Databases]
                  - Updated plug-ins.
                  - Added new plug-in that allows you to update the database files at map change,
                    without manually restarting the game server.
                  - Added Regular-Expressions library in order to validate the IPV4 address, for safety purposes.
1.0 @ Aug 11, 2015 - Updated Windows and Linux binaries.
                  - Updated PCRE library.
                  - Updated IP Address PCRE pattern.
                  - Updated Makefile flags.
                  - Removed a few GLIBC dependences on Linux build.
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Old 08-08-2015 , 16:11   Re: [ANY] Hattrick's Geo Resolver (1.0) [Aug 6, 2015] +Plug-ins
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Very nice my friend! Good job!

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