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[PAID REQ] TF2 glow effect

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Old 01-05-2012 , 19:21   [PAID REQ] TF2 glow effect
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I am only after the "glow" and "smoke" effect for players with ADMFLAG_CUSTOM6 = "t"

Fun Chat Commands

Type in Chat "glow" to glow
Type in Chat "smoke" to get a smoke effect on your model

I am not a time waster and will pay you for you efforts.

Please PM me.

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Old 01-06-2012 , 04:22   Re: [PAID REQ] TF2 glow effect
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You don't need to pay. This plugin I've attached has similar effects for Donators, though it uses CUSTOM1 ("o" flag).

If I knew the exact name of those particle effects, I could code them up for you exactly.

So please refrain from paying anyone. Save your money. This request is the simplest thing ever, what with noodleboy347's old Premium mod having the functions already in it.

I have to work tomorrow but I promise you before I do I'll fire up TF2 in "-tools" mode and see if I can't locate the particle effects Saign's uses and fix up them commands for you.

The reason it fails to compile if you click "Get plugin!" is because it needs the "Colors" include file. I've attached both the source code and the compiled plugin.

EDIT: Actually, I just saw the "smoke" preview, and.....yeah, it seems to trigger a few effects in different places. You'd be better off paying someone just incase that particle effect is a series of particle effects set on timers to make them burst like that, but the plugin I've attached has a particle creation system in it, and the Glow command is simple enough to modify. You can set one effect to ATTACH_HEAD, and another to ATTACH_NONE or something, and have multiple effects. I once had 1000 effects on one player's head and it lagged him to death when he looked up.
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Old 01-06-2012 , 08:59   Re: [PAID REQ] TF2 glow effect
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Thank you.

I don't need the smoke effect, and happy with glow effect only.
I will test this tonight, many thanks again for helping me out.

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