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Force HTML MOTDs v1.0.5 (Updated: 3/10/11)

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Good Little Panda
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    Prevents players from joining a team as long as cl_disablehtmlmotd is enabled.
    Old 11-26-2011 , 18:18   Force HTML MOTDs v1.0.5 (Updated: 3/10/11)
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    • This plugin will prevent players from playing on your server (by forcing them into spectate and preventing team changes) as long as their cl_disablehtmlmotd cvar is set to anything other than 0.
    • Designed for Counter-Strike: Source as clients who have this cvar enabled will not see any motd information upon connecting (mainly due to motd_text.txt not working properly). For communities that display all of their rules and general information in their MOTD, this poses a minor issue.
      • Once the client sets their cl_disablehtmlmotd cvar to 0, the motd will be redisplayed and they'll be allowed to join a team.
    • sm_force_html_motd_enable: Enables/disables all features of the plugin.
    • sm_force_html_motd_rate: How often the query runs to check client cvar values.
    • sm_force_html_motd_flag: Individuals that possess this flag, or the Allow_Html_Motd override, will not be checked by this plugin. ("" = Disabled)
    Attached Files
    File Type: smx sm_force_html_motd.smx (8.2 KB, 1152 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_force_html_motd.sp - 1252 views - 8.6 KB)
    File Type: txt sm_force_html_motd.phrases.txt (1.5 KB, 1399 views)

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    Old 11-26-2011 , 18:24   Re: Force HTML MOTDs
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    im 1
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    Dr. McKay
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    Old 11-27-2011 , 00:56   Re: Force HTML MOTDs
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    Sounds a bit mean, but useful.
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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 11-27-2011 , 01:17   Re: Force HTML MOTDs
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    Oh it is, but it's entirely optional . If the motd_text.txt functioned properly it wouldn't be needed at all. I run a few servers that demand the MOTD to be functional, as it serves to inform users as to both the specifics of the server and the rules of the community.

    I've found that those with their motds disabled not only cause far more issues for my administrators (due to them not being able to read our rules), but they also pester the players with far too many questions that are answered on the welcome panel. Thus bringing me to write this, although it was done in ~15 minutes so I'm sure it could be written better; it at least serves its purpose .
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    Old 11-27-2011 , 01:22   Re: Force HTML MOTDs
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    I'd much rather have my rules show up as a panel and allow them to agree or disagree and let them block the MOTD if they want too but good plugin anyways, sure others will find it useful.
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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 11-27-2011 , 01:24   Re: Force HTML MOTDs
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    To each their own . But as I have ~8000 characters to display, a panel/menu simply isn't feasible.
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    Old 11-27-2011 , 05:55   Re: Force HTML MOTDs (v1.0.1)
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    Its awesome. they play for free (at least on my servers) the least they could do is read what I have to say, which is simply rules on behavior. Great job as usual panda
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    Old 11-29-2011 , 02:20   Re: Force HTML MOTDs (v1.0.1)
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    I am running this

    Will cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 also block this, or just the motd on the connect??
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    Old 11-29-2011 , 09:33   Re: Force HTML MOTDs (v1.0.1)
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    This could be useful on TF2 servers as well, since Valve's updates seem to overwrite motd_text.txt every time they add a new map to the game (which changes the default motd.txt and motd_text.txt), which gets really, really irritating.

    I'm not sure how Valve chooses which files get overwritten and which don't, but motd.txt doesn't and motd_text.txt does, so they need to fix it.
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    Old 11-29-2011 , 11:43   Re: Force HTML MOTDs (v1.0.1)
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    @micazoid, both plugins feature some redundancy to prevent players from joining a team if either factor is true, so there should be no issue running them together. Worst case scenario, a player with their motd disabled and punished would just have their motd panel open/close a few times.
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