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[L4D2] AI MiniGun

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    Old 09-01-2013 , 07:49   [L4D2] AI MiniGun
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    Every MiniGun have two mode:
    1 Human Control Mode : Survival can operate it by press E.
    2 Self Control Mode : MiniGun shot visible infected by itself.

    Change MiniGun Mode: mouse right button

    Please use this plugins to spawn and move MiniGun :
    [L4D2] 360░ Movable MiniGun

    l4d_ai_bullet_damage", "25", " bullet damage"
    l4d_ai_attack_distance", "1500.0", ""
    l4d_ai_attack_intervual", "0.1", "time between two shot
    l4d_ai_attack_special_infected", "1", "1 enable, 0 disable"
    l4d_ai_attack_common_infected", "1", "1 enable, 0 disable"
    Attached Files
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    File Type: smx ai_gun_l4d.smx (17.9 KB, 369 views)

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    Old 07-06-2016 , 05:20   Re: [L4D2] AI MiniGun
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    Hate bumping an old thread again but this is to inform anyone that this plugin is officially broken in terms of its functions.

    With the latest build of SM, AI functionality is bugged because of complicated coding and I'm thinking this thread can be unapproved as the author no longer supports or updates it.
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    Old 09-26-2016 , 01:26   Re: [L4D2] AI MiniGun
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    this plugin has issues it creates each minigun as a Jockey

    so in the connected players I see a large list


    the problem is if you decide to remove or clearall miniguns

    it does not kick or clear out the connected jockeys so they become stale fake clients hogging resources not allowing for new jockeys to spawn
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