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hook virtual destructor

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hello, i am pm
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Old 03-22-2011 , 07:45   Re: hook virtual destructor
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I have done some disassembly, and according to
MSVC places a "scalar deleting destructor function" into the vtable instead of the destructor.
It has this prototype:
   virtual void * A::'scalar deleting destructor'(uint flags) {
This means that you have to hook with
SH_DECL_MANUALHOOK1_void(TestClass_Vdtor, 0, 0, 0, unsigned int);

// ...
void VdtorHandler(unsigned int flags) {
   void *thisptr = META_IFACEPTR(void);
   // ...
   // Destructor called on thisptr

int main() {
	// ...
	SH_MANUALHOOK_RECONFIGURE(TestClass_Vdtor, vtblidx, 0, 0);
	SH_ADD_MANUALHOOK(TestClass_Vdtor, p, SH_STATIC(VdtorHandler), false);

Works for me at least, though I don't know if there are cases where it doesn't do this. You can ignore the flags parameter.

I don't know what GCC does for now, I'll look at that over the weekend


1) As BAIL says, the destructor really has to be virtual!
2) I'd like to strongly suggest against superceding the original destructor call.
hello, i am pm

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