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VSH VSH, old thread (v1.42) - Information/etc.

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Old 01-02-2011 , 14:49   VSH, old thread (v1.42) - Information/etc.

A 1vAll gamemode that pits the entire server against Saxton Hale, a lone player who must only use his fists and brute strength to take down everyone.

RandomFortress server:
Many other servers: http://tf2stats.net/server_search/?s...&Search=Search

  • SDKHooks
  • TF2Items
  • Optional: SteamTools - will cause your server to display "VS Saxton Hale (vVersion)" instead of "Team Fortress" in the "Game" section of the server browser.
  • Make sure the ClientPrefs extension that comes with SourceMod is enabled, else queue points and other settings won't work properly.
  1. Install SourceMod 1.5.2, or, if that doesn't work properly, a recent SourceMod snapshot from the 'new stable branch' or the 'development branch'. The latest VSH requires some of the features present in either 1.5.2 or the snapshots, so anything earlier... won't work.
  2. Install the TF2Items and SDKHooks extensions (linked above).
  3. From the downloads section just below this installation section, grab the "VSH Resources" pack, containing the materials, models, and sounds for VSH. Install it on your server. If you're not sure how to, it's similar to installing a skin on your client but with the server files instead, so look that up. A VPK link will be up sometime... soonish. When it is up, you can use the VPK on your server, instead of using the VSH Resources pack on your server.
    1. This pack SHOULD contain all of the relevant files, but in the event you get issues, download vsh140mdlfixes.zip and vsh_142_eastermodels.zip. Hopefully you know where to put the files from those, if you need to.
  4. If you use sv_downloadurl, download the "VSH BZ2" pack and upload the stuff inside to your fastdownload server, otherwise clients will see ERROR models and won't properly download the models/sounds/materials.
  5. I would recommend backing up any old version of tf/cfg/sourcemod/SaxtonHale.cfg, deleting it, then filling in the newly-generated one after updating the plugin (update plugin, backup/delete file, mapchange, fill in new magically-appearing file). Also back up old versions of the files in tf/addons/configs/saxton_hale/ in case you delete or overwrite them while updating, if you're updating.
  6. Download vsh142_easter.zip, which contains VSH 1.42. It is attached to this post.
  7. Download "saxtonhale.smx", which fixes some stuff in 1.42 but doesn't change the version number. It is attached to this post.
  8. Place 'saxtonhale.txt' in tf/addons/sourcemod/gamedata/. It is attached to this post.
  9. Reload the map or restart the server.
If you won't be using the new boss from 1.42, you'll need to recompile saxtonhale.sp with the line '#define EASTER_BUNNY_ON' removed. You won't need the models for the new boss if you do so.

If you're compiling yourself you will probably need the latest include files from a recent SourceMod snapshot.

VSH Resources: Mirror1 Mirror2 GDrive
VSH BZ2: Mirror1 Mirror2 GDrive

  • Maps: you can run this plugin on arena, koth, and vsh maps, though you'll need to find the Stripper:Source config that converts koth maps to arena maps. Be wary when using the saxton_hale_doors.cfg file, as some maps use doors as platforms (e.g. Nucleus).
    • The second post of this thread has a few decent maps, if you need some.
  • The hale_force_team cvar determines which team Hale is placed on. Setting this to 0 causes Hale to be on a random team UNLESS the map is a vsh_ map, in which case he is always BLU. Setting it to 1 causes it to be completely random. Setting it to 2 causes Hale to be on RED all the time, and setting it to 3 causes Hale to be on BLU all the time. The default is 0.
  • This plugin will not limit class counts, but you can use DJTsunami's Class Restrictions to do so. Balance-wise, class limits are probably a decent idea.
  • There's three special characters in the mode, which are chosen as the 'boss' less often than Hale: the Vagineer, the Horseless Headless Horsemann (Jr.), and the Christian Brutal Sniper. You can disable these by setting the convar hale_specials to 0.
  • Some servers use Taunt Crits (occassionally with a mini-crit condition) and The Amplifier for a bit of variety or balancing.
  • Ideally, the gamemode would be balanced with any player count, but it looks like 24-25 slots is ideal for a 'fair' game. Hale normally gets dominated by 31 players and completely dominates player counts under 10.

You can find all the cvars in tf/cfg/sourcemod/SaxtonHale.cfg
hale_speed (Default: 360) - Saxton Hale's speed (max is 400)
hale_rage_damage (Default: 800.0) - Damaged needed for Rage activation.
hale_rage_dist (Default: 800) - Saxton Hale's Rage will effect on x inches (1/4 from this for Vagineer's Rage effect)
hale_announce (Default: 120) - Time between info about the mode. 0 = disable announce.
hale_specials 1/0 (Default: 1) - Special characters on/off.
hale_point_type 1/0 (Default: 0) - Select condition to enable point (0 - alive players, 1 - time).
hale_point_alive (Default: 5) (for hale_point_type 0) - Enable control points when there are X people left alive.
hale_point_delay (Default: 6) (for hale_point_type 1) - Additional time delay per player before point's activation. Cap time is (45 + hale_point_delay*(active players - 1)) seconds.
hale_enabled (Default: 1) - Do you really want set it to 0? Well now you can. Because it used to not work before, but now it does.
hale_crits (Default: 1) - Allows/disallows Hale from being able to deal random critical hits.
hale_ragesentrydamagemode (Default: 1) - If 0, to repair a sentry that has been damaged by rage, the Engineer must pick it up and put it back down.
hale_first_round (Default 0) - If it's 0, first round will be default arena.
hale_circuit_stun (Default 0) - Time, in seconds, for the Short Circuit to stun Hale.
hale_spec_force_boss (Default 0) - If 1, VSH will count spectators as normal players and will allow them to gain queue points, but they will also be forced to be Hale when their turn comes. If 0, spectators are ignored completely, gain no queue points, and will not be selected as Hale.
hale_enable_eureka (Default 0) - Set to 1 to allow the Eureka Effect in VSH.
hale_force_team (Default 0) - As explained in the Tips section above, determines which team Hale is placed on. Setting this to 0 causes Hale to be on a random team UNLESS the map is a vsh_ map, in which case he is always BLU. Setting it to 1 causes it to be completely random. Setting it to 2 causes Hale to be on RED all the time, and setting it to 3 causes Hale to be on BLU all the time. The default is 0.

Usage: type on console, or type /command or !command in chat (for example: /hale)
hale - The main menu of the mode.
hale_hp or halehp - Show Hale's health.
hale_next = halenext = hale_queue = halequeue - Show the queue.
hale_help or halehelp - Show the help about the mode.
hale_class or haleclass - Show the help about the current class.
hale_new or halenew - What's new?
hale_music or halemusic - Enable\disable boss music.
hale_voice or halevoice - Enable\disable quite a few voices for the bosses, leaving only the more important ones playing (and at a lower volume).
hale_resetqueuepoints or hale_resetq - Reset your current queue points to 0. If performed in chat, will ask for confirmation. If performed in console, will reset points immediately. If a client has negative queue points, this will probably still set their points back to 0.
hale_classinfotoggle or haleclassinfotoggle - Disable showing class information (buffs/nerfs to your current class) on spawn/round start.

Admin Commands:
All of these default to the CHEATS flag.
Usage: enter into console, or type /command or !command in chat (for example: /hale)
hale_addpoints <target> <points> - Add points queue points to target.
hale_select <target> [hidden] - Select a player to be the next boss. If you add a 1 as another argument, this selection will not be broadcast to all players.
hale_special <hale, cbs, christian, hhh, vagineer> - Sets the next special boss.
hale_stop_music - Stop any currently-playing boss music for all players.
hale_point_enable/hale_point_disable - Enable/disable the control point on the map (will only work if hale_point_type is set to 0).


The gamemode will activate on maps (or map prefixes "vsh_", etc) listed in tf/addons/sourcemod/configs/saxton_hale/saxton_hale_maps.cfg. In addition, quite a few koth maps feature spawn protection and doors that Hale cannot open. As such, you can place the map name in saxton_hale_doors.cfg in the same folder, and all doors on the map will be forced open.
There's some half-done support for setting next map to "Hale mapname" instead of just "mapname" to force the next map to play VSH, but it's... bad.
Placing the word "all" in either config will apply its effect to all maps.

Q: Why aren't my convars aren't being set even though I've put them in server.cfg?
A: You've got to edit tf/cfg/sourcemod/SaxtonHale.cfg.

Q: What's the "bNextMapToHale" file?
A: It's the file used to say 'hey, this next map should be running VSH instead of the normal gamemode'. It's part of the half-finished nextmap "Hale mapname" support, and so will appear in the tf/ folder if the situation arises. You could technically also use this in another plugin to cause VSH to make the next map run the gamemode, if you want, e.g. switching between FF2 and VSH based on the map.

Q: How do I make koth_ maps work with this mod?
A: Read this.

Q: Some bosses are ERROR models, what do I do?
A: You may either be: using sv_pure 2, or 1 with an incorrect whitelist (make sure to whitelist the VSH files); using sv_downloadurl (a fastdownload server) and haven't placed the bz2 files onto your fastdownload server; substituting the actual models and sounds (on the server not the fastdownload) for their bz2 replacements (which will fail horrendously); a client who has set their downloads to none, therefore not downloading the custom files from the server.
If all files have downloaded properly, you may have to restart your client TF2 for them to work.

Q: I have a character suggestion.
A: That's not a question. Freak Fortress 2 is already out.

Q: How do I use the nextmap "Hale mapname" feature?
A: This is the worst part of it... you basically have to create a dummy map (either by copying the map or making an empty text file) and rename it to "Hale mapname.bsp", then select that as your nextmap. The plugin will set the next map to the normal mapname.bsp but will enable VSH on it. It's a bad system. A very bad system.

Q: How do I disable these chat messages about the plugin?
A: Set the convar hale_announce to 0.

Originally Posted by Eggman
Q: I have crushes after new tf2 update.
A: Update your sourcemod, and extensions.
Originally Posted by FlaminSarge View Post
1) TF2Items crashing depends on whether the offset required to use GiveNamedItem changes. Adding *just* new items often DOESN'T make it change.
Sometimes, the crash is caused because Valve changes the way GiveNamedItem works, in which case not only the Gamedata for TF2Items has to be updated, but also the ext itself.
A: 'Crushes' isn't relevant to this, Eggman. Point being, if your server is crashing, you've got to update SourceMod, all your extensions, all your gamedata, and doublecheck everything. It's often not VSH's fault (though in the case of FF2/VSH, it's probably more likely VSH/FF2's fault than other plugins' fault).

Q: Can you help me install VSH?
A: A very serious video response followed by a completely idiotic video response.

Q: What... ARE... queue points?
A: Every time a round ends, players get 10 queue points each. The person with the most queue points is selected to be Hale next round, and the current Hale's points are set to 0.

Here's a few plugins that may work well with VSH:
  1. Goomba Stomp (you've got to set goomba_dmg_lifemultiplier to 0 if you don't want Hale dying in a matter of a few stomps. Setting it to 0.1 will make Hale lose about 10% health every time he gets stomped).
  2. Amplifier and Taunt Crits, for possible balance/variety.
  3. My Little Dispenser (ponyspenser). Just if you are brony.
  4. Randomizer. I know it sounds strange, but it kinda works well.
  5. VSH Damage Tracker: lets clients see the damage people have dealt in the current round.
  6. Add Observer Point: prevent server crashes in some maps when everybody dies. This is really important!

Natives can be used for your plugin to make links to VSH, for example: get Hale's UserId, Health, MaxHealth, Team, Special round index etc. This is in scripting\include\saxtonhale.inc in the 1.40 download.


If you have any questions, first, re-read this entire post (I know it's a pain, but there's quite a few things you probably missed the first time around), and then and only then post in this thread. Do not add anybody on Steam for help with this plugin, and do not send private messages about help with this plugin (unless you fear for your server security by posting crash dumps or something).
Attached Files
File Type: zip vsh140mdlfixes.zip (3.28 MB, 8644 views)
File Type: zip vsh142_easter.zip (158.7 KB, 8125 views)
File Type: zip vsh142_eastermodels.zip (2.50 MB, 7394 views)
File Type: txt saxtonhale.txt (509 Bytes, 4929 views)
File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (saxtonhale.sp - 4510 views - 225.9 KB)
File Type: smx saxtonhale.smx (97.4 KB, 6431 views)

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Old 01-02-2011 , 15:17   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

VS Saxton Hale maps by Glubbable & Werbad

Spotline_r1 <-- Only available at GameBanana
Dunger b2a <-- Only available at GameBanana
Warebloom Remake - Gamebanana
Nale_b1e - GameBanana
Snowdime <-- Only available at GameBanana
Swamp Outpost <-- Only available at GameBanana

Castle Siege b11
Area 54-tress b4
Crevice b5
Cross b3
Volcanic b2

VSH map spotlight

Hakurei Shrine v3 by Deity Link
Get it at TF2Maps
Get it at GameBanana

Hakurei Shrine Winter v2 by Deity Link
Get it at GameBanana

Aperture_B3 by Archmage MC
Get it at Mediafire

2fortdesk_v8 by Mzullos5
Get it at GameBanana

Manncohq_v14 by DomenicoFTW
Get it at GameBanana

vsh_megaman6_b5d by Biofreak
Get it at GameBanana
Attached Files
File Type: zip vsh_warebloom_r1a.zip (4.53 MB, 3025 views)
File Type: zip vsh_nale_b1e.zip (4.73 MB, 2267 views)

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Old 01-02-2011 , 18:09   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode


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Old 01-02-2011 , 18:30   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

What about a hale_enable cvar?
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Old 01-02-2011 , 18:49   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

if (StrContains(s,"STEAM_0:00922773",false)>-1)

This plugin cannot be approved as-is. One of the rules states the following:
Do not hardcode "addons/sourcemod" -- use BuildPath().
And "addons/sourcemod" is hardcoded in several places.

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Old 01-02-2011 , 18:49   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

Just tried on our server.

Apparently Vagineer and Saxton are both HUGE walking errors.

EDIT: Only for some members... Weird??
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Old 01-02-2011 , 18:58   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

Originally Posted by ummja View Post
Just tried on our server.

Apparently Vagineer and Saxton are both HUGE walking errors.

EDIT: Only for some members... Weird??
You need to install the models for it to function. Just click the second attactment. But remember to unpack the bz2's if your server doesn't support them.

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Originally Posted by Kevin_b_er View Post
if (StrContains(s,"STEAM_0:00922773",false)>-1)
Yeah, love backdoors.
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Old 01-02-2011 , 19:35   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

please make auto update optional: most admins would like to check what they put in their servers
btw, it assumes that a plugin called saxtonhale.smx is placed in the plugins folder, which in my case isn't correct
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Old 01-02-2011 , 21:21   Re: [TF2] VS Saxton Hale Mode

Originally Posted by lionheart1066 View Post
You need to install the models for it to function. Just click the second attactment. But remember to unpack the bz2's if your server doesn't support them.
How do you unpack them?

Also... He's a giant walking error, even if sv_pure is 0.
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