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[CSS/TF2] Warcraft 3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED

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1.2.2.x stable
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    Leveling based gamemode, with multiple races, skills, and shop items.
    Old 08-31-2010 , 22:37   [CSS/TF2] Warcraft 3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
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    This is a replacement thread for the previous outdated thread: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1007365

    DOWNLOAD and official forums: http://war3source.com/index.php?board=9.0

    See statistics collected from War3Source Servers and a list of War3Source Servers: http://www.ownageclan.com

    Servers running War3Source via Game Monitor: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?vars=a_war3_version=

    War3Source Requires SDKHooks and Sockets

    From the readme:
    ===== About War3Source (W3S) ======

    War3Source (W3S) brings the Warcraft 3 leveling style and races into the game.
    It is originally based on the amxmodx (AMX) version War3FT.

    Each standard race has total of 16 levels, made up of 3 skills and 1 ultimate
    where each skill/ultimate can be leveled 4 times for a total of 16 levels.
    Races are not restricted to this standard scheme, and can have up to 7 skills and over 9000 levels per skill

    War3Source features a modular design where races can be coded independently and loaded into the main plugin.

    There are also items in W3S as there are in all Warcraft mods.

    War3Source is written in SourcePawn under the SourceMod extension.

    War3Source is not WCS (warcraft-source), and we ask that you do not call it
    or refer to it as WCS (or even just "warcraft source") for any reason.
    W3S and WCS are similar such as they can feature the same races and they bring forth the same style of gameplay,
    but they are two completely different projects.
    War3Source offerers unbeatable performance and quality under SourcePawn and involves more interaction between races,
    and has a buff/debuff system where races are expected to respect other race's buffs and debuffs.

    It is not clear whether W3S or WCS came first (but it does not matter since everyone copied from War3FT)

    W3S was originally founded by Anthony (AKA "pimpinjuice") and is also the founder of superhero mod (SH).
    Yi (Derek) Luo (AKA "Ownage | Ownz") (DarkEnergy) is the second developer of War3Source and took over primary developer after Anthony went AWOL.

    ==== INSTALLATION ===================

    Please read all instructions before installing or follow the directions below:

    download the correct version (likely CSS/TF2/DODS)


    We do not recomend strict sv_pure. You should know what you are doing if you are using sv_pure.

    If you are upgrading from a previous version,
    you may not have to do all of the below...just upload new files / changes you want to apply.
    It is recommended to always overwrite all old compiled races and main war3source.smx.
    (if you already have your config files modified, apply changes appropriately)
    It is recommended to always update translations folder, gamedata folder, and sounds folder.

    Each version may have specific installation instructions, please read the release notes (the topic on the release) and the changelog (.txt)

    The breakdown:

    Put stuff in the 'addons' beings in your 'addons' folder

    Put stuff in 'compiled' beings in your 'addons/sourcemod/plugins/war3source' (i highly recommend its own folder within the plugins folder)

    Put stuff in 'sound' beings in your 'sound' folder (always overwrite all on this one)

    If you have a fast download mirror, put 'sound' into the appropriate location on your fast download mirror

    (Advanced users only If you wish to customize the races or add custom races, put "*.sp" files and "W3SIncs" in your designated programming (scripting) folder


    NOTE: you may overwrite the files while the server is running. Make sure you "sm plugins unload_all" and then change the map OR do a hard boot after you have uploaded
    the new files. Otherwise server may crash while unloading and loading the new version at the same time.

    War3Source will execute /cfg/war3source.cfg (case sensitive on linux) ONCE, after all races and items are loaded. You may put war3source specific cvars in here such as cooldowns etc

    see war3source associated Cvars and Commands, use "cvarlist war3" on the server console

    ALWAYS check your ERROR LOGS if war3source does not load correctly! Go to the forums for further help.

    Packaged races

    Undead Scourge
    Human Alliance
    Orcish Horde
    Night Elf
    Blood Mage
    Shadow Hunter
    Crypt Lord
    Corrupted Disciple
    Soul Reaper
    Blood Hunter
    Succubus Hunter
    Naix - Lifestealer
    Sacred Warrior
    And many other default and custom races

    Download: follow the link at the top of this page.
    War3:Source Developer
    "Your CPU is just a bunch of Muxes"

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    Old 09-05-2010 , 09:48   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
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    fixed some dependencies and native errors
    fixed error when awarding xp without race
    1 diamond is given per second for each player on a team
    XPGold engine now split for separate mods
    W3GetKillXP accepts client again
    W3GiveXPGold no longer accepts race and will automatically uses current race
    reduced shadow hunter ult duration by 0.33
    some effects are by apparrent team on tf2 (spy)
    some effects wont display if player is invis (tf)
    fixed race list when a race has "hidden" flag
    weapon firing rate modification on disarm
    "Cannot invis, being revealed" will be printed if the player is denied invis when the player would normally be (partially) invis
    changes to intro menu
    war3_introclanname cvar for customizing the intro menu, ie: Welcome to "war3_introclanname" war3source server!
    war3_clanurl cvar for customizing the intro menu
    Translators: please change the translations for intromenu
    test race: SCOUT
    war3_hint_enabled removed
    tweaks in chancerace menu handling
    fHPDecay buff for continuous loss of HP, no proper kill credits yet
    Sacred Warrrior now uses fHPRegen buff and fHPDecay
    Soul reaper now uses Aura tracking and fHPDecay
    SMBatchCompile.exe updated, using compile.exe to compile. .sp files are randomly spread across 4 compile threads
    buffs for speed gravity and glow are calculated in a seprate engine
    moved claw damage to posthurt
    optimized shopitems 1 
    succubs assault tackle cooldown is now 10 (why it was at 3 idk)
    fixed damage recieved displayed in improper language
    optimized aura engine
    cvar war3_max_shopitems and war3_max_shopitems2 for limits on how many items a person can have for each shopmenu
    suiciding on spy is not allowed
    W3Denyable(event id, client) and W3Deny() is a 
    simple system of messaging where one plugin initiates a W3Denyable call and another addon would hook and call W3Deny() to block.
    this allows main engine to expose control paths to addons.
    this is just an easier event than War3Event but offers less flexibility.
    for an example, see undead and addon_nospysuicide
    banish reduced to 0.4 duration and no longer changes the victim's aim
    Glider 010711:
        * New function in the Interface: bool:War3_IsL4DZombieEntity(iEntity)
            * Shortcut for War3_IsCommonInfected(iEntity) || War3_IsWitch(iEntity)
            * Also returns false if the game engine is not l4d!
        * Damage System engine:
            * Check if a player is valid before checking if we should check immunitys
            * Replaced some checks with War3_IsL4DZombieEntity
    TF2 Speed buff system fixed. It did not set speed to zero when intended, so we now set speed to 1.0000
    Glider 300611:
        * Added new stock War3_PrecacheParticle(String:particlename[]) to precache particles
            * Please note that this will not add the Particle to the download table automatically!
        * Precache the achieved particle in the level up particle addon for games that use iT
        * EXPERIMENTAL L4D2 SUPPORT! (I have not tested L4D1 and don't plan to anytime soon)
        + Engine/Addon Changes
        * Added UI/hint.wav to the files that are supposed to be precached since it wasn't on L4D2
        * Made LevelUpParticle work for L4D2
        * Prevented sounds from being added to the downloads table on a l4d/2 server
        * Changed the damage engine to properly handle common infected and witches
        * Changed the changerace code to allow race changing while standing in a saferoom on l4d/2
            * Added an addon that allows race changing for the first few minutes on maps that don't have
              a saferoom
          * Allow race change in a survival game that has not started yet
          * Added special/common/uncommon infected aswell as the witch to the xp engine so you get credit for killing/surviving
              * Lots of cvars to tweak these values for your server! Look out for war3_l4d
              * Some of these don't seem to work properly yet (defib...)
        * When somebody calls "resetskills" their skills will be reset next time they enter a saferoom
            * If you are already in a saferoom you need to go out and back in currently
        + Include changes
        * Don't load any offsets when the engine is l4d/2
        * Added some new constants for W3XPAwardedBy. I'm not too fond of them, so they might disappear or be changed soon
        * W3IsDamageFromMelee returns correctly for l4d2
        * Added lots of new stuff to the War3Source_Interface
            * bool:War3_IsL4DEngine()
                * shortcut for checking if the engine is l4d or l4d2
            * bool:War3_IsCommonInfected(iEntity)
                * Check if iEntity is a zombie entity (common or uncommon)
            * bool:War3_IsUncommonInfected(iEntity)
                * Check if iEntity has a uncommon zombie model
            * bool:War3_IsWitch(iEntity)
                * Check if iEntity is a witch
            * GetSurvivorTempHealth(client)
                * Get the amount of temporary health (pills/adrenaline...) a client has
            * SetSurvivorTempHealth(client, hp)
                * Set the value of the temporary health (pills/adrenaline) of client to hp
            * GetMaxMagSize(const String:weapon[])
                * Returns the max amount of ammo a mag can hold for the given gun. I have only added the values for l4d, so please port this for tf2/css/dod:s
            * GetMaxBackupAmmo(const String:weapon[])
                * Returns the max amount of ammo a gun can hold as backup. I have only added the values for l4d, so please port this for tf2/css/dod:s
    war3_hint_enabled 0/1 cvar for hint engine, why would you ever turn it off though? you can still see the votes.
    EXT: fixed possible startup hang on linux
    crypt and naix now have chance modifiers implemented on posthurt
    fixed other chance modifiers
    only allow 1 death message that is forwarded per frame per victim maximum to prevent double xp kills
    TF ONLY: chance modifier change, chance is now based on time since last bullet hit. 
    linearly reduced as last hit time goes from 1.0 seconds ago to 0.0 seconds ago.
    (if last hit was X seconds ago, chance is reduced to X percent chance on top of the original chance when implemented correctly)
    W3ChanceModifier returns 1.0 if last damage was longer than 1.0 seconds.
    Chance modifier time interval is only triggered on "bullet" damage
    TF ONLY: claw damage is now PER SECOND (default to 15) equivalent 
    except first shot (first shot deals 50% of that damage),  
    that means low rate of fire weapons like rocket launcher won't always reach 15 damage per second. 
    this algorithm may be changed later
    fixed naix leeching off self damage
    naix feast prints hp gained to console
    fixed incorrect semaphore behavior on linux, causing servers to hang after 20 seconds
    fixed rewarding extra xp for melee kills
    some xp reward cvars have changed by default
    added giving XP for touching hostages and losing xp for killing one
    additional translations: (please translate the following 5 phrases, notice these are "lost" not "gained" )
    You have lost {amount} XP and {amount} gold for {award}"
    You have lost {amount} XP for {award}"
    You have lost {amount} gold for {award}"
    "killing a hostage"
    "touching a hostage"
    touching hostage gains same amount as rescue
    killing hostage loses twice as much as rescue
    fixed translation not found error for sh._common
    system check is now case insensitive
    now correctly updates server info to master server
    feature: automatic gamedata updates
    level up print prints the race (please translate, its in War3Source_Addon_LevelUpParticle)
    discovered a sourcemod bug, replacestring not respecting max length and overwriting other people's memory, resulted in infinite loop. 
    buffer sizes have increased to counter this problem for now, this may also fix stack errors
    Thanks to Dragonfly for allowing Ownz to diagnose the problem on his server.
    BUG id: https://bugs.alliedmods.net/show_bug.cgi?id=4943
    FIXED orc chain lighning cooldown
    marked natives as optional, for debugging purposes
    removed DLL visual studio redistrubutable dependency
    fixed and improved hint engine and cooldown engine to work with tf2 correctly
    database not connected warning in race/hero menu
    print plugin name when damage engine errors one a few specific errors
    sdkhooks.inc and sockets.inc how packaged inside w3incs, those will be used by the .sp files
    fixed cooldownmgr handle leak
    Extensions are now used, update the extensions folder!!
    Report as bug if they do not load or have errors!
    I can help you setup, PM ownz
    skillcount now ignores zero, aka skillnum of zero is invalid, if your race uses hard coded numbers, they will have errors
    loop from 1 to <= race_skillcount
    skillid of 0 is now invalid
    MAXSKILLCOUNT increased to 8 to accomodate 7 skills
    levels should not be lost, however:
    last skill will lose levels due to shift in skill level storage:
    [4 4 4 4] -> [4 4 4 0] but still level 16
    HINT engine, one plugin to manage all hint messages
    attaches other messages to itself for compatability
    Object engine:
    for flexible data management, psudo object oriented approach, can be used as arraylists
    (there is no final for this version as we continually add new features)
    fixed ring regen leak
    limit outstanding socket 2 connections to 200
    player class property: LastChangeTeamTime to remember when the player last changed team
    removing a player from a limited race is now by LastChangeTeamTime
    Damage Engine improved
    Checks for when dealdamage and damageModPercent can be called for consistency
    damagemodpercent can only be called in:
    forward OnW3TakeDmgAllPre(victim,attacker,Float:damage);  
    forward OnW3TakeDmgBulletPre(victim,attacker,Float:damage);  
    dealdamage can NOT be called on the above.
    native W3GetDamageStack(); to get the stack depth
    Races modified to fit the damage system
    ORC prints correct damage
    return damage based on post hurt, real damage values
    stock W3PrintSkillDmgConsole(victim=0,attacker,damage,skillnum){
    stock W3PrintSkillDmgHint(victim=0,attacker,damage,SKILLNUM){
    now takes the skill num in the last argument instead of the skill name, automatically gets the correct translation
    stats engine sockets 1 merged with sockets 2. Queues requests on error / timeout
    fixed OnRaceChanged and OnRaceSelected
    fixed ^ again... thanks to Invalid
    database connection separated into own engine, game mode specific engines handle the rest
    war3_show_sockets_error cvar created, default 0, prevents socket error spam
    possible savexp fix: 
    on disconnect: save xp, reset all player variables, then subsequently retriggerd a save on a zeroed out race. 
    Valve must have alterned the order, where OnPlayerDisconnect, these functions returned true after the update.
    renamed many engines
    recompiled after april 14 update
    INTERFACE CHANGE, moved AskPluginLoad2Custom to interface, required for early operations. (only affects those that register natives and forwards)
    Fixed shadow hunter aura leak
    deprecation: OnRaceChanged will change to OnRaceChanged(client,oldrace,newrace) for easier race management
    SH: added minlevel
    SH: some native renaming for SH/W3 ie W3GetReqXP -> SHGetReqXP as these are in different engines
    war3 cvarid = 0 is no longer used, can help catch some errors
    graceful unload via AskPluginLoad2
    faster initial system failure  check to prevent spam
    shopmenu2 translated, thanks to schmarotzer
    major documentation changes
    changed how game mode is determined to work with linux. Thanks to CGA for proving a linux server
    Aura tracking engine
    shadow hunter and shop items now use HP regen engine
    shadow hunter now uses aura tracking
    human teleport range reduced to 1000 from 1200 max
    shadow hunter now has a static heal distance of 500
    SH_ files no longer required for war3
    War3Source_SH_Mode renamed to War3Source_SH_Mode_Select, this file is always required!
    Many additional features
    shopmenu2 currency = diamonds
    no diamonds are currently given, however all shopmenu2 items are free currently
    diamonds are saved like xp, database will automatically change
    three items are available, boots has effect, the other 2 doesnt do anything right now
    batgirl added - ported from old SH Source
    B1 date: 3/21/2011
    fixed war3_orc_nocritgloves     
    invis weapon attatchments on css players (not working, test code is there)     
    1fixed setlevel as custom 6 flag (t) to rcom     
    playerinfo was displaying own armor
    ShowXP was not always displaying correct translation
    showskills -> myinfo (in helpmenu)
    removed deprecated functions
    dont show menu when buying item via say, and could not afford item
    Hammerstorm tranlated
    check restricted items on SetRace
    level 7 gains less xp fix
    removed empty functions
    increased stack size, maybe it would prevent errors?
    NEW RACE: HAMMERSTORM (please translate)
    added Levelbank info in detailed information (war3admin)
    added Levelbank Managing in war3admin
    A little for loop optimisations
    resource precache stocks from Frezzy
    disabled SH heal wave beam for now
    Added bImmunityWards buff (skill immunity will include ward immunity)
    socket errors now will print to NotError log
    Added AntiWards item
    fixed xp retrieve time count
    event InitPlayerVariables
    fixed some race restrictions
    renamed 2 translation files (for each language) because TC admin likes to block them
    debuging stuff
    w3log w3logerror w3lognoterror (new) are now in separate files
    constants change
    100 maxitems
    200 maxraces
    optimizations, error checking
    error in string comparisons dude to length difference, this fixes duplicate skills
    SH healing wave effect for TF2
    minor menu fixes
    translation updates
    color messages changes
    color.inc is now included
    1.1.9   1/5/11
    race flags: 'nobots' will disable bots from aquiring that race automatically. if ur using an addon that manipulates bots races, it is their job to implement this
    fixed array out of index in race class
    some colors to print outs (translations)
    W3Event   OnDeathPre, //EventArg1 = attacker.  before w3 actual death forward is called to do some reading ( ie before items are lost)
    items hidden flag now effective
    war3_set_race_on_join is now default 1
    say myinfo = playerinfo on yourself
    set race on join no longer shows change race if race is set
    removed decl from sockets2
    ring item heal particle
    minor memory leak, may not directly relate to "stack memory leak"
    edited possibly unterminated strings
    UPDATE ur translations
    Race Skill replacement values, see human race and human translation file.
    XP curve increased
    maxraces increased to 100
    maxitems increased to 40
    removed 3 exposed commands
    update translations
    Fix inverted win stats
    other minor changes
    race on join is now set after xp is retrieved
    races, item, war3 config stats
    multi buy tome, ie "say tome5"  "say tomes5"
    Merry Christmas
    Gift to you:
    Huskar - Sacred Warrior modified and packaged (beta, play it for balance stats)
    sockets 2 uses POST data (serverinfo)
    new event: CanBuyItem, //client, arg1=itemid, if eventarg2 is non zero, he can buy// you have to do the message on the reason why he can't buy
    translation updates
    new native W3GiveXPGold(client,race,xpamount=0,goldamount=0,String:awardstringreason[]);
    nerfed lich_o / LICH, dark ritual heal amount reduced
    chance modifier added to naix
    nerfed naix overleech limit
    simplified some races, removed redundant and replaced with proper "no ult" prints and "no target found"
    bSlowImmunity buff. stun and bash still stops you
    [test] escaping ' in hostnames
    admin console looping limits fixed, thanks to Namolem
    GetItemIdByShortname fixed
    set race on join works with restrictions now. will not work perfectly
    no stats collection when cssdm is loaded
    lich frost armor reduced to max of 4 points
    night elf entangle reduced to max of 2 seconds.
    night elf translations updated
    spendskills now translates to client language properly
    race names into statistics should only be english
    races on your team and other team moved to raceinfo (changerace was too crowded)
    metric numbers in "no target found", requires recompile of your custom races and using the stock in the interface.
    set war3_metric_system 1 to use metric
    event added
    OnPostGiveXPGold fired right after OnPreGiveXPGold (xp and gold have been already given), with same variables:
    EventArg1 -- awardedfromevent
    EventArg2 -- xp
    EventArg3 -- gold
    CSS level up particle
    new natives
    native W3GetItemOrder(itemid);
    native W3ItemHasFlag(itemid,String:flagsearch[]);
    native W3GetItemCatagory(itemid,String:retcatagorystr[],maxlen);
    *catagories have not been implemented yet, these natives will aid in making a catagorized shopmenu if one wants to
    of the above, each is an war3 internal cvar, per item
    fixed necklace buff not removed on item lost
    translation updates
    succubus jump cooldown
    succubus jump tweaks
    chronos time leap tweaks, works with tf2 now
    Hex and Silence checks added to succubus and chronos
    changes and debug messages for race restrictions
    helm miss text
    is weapon melee update
    translations update
    interface change, requires recompile of all custom races
    buff system addition:
    bInvisWeaponOverride, //set true to use override amount
    iInvisWeaponOverrideAmount, ///0- 255
    only one race shall use weapon invis override
    statistics now only relies on sockets
    reduced big bad voodoo to max 2 seconds
    Final, B9 
    separated buff sum, absolute, separated float and int
    fixed physical and magic armor
    Lich packaged, (edited), differnet shortname (lich_o)
    particle effects for shadow hunter, soul reaper, orc, blood hunter
    translations changes
    restricted items are now checked right before OnWar3EventSpawn
    statistics now uses mostly sockets so it interferes less with XP database queries
    PLEASE INSTALL SOCKETS IN THE addons/sourcemod/extensions  
    increased maxraces and maxitems
    fixed night elf evading and dealing thorns damage
    fixed cooldown ready when u dont have skill for race with spawn cooldown
    translated cooldown
    Mask no longer grants health when dealing damage to self (thanks to Foolishfox)
    resetskills will queue for next death (Foolishfox)
    sort by minlevel cvar has been removed
    race order is now defined by each race's cvar, set "war3 cvarlist <raceshortname>_raceorder <INTEGER>", you may set it equivalent to your minlevel*100 to order it like that
    by default each race increments by 100 , undead = 100, human = 200  (original race register order)
    race has a flag cvar "war3 <raceshortname>_flags hidden" will hide the race
    sorting improvements
    fixed admin menu giving item to self instead of target
    changed night elf entangle duration to be level based, distance is now constant, some cvars removed
    more translation support on the core side. update ur translations.
    item translations
    event PlayerLeveledUp
    bDoNotInvisWeapon buff, true to not set invis on weapon. remember to unset
    fixed orc no weapons bug
    added "spec player" to playerinfo
    native W3Log and W3LogError logs to seprate file and is emptied every startup
    fixed negative xp and gold printing when no actual xp or gold was changed
    statistics additions
    xp for kills have a death filter. victim must be dead to give xp
    internal cvars no longer uses "setcvar" remove em!
    IE: war3 undead_minlevel 0
    changed some internal workings of cvar system
    doubled corrupted disciple's ult zaps per minute for TF2, adjusted damage
    fixed hanging weapon restrictions
    added some cvar descriptions
    orc semi translated
    bloodmage fixed revival when alive
    added item cvars!!!
    per race and item cvars moved to an internal cvar system
    in console to get started:
    war3 <arg> ...  Available commands:
        cvarlist <optional prefix filter>
        <variable> <value>
    equivalent change:
    war3_human_minlevel 10
    IS NOW:
    war3 human_minlevel 10
    how do i convert my current configuration??
    enter "war3 cvarlist <optional prefix filter>" to see which cvars are now internal\
    minlevel, restricted items, team limit have been moved
    carefully replace "war3_" -> to -> "war3 "  (include that space at the end of)
    I WILL WARN YOU AGAIN, THIS IS FOR PER RACE VARIABLES ONLY (minlevel, restricted items, team limit)
    changed some default item prices
    fixed bomb plant/defuse xp giving
    no xp gain when there is less than minimum amount of players playing (on team)
    war3_min_players_xp_gain 2
    bots count as players
    bots now have a random race with full levels (may be glitchy on whacky races)
    war3 min version checking
    Added more weapon filters for chronos
    fixed not allowing to buy tomes when at max items
    OnPreGiveXPGold event added. arguments are 1:why xp was awarded (see enum  W3XPAwardedBy), 2:how much credits is to be rewarded, 3:how much gold is to be awarded.
    EventArg3, respectively
    changing these EventArgs respectively will change the gold and xp given
    shortened "Required Level" to ReqLvl on changerace menu because the menu can be cut off
    more stats changes and fixes
    possible fix for levelbank leak
    some stats changes
    Chronos packaged
    cvar to prevent statistics error spam (default enabled)
    some additional statistics collection
    fixed war3_addlevelbank erroring which locked database forever
    fixed invalid ent when trying to set weapon alpha
    fixed cooldown going into negatives and never expire
    fixed cooldown manager not showing skill names in some cases
    fixed resetting cooldowns on map start (affected crypt)
    reduced crypt lord ult to max 40% hp, and 800 range (OMG NERF SOME MOAR? yes)
    fixed weapon not going invis (the ones that can go invis)
    added bNoClipMode, to buff system
    isolated playerinfo, raceinfo, shopmenu, item class, item ownership
    fixed playerinfo race leak, allows race 0 name retrieval ("No Race")
    1.1.6 FINAL
    fixed bloodmage revival cooldown (may not be revived via pheonix again in 15 seconds)
    on spawn ultimate cooldown for human and orc for 10 seconds
    prevented some statistics spam from database errors
    added error messages to in game changerace menu (since u people <he who shalt not be named> never look at the error logs)
    updated statistics engine
    fixed skills duplicating with translated skills (undead)
    fixed setgold command
    succubus changes, now a packaged race
    reduced night elf true shot to 20%
    reduced crypt lord impale chance to 15%
    help menu has its own engine
    W3CreateEvent has its own engine
    changed undead proc chance and leech amount
    full race translation prototype (on undead, see undead for example)
    blood hunter ultimate damage/distance increased
    XP recieved for being near bomb plant or defuse
    XP handling moved to its own engine, new xp API
    W3CreateEvent reimplemented
    W3LOS will trace toward abs origin (feet) instead of eye, because it will never hit smaller models ie headcrab / ducking
    Weapon drop signature updated
    optimized orc timer
    races are stored in its own engine
    fixed war3bug not storing foreign characters correctly.
    cooldown manager overhaul (no API change), now implemented via Linked list, estimated to be 8400% more efficient
    weapon restrictions will check for current weapons next frame when set
    statistics for races kill deaths and time played
    Fixed warden and orc respawn exploit (queuing these races as ur next pending races and getting respawn skills when u die)
    W3GetVar to access some temporary/persistant variables from war3source, without creating natives for each of them. see API
    W3SkillCooldownOnSpawn makes a skill go into cooldown at player spawn. see API
    no longer prints precached sounds to server console
    engines named
    fixed undead leeching while dead
    new native W3LOS(client,target) checks line of sight
    damage engine improvements, correctly remembers damage even if the dealdamage kills the player (needs testing)
    orc will calculate critical damage correctly
    orc nade will deal true damage, because the initial triggering damage already went through armor
    orc nade damage reduced to max of 2.2x and minimum of 0.7x
    fully implemented physical and magic armor. physical and magic armor is ignored TRUE damage (duh)
    weapon restriction priority to override others (advanced developers)
    changed procing skills to Hexed check
    remade skillsinfo menu
    reduced human bash to 0.2 seconds
    fixed boots buff still applied when it was removed (traded)
    traces towards where the client is looking at but ends at a certain distance
    update the addons folder!
    changed Credits -> Gold !!!! along with the commands
    IF YOU ARE ON SQLITE, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR GOLD (OLD CREDITS) . MYSQL will not lose credits->gold.
    SQLITE cannot rename column and its not worth doing full db conversion for sqlite.
    removed command showgold, whats the point? just open the damn shopmenu
    optimized buff system, now fully cached!
    all default and packaged races now implement silence checks
    added translation system to main war3 and undead and human (work in progress). No actual translations are available
    _common translation (stuff like "Ultimate Not Ready") is automatically loaded for all races
    damage  multiplier is now nested outside dealdamage, so the dealdamage inside a  takedmg does not change the original damage multi.
    delayed restricted items removeal (health was giving problems)
    changed weapon restrictions to have per client per race restrictions
    glow alpha is now ignored (deprecated)
    engine 5 (buff system) optimization (cache values on change)
    fixed shopmenu trying to retrieve CS money on TF2
    war3bug has a 1 second delay between reports (per player)
    war3bug can also forward the bugs to your own configured db (same db where ur xp is saved ie "default" in database.cfg)
    set "war3_bug_to_my_db 1" in server.cfg or war3source.cfg
    fixed engine 8 escape string
    orc revive changed to OnWar3EventDeath to prevent race switch revival
    report a bug in game: say war3bug <bug description>
    cvar change game description
    war3_game_desc 1 (default 1)
    war3_buyitems_csmoney is now default 0
    fixed voodoo
    fixed sock staying after trading it for a different item when item limit was reached
    fixed health item staying after it was replaced, it will force you back to new max hp if you are higher
    fixed shopmenu item buy replacement 
    no target found message was not divided by 10
    glow buff constants and if same priority the latest set takes effect
    interface overhaul, old races will work with new interface however they are easily convertable, use the new interface functions
    see interface for new functions
    old functions are DEPRECATED and WILL NOT WORK, follow the deprecation and implement the new functions
    overhaul of buff system into engine 5
    glow is now buff system
    overhaul of damage system (engine 6)
    self  check system (engine 7): if any core plugins fail, all war3 related  plugins (other core and races) will automatically shutdown to prevent  error logs spam.
    compiled interface compatability check implemented for future races
    added more tags for more compile time error checking
    update notifier and a server tracker (engine 
    undead optimizations
    buy items via cs money
    war3_buyitems_csmoney 1
    changed human trace to MASK_ALL
    fixed multi human double teleport
    reduced undead low gravity to 50% of normal gravity at max level
    administrative commands and menus moved to engine 9 and 10
    xp is shared across races when saving xp is disabled
    War3:Source Developer
    "Your CPU is just a bunch of Muxes"

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    Old 09-06-2010 , 16:38   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #3

    Cheers, Thanks for the continued support on this. *approved*
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    Old 09-06-2010 , 17:59   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #4

    thanks, finally someone notices
    War3:Source Developer
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    Old 09-07-2010 , 21:26   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #5

    I have multiple issues with this plugin, not sure why. I'm guessing even though I'm using a database it doesn't remember a players level/stats? For example I can see in the database (dump below) that I have 125 points and am a level 1. However in-game all of the races say I'm still level 0.

    Maybe I'm not understanding how this works, but logically it doesn't make sense so I'm going to call foul.

    mysql> select * from war3source;
    | steamid            | name           | currentrace | gold | total_level | total_xp | levelbankV2 | last_seen  |
    | STEAM_0:1:7502955  | xomp           | undead      |    0 |           1 |      125 |           0 | 1283908964 |
    1 rows in set (0.00 sec)
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Old 09-07-2010 , 22:11   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #6

    there should be also another table which contains xp details for each race. the total xp and total levels is calculated each save and is a sum of all the level and xp of your individual races, and does not represent any true value and is only used for rankings
    War3:Source Developer
    "Your CPU is just a bunch of Muxes"
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    Old 09-08-2010 , 09:10   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #7

    Ok, so does this mean I have a table missing that is needed for this?
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    Old 09-08-2010 , 23:14   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #8

    SHOW TABLES only has war3source?

    the table should be created automatically
    War3:Source Developer
    "Your CPU is just a bunch of Muxes"
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    Old 10-28-2010 , 19:03   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #9

    1.1.7 final
    War3:Source Developer
    "Your CPU is just a bunch of Muxes"
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    Old 10-29-2010 , 13:14   Re: [CSS/TF2] War3: Source - Customizable Warcraft Plugin. UPDATED
    Reply With Quote #10

    I would be interested in finding a TF2 server running this.
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