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ProKreedz 2.31

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Old 06-23-2010 , 18:13   ProKreedz 2.31
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ProKreedz v2.31
(Normal & SQL Top versions)
by nucLeaR

Current Version: 2.31 - 12.05.2012

- kz_checkpoints <0/1> - Allows Checkpoints creation
- kz_cheatdetect <0/1> - Detects usage of noclip,hook and so to reset time
- kz_spawn_mainmenu <0/1> - Brings up Main Menu when player spawns
- kz_show_timer <0/1> - Shows timer on HUD (mm:ss)
- kz_chatorhud <0/1/2> - For CP, GC messages. 2 for HUD, 1for chat, 0 for none
- kz_chat_prefix <message> - The prefix for chat messages. Default: [KZ]
- kz_hud_color <r g b> - red , green , blue with values <0-255>
- kz_other_weapons <0/1> - Allow /weapon command to spawn all the weapons
- kz_hook_prize <0/1> - Gives hook to each player that finishs the map
- kz_hook_sound <0/1> - Enables or disables the hook sound
- kz_hook_speed <speed> - Sets the hook speed. Default: 300.0
- kz_drop_weapons <0/1> - Allows players to drop weapons
- kz_remove_drops <0/1> - Remove dropped items (to avoid abusing/cheating)
- kz_use_radio <0/1> - Allows players to use radio
- kz_nvg <0/1> - Allows players to use Night Vision
- kz_nvg_colors <r g b> - red , green , blue - For Night Vision color
- kz_pause <0/1> - Allows players to use pauses during a climb
- kz_vip <0/1> - Either show or not VIP tag for admins in showscores
- kz_showkeys <0/1> - Enable or not the possibility you can see your keys and/or the players' you are spectating
- kz_semiclip <0/1> - Enable or not the semiclip (not only transparency)
- kz_semiclip_transparency <0-255> - Modifies the transparency of semiclip. 0 is invisible, 85 is the recommended one and 255 is normal vision
- kz_respawn_ct <0/1> - Respawns CTs if they die
- kz_strip_other_weapons <0/1> - Strips or not different than USP and Knife when starting the time
- kz_spec_saves <0/1> - Saves the location where the player goes spec (and moves to it when you go CT again) and pauses your time (if it's started)
- kz_save_autostart <0/1> - Saves the last location when a player started his time and teleports him to that exact spot when he's typing /start
- kz_save_pos <0/1> - Enables/Disables the Save Pos function (read below what it does)
- kz_save_pos_gochecks <0/1> - Whether or not to add +1 Gochecks after reloading old run. Default 1 (no Pro 15 even if you had 0 GCs when you saved)
- kz_top15_authid <0/1> - 0 for Top sort by names (used mostly for non-steam servers), 1 for sorting by authid (aka steam id)

SQL Top CVars: (Add those CVars into kreedz.cfg for prokreedz_sql)
- kz_sql_host "" (IP of the host WITHOUT http://)
- kz_sql_files "" (IP of the domain you have the php files on WITHOUT http://)
- kz_sql_user "" (Username of DB)
- kz_sql_pass "" (Password of DB)
- kz_sql_db = "" (DB Name)
- kz_sql_name = "" (Name of server)

kz_sql_host is for the DB location and kz_sql_files is where the PHP files are (eg: if you put the php files in /www/top15, change in kz_sql_files "Ip of the host/top15".

Installation of SQL Version
Copy the CVars above in kreedz.cfg
- Make a DB called top15 (or the name you put for kz_sql_db)
- Download and put the PHP files into your webserver
- Open the PHP files and complete with username & password where needed

You can only use KZ-Arg's Pro15 SQL. If you want to use the old top, delete kz_nub15.

Players commands:
- /cp, /checkpoint - Creates a Checkpoint
- /tp, /teleport, /gc , /gocheck - Teleports you to the last Checkpoint
- /stuck, /unstuck - Teleports you to the last but not last Checkpoint
- /top15, /pro15, /nub15 - Opens up Top15 menu(for first) or the respective top
- /reset - Resets time/checkpoints/gochecks
- /start - Moves you to start position
- /menu, /kz - Opens KZ Menu (Main menu)
- /ct, /spec - Moves you to spectator respective CT
- /pause - Pauses your time, only if the timer is started
- /weapons, /guns - Gives you other weapons, only if the timer is not started
- /scout, /usp - Gives you scout/usp&knife (works if the timer is enabled too!)
- /timer - Enables/Disables the HUD Timer
- /invis,/winvis,/pinivis - First opens Invis menu, seconds makes water invisible, third makes only players invisible
- /noclip - Gives you noclip and resets your time (if it's started)
- /god - Gives you god mode and resets your time (if it's started)
- /savepos - Saves your location on the map and resets your time. It's supposed to be helpful if the map finishes and you haven't finished your climb. You can save your location and start again next time the map is on the server. If you have saved a time, a menu will come up asking you to resume previous run or start a new one (second option also deletes the savings from memory). You also gain +1 Gocheck (you can not get into Pro top after using this function)
- /chatorhud - Players can switch the mode of receiving messages in this order: Chat -> Hud -> Off. At start it is CVar based (kz_chatorhud 0/1/2). If CVar is set to 0, you can not use it.

Admins commands:
- /public, /pub - Loads Kreedz.cfg
- /setstart - Sets (or changes if it already exists) the start position
- /delstart - Deletes the start position

If you want to record demos, you must use prokreedz_demo plugin (included in archive).
- /demo or /legal to set up legal settings (only CVars for prokreedz plugin, not mpbhop or others)
- /pub or /public- executes kreedz.cfg (if it doesn't exist it loads the CVars directly)
Attached Files
File Type: zip Top 15 SQL Files.zip (982.0 KB, 7084 views)
File Type: zip ProKreedz 2.31.zip (31.1 KB, 13300 views)

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Old 06-23-2010 , 18:14   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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Change log:
*Added Top 15 Pro/Noob (With and without Checkpoints* -> Later added   GoChecks count)
*Added milliseconds function (end message and top15 in format:  mm:ss.msms - 01:23.45)
*Fixed bug in top15 that saves you every time you finish a map (and is top15 entry). You can now go only if you beat your old time
*Changed the semi-clip and fixed the   teleport-stuck-into-other-player-bug :D
*Added GoChecks count
*Added HUD/Chat messages (for CP/TP/start etc.) kz_chatorhud 0/1/2 (No messages/Chat messages/HUD messages)
*Added ColorChat functions (Green and Team Color for most of messages) -   If kz_chatorhud is 1
*Added HUD color CVar for HUD Messages (Structure kz_hud_color "green   red blue" values 1-255 ) - If kz_chatorhud is 2
*Added Spec/CT function and respawn if you die
*Added Kz Menu (wth CP/TP/Top15/Invis/Spec-CT and Reset timer functions)   CVar: kz_spawn_mainmenu 0/1, Command: /menu
*Added /start command and auto-start creator when pressing start button   (if the start location doesn't exist)
*Fixed the start bug (doesn't start unless you aim the timer before pressing it)
*Added /weapons (and fixed possible bugs for climbing time)
*Added CVar kz_show_timer 0/1 - to show kz timer in HUD message (format  mm:ss)
*Removed some not necessarily codes
*Added hook as prize and CVar kz_hook_prize 0/1
*Added possibility to drop weapons. CVar kz_drop_weapons 0/1
*Included hook into the plugin (no longer needed prokreedz_hook)
*Fixed kz_hook_prize
** Fixed reset time if you use hook
** Changed hook colors
2.09 - 12.04.2010 (13) 
*Fixed finish messages (sometimes it didn't show new place)
*Trying /setstart and /delstart
*Deleted NightVision to avoid "You already have one message"
*Added /start function and Checkpoints+GoChecks count on Kz-Menu
2.10 - 14.04.2010 (N/A) 
*Fixed /setstart and /delstart
2.11 - 16.04.2010 (37) 
*Fixed some codes
*Added CVar kz_use_radio
*Added CVar kz_hud_coords <x y> to change the coordinates of the   HUD Messages
*You cannot spam anymore "Spec/CT" function in KZ-Menu to avoid a bug
*Removed kz_hud_coords because of breaking all HUD Messages. For a   foreign reason i cannot have both integral and float variables in same   function in AMXX :o
2.12 - 24.04.2010 (35) 
*Added /scout command
*Added NightVision + CVars kz_nvg <0/1> and kz_nvg_colors <r g   b>
*Fixed some codes - Thanks to SchlumPF
2.13 - 01.05.2010 (85) 
*Changed delay_duck function
*Removed admin_gravty and admin_teleport
*Added Pause function. Cvars: kz_pause <0/1>. Command: /pause.
2.14 - 23.05.2010 (68)
*Added /showkeys command. CVar: kz_showkeys <0/1>
*Added VIP in scoreboard for admins (ADMIN_KICK, like for hook). CVar:   kz_vip <0/1>
*Removed admin_laser
*Added Water Invis 
*Added Invis Menu (/invis) and /pinvis (for manually player invis) /   /winvis (for manually water invis)
*Fixed the spam bug with hook while being dead
2.15 - 05.06.2010 (30)
*Changed the block commands function
*Players (not admins) can now use noclip. If kz_cheatdetect is 1 the   timer resets. It disappears automatically if you start a new run.
*Players don't lose hook anymore when they start a new run (if they   already got one by finishing the map), but the timer resets if   kz_cheatdetect is set to 1
*Added /usp command which gives you usp/knife, but you will still be   added in Noob top for using scout
*Removed /help command (going to add a menu for newbies with MOTDs)
2.16 - 11.06.2010 (34)
*Added auto remove weapon if it's dropped (to avoid cheats or abuses).   CVar: kz_remove_drops <0/1>
*Fixed top15 (codes from kz-arg)
*Added /knife (same as /usp)
*Added CVar kz_semiclip, to enable or not the semiclip
*Note: Please move your start folder into /kz/start
2.17 - 19.06.2010 (21)
*Added player command "/timer" for kz_show_timer "1", to see or not the   HUD timer
*Added commands /demo or /legal, for plugin to be safe for recording and   /public or /reload for executing kreedz.cfg
*Added auto-heal if the map has healer
*Auto creates folders for addons/kz, addons/kz/start and addons/kz/top15   for the plugin to work corectly
*Changed start and finish detection (used xj_timer code)
*Changed Checkpoints system
2.18 - 22.06.2010 (106)
*Changed HUD timer and added CPs / GCs near timer for kz_show_timer "1" 
*Added Show Timer (/timer command) and Pause into Main Menu
*Changed pyramidal codes :D
*Changed the Night-Vision
*Fixed block buys
*Added stats of the player you are spectating(Name,Time, CPs, GCs), you   can turn it off by command /timer
*Fixed Noob 15 update and Top15 design (lifted up as default becuase it   doesn't support so many values)
2.19 - 16.07.2010 (246)
*Removed some unnecesarly codes (AdminGlow and some other stuff)
*Fixed showkeys
*Fixed semiclip
*Added CVar kz_respawn_ct, to either respawn or not CTs
*Changed switch to spec function: Saves the spot you go to spec and moves you there when you go back to CT. Saves your Time if it's started and you go spec. CVar: kz_spec_saves 0/1
2.20 - 03.08.2010 (305)
*Fixed Top15 for a better work because it couldn't handle all #15 places sometimes
*Fixed a Spec-Pause bug
*Fixed a bug with Timer show on Spectator
*Fixed a bug that you couldn't spectate players while having invis turned on
*Deleted HP show when targeting a player to fix a HP Bug show for 50,000 HP
*Removed ShowKeys, SpecInfo plugin can handle it
2.21 - 19.08.2010 (330)
*You cannot pick up weapons when the timer is started
*Fixed a bug with spectating
*Changed the detection of starting weapons. Added CVar: kz_strip_other_weapons to strip or not other weapons (Top 15 is updated only for usp/knife and scout)
*Added Custom start points and fix bug with duck stuck. CVar: kz_save_autostart
*Removed Cstrike and Fun modules
*Fixed/Improved a couple of codes
2.22 - 09.09.2010 (199)
*Added command /respawn that works like start and changed a little the start function (if there is not start position it respawns you)
*Added a message when you target a player like VIP if the targeted player is admin or Player if it's not
*Fixed a bug with pause
*Fixed a bug with godmode
*Fixed a Spec bug (Re-added Cstrike module)
*Fixed a bug with Hook
2.23 - 24.09.2010 (390)
*Changed setstart function to save all positions into only one file
*Fixed the bug that didn't show the ljstats on spectator mode
*Fixed hook and start exploit. Added CVar: kz_hook_speed (300 default)
*Removed Amxmisc, Engine
2.24 - 13.10.2010 (808)
*Added Timer Show into Round Time (see /timer)
*Added kz_reload_weapons 0/1 , to reload the weapons when starting timer (like Kz-Arg)
*Changed /timer command, created a menu for Show Timer methods
*Added CVar kz_showtime_start - to set the normal showtime method ( 0 - Disabled , 1- HUD, 2-RoundTime). You can change it ingame by command /timer.
*Deleted /demo and /pub commands (created a new plugin for it - prokreedz_demo)
2.25 - 01.12.2010 (536)
*No steam users won't get to top anymore
*Changed top15 for top10 (to fix MOTD bugs... use SQL version for working top15)
*Optimized the plugin
*prokreedz_name is no longer needed, Steam ID is better. You can use the steam id version for non-steam clients, you will just not get into top
2.26 - 15.01.2011(1048)
*Added Cvar kz_pick_weapons 0 - default for public servers; 1 - default for recording demos
*Added command /god for godmode (resets your time if you use it)
*Readded failed/improved times messages for non SQL version
*Deleted cvar kz_showtimer_start, use kz_show_timer instead. 0 - for disabling , 1 - for HUd , 2 - for roduntimer. This is only for default, players can modify it by /timer command.
*Optimized the plugin a little
*Added CVar kz_top15_authid 0/1 - 0 for Top sort by names (used mostly for non-steam servers), 1 for sorting by authid (aka steam id)
2.27 - 22.04.2011 (3411)
*Changed a little the finish message
*Fixed little CP/TP bug
*Fixed a bug where you could use scout and get into Pro 15 top.
2.28 - 16.04.2012 (149)
*Fixed Connor's requests. Plugin should be more optimal now.
*Fixed other little tweaks and did minor changes.
*Added /savepos command (check above at players commands)
2.29 - 22.04.2012 (74)
*CPs can be done on ladders
*Added CVar kz_semiclip_transparency <0-255> - The amount of transparency between players when kz_semiclip is 1
*Added CVar kz_chat_prefix <message> - Default it's [KZ]
*Changed the way I register commands. All commands now work with say(_team) /command, say(_team) .command
*Fixed a top15 bug (used to show wrong values at 'improved your time by:' and 'slower than your time by:' messages). Added scout check in Noob 15.
*Fixed pause & savepos bugs as well as other combinations between functions
*Scout is not longer removed if you hold it when you start the timer also fixed some scout bugs
*Added Multi Language. All translations are welcome!
2.30 - 27.04.2012 (164)
*Added /guns (same as /weapons) due to request
*Fixed some ML stuff ( I couldn't do it the usual way because I had to overcomplicate it, so I tried an easier approach)
*Fixed a Save Pos bug
*Fixed a message bug
*Fixed some weapons bugs
*Pause now work while in air, as well
*/scout command now works even if timer is not started
2.31 - 12.05.2012 (??)
*Added command /chatorhud. Players will now be able to switch between showing messages on chat, on hud, or not show them at all. At spawn, they will be decided by CVar.
*Added CVar kz_save_pos_gochecks <0/1> - Whether or not to add +1 Gochecks after reloading old run. Default 1 (no Pro 15 even if you had 0 GCs when you saved)
*Changed noclip function when paused: Your timer will not reset if you are paused, so you can fly around, but when you type again /noclip you will be teleported to where you paused. (Useful if you don't know the map and you want to look around for next jump, but you don't want to lose your current timer). CVar kz_noclip_paused 0/1
*Fixed problems with pause and godmode/noclip
*Fixed a problem with not going to pro15 even if you use usp/knife
*Now you get scout back if you used it in the previous run (so there are no bugs with pro15 and scout if kz_save_pos_gochecks is 0)
SQL Change log:
*Fixed the PHP files
*Fixed bugs with server crash, bad saving the time or not saving at all
*Fixed some messages and fixed the PHP files completly
*Readded flags for countries and fixed a bug with them
*Changed the Top saving to be saved with just 2 decimals
*Redesigned the PHP files
*Fixed the bug that was saving CPs as GCs and GCs as CPs (in DB)
*Added Pro Records reading into PHP files. Command /prorecs or /prorecords for SQL version.
*Added in /top15 menu for SQL vesrion Players Rankings and Maps statistic option
*Added a function that updates your name in all the records you have with the one you join at the moment.
*Added the PHP file for Last 15 Pro Entries

To use SQL version you need to modify this line:
PHP Code:
 //#define USE_SQL 

PHP Code:
 #define USE_SQL 

To do:
- Points system (non-sql) -- Paused for the moment.
*Post suggestions !

Recommended Plugins:
-> KZ auto add spawns: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=685835
-> Auto Join on Connect: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=51098
-> Infinite Round (requires Orpheu module): http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=117782

Some of the functions are not created by me, they are copied, adapted or requested by me from Alliedmods or other plugins.

Multi Language translations topic and up-to-date ProKreedz.txt file: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=183442 (If you want to help with one, don't hesitate!)

p4ddY - the original ProKreedz creator who gave me the permission to edit his plugin and use it's name
+ScorpioN+ - the main PHP scripter for the SQL version
Diggz - for giving me a 1.1 version of it (with some small fixes)
ReymonARG - Kz-Arg is the plugin i have inspired the most
xPaw - for some codes and helping me on Alliedmods
Exolent - for helping me on Alliedmods
ConnorMcLeod - for helping me on Alliedmods
Juice ;o - for some indications and for a method to block commands
SchlumPF* - for helping me with code fixes
And many others helping me to test it

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Old 06-23-2010 , 21:33   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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Nice Job!!
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Old 06-23-2010 , 22:22   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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hola NucL3ra my friend
the kreedz lover will have now wide choice of kz plugins
thats good !!

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Old 06-23-2010 , 22:51   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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Originally Posted by vato loco [GE-S] View Post
hola NucL3ra my friend
the kreedz lover will have now wide choice of kz plugins
thats good !!

I like more my kzmod
Kreedz Chile Mod [100%] (Fixing some details).

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Old 06-23-2010 , 22:58   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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it's good have a own kz mod
my kz plugin is as i like it
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Old 06-24-2010 , 05:19   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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haha guys you both make me think of releasing my kz plugin
btw i like this version more than ultimativ v.2.3 because it's more optimized

but in both versions i see some copypasted things(without working out how it's made), that's bad
and in both versions there's no good sql top15

plus also my personal opinion: it's better to divide plugins into some parts
for example i now have:
kz.amxx: timer/cp/gc/pause/start/ct/spec/respawn
kz_weapons.amxx: weapons(obviously)
kz_hook.amxx: hook(remake by Lt.RAT)
kz_ultimates.amxx: rewards(such as godmode, noclip, jetpack and some other that requires orpheu and considered as cheating)
kz_semiclip.amxx: plugin by ConnorMcLeod, i really like it because it is very optimised(semiclip + invis), but i just changed the design of menu and messages a bit
kz_misc.amxx: just some stuff things that are very small and doesnt deserve to be in different plugins. hp healer, buy block, weapon drop remove, some annoying sounds remove, some freaking entities remover etc goes here

+ also planning:
kz_vip.amxx: some vip features
kz_top.amxx: already in progress, still has some bugs and still no web-part =(
try using +karma if i helped you...
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Old 06-24-2010 , 05:50   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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Originally Posted by kielor View Post
haha guys you both make me think of releasing my kz plugin
It would be very nice if you will release your kz plugin =)
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Old 06-24-2010 , 11:46   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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I'm not planning of making a SQL version, i just want to keep it on files, because the only SQL public version is totally bugged, works slowly and so on..

And.. i really want to quit this project faster, so I'm planning of adding ProRecords (saved on file), Admin Menu and some other things. Also I'm waiting suggestions.
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Old 06-26-2010, 00:54
This message has been deleted by YamiKaitou. Reason: pointless post
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Old 06-26-2010 , 00:56   Re: ProKreedz 2.0
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Works great thanks.
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