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[TF2] PropHunt 1.93

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Team Fortress 2
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    Plugin Description:
    BLU as Pyros versus RED as random props in Arena maps.
    Reason for Unapproving:
    unmaintained and superseded by Prop Hunt Redux: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=228086
    Old 10-22-2009 , 19:55   [TF2] PropHunt 1.93
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    In a nutshell: BLU as Pyros versus RED as random props in Arena maps.

    • Team Fortress 2 Server, running at least SM 1.4 stable.
    • SDK Hooks (Link)
    • PropHunt Resources Pack (Link) - Contains maps and required sounds
    • PropHunt Data Pack (Link) - Contains translations and map configs

    1. Download everything mentioned above and extract/install to the correct folders (pretty self explanatory).
    2. Ensure your server and arena config are as barebones as possible. (Also check mp_idledealmethod is not set to 1; only 0 and 2 are compatible)
    3. Install the attached prophunt.smx plugin.

    Updating to 1.93
    1. Update plugin


    • sm_prophunt_version - Version
    • sm_prophunt_stats - Stats Enabled
    • ph_enable - (Default: 1) Enable the plugin
    • ph_propmenu - (Default: 0) Allows non-admins to access the prop menu when set to 1; -1 to disallow all access.

    • ph_switch - Switches you to RED and respawns.
    • ph_pyro - Switches you to BLU and respawns.
    • propmenu - Menu to select props between all props available on the map along with pyro and ghost.


    1.93 (08/01/13):
    • Fixed prop not visible to self in thirdperson
    • Coincidentally might have made thirdperson movement smoother
    1.91 (26/11/11):
    • Fixed SpeedBoost not functioning at all.
    • Fixed SpeedBoost interfering with being slowed, zoomed, charging and other speed-changing conditions
    • Fixed Users sometimes not always getting a prop due to having "Respawn on Loadout change" checked.
    • Removed the "Class Blocked" message

    1.9 (20/11/11):

    • Extensive configuration options added:
      • Weapons self-damage
      • Weapon removals
      • Weapon nerfs
      • Class restrictions
      • Default Class
      • Sounds
    • Added checks to prevent players with no weapons.
    • Normalised translations
    • Added a check to prevent 'ERROR' props from bogus map configurations.
    • Speed bonuses now persist over weapon changes
    • Speed bonuses are now capped to +25% of the classes base speed.
    • Fixed Weapon Nerfs being based on the currently active weapon as opposed to the weapon fired.
    • Reverted to old-style weapon self damage
    • The Control Point Bonus will no longer heal the incorrect amount in some cases.
    1.8 (11/09/11):

    • Removed cowmangler and family business
    • Various bugfixes and cleanup

    1.7.14 (25/06/11):
    • Removed following weapons:
      • The Solemn Vow
      • Bazaar Bargain
    • Nerfed the following weapons:
      • Liberty Launcher to the same level as the other Rocket Launchers
      • Tomislav to the same level as the other miniguns
      • Reserve Shooter to the same level as the other shotguns.
      • The Detonator to 95% of normal damage.*
      • The Splendid Screen to 75% of normal damage. *
    * - Subject to change.

    1.7.12: (13/04/2011)

    • Brass Beast and Iron Curtain do 75% of normal damage.
    • Removed Crusader's Crossbow, Amputator
    • Fixed Lugermorph being usable in some cases.
    • Re-added Soldier/Demo Sword

    1.7.11: (29/10/2010)

    • Removed Sydney Sleeper
    • Nerfed BlackBox
    • Gave a 5% damge boost to the huntsman
    • CP will now heal scouts to 150 health. To allow set bonus scouts to benefit from their items.
    • Fixed an issue where named items would override items nerfs & restrictions

    1.7.10: (18/08/2010)

    • Handles bug fix
    • Changed version format

    1.79: (31/07/2010)

    • Reduced minigun self-damage to 3 per shot
    • Fixed Engineer's with The Gunslinger only being healed for 125 points on the CP.
    • Nerfed The Frontier Justice to 85% damage, 5% higher than the normal shotgun.
    • Mapcycle is no longer automatically set to arena_mapcycle by the plugin
    • Plugin will now unload before making changes to the server if it is loaded on a map without a configuration file.
    • Added ph_propmenu_flag (default: "c") to control the admin flag used for the prop menu, supports multiple flags.
    • Fixed an error being output if the plugin was unloaded and RTL wasn't installed/running.
    • STATS: Fixed an issue where survivals would not be logged.
    • STATS: Fixed issues with Death logging
    • STATS: Added extra detail to Death & Survival Logging
    • STATS: Fixed an issue where names with UTF-8 characters would not be stored correctly on MYSQL
    • STATS: Numerous Improvements/Bugfixes
    1.78: (04/07/2010)

    • Added ph_adtext - Default: GamingMasters.co.uk - setting "" disables advertisements
    • Removed PH Rush Support
    • Increased syringe gun self-damage to 4
    • Changed the "Disguised as..." message so it uses "Clean" names which are defined in data/prophunt/propnames.txt
    • Added a ResetCvars Routine that attempts to reverse the changes that PropHunt makes when it starts (It resets the cvars to their default), making it usable in conjunction with other mods/stock gameplay.
    • Disabled Shadows on props
    • Increased the rocket launchers and minigun to 75% damage
    • Increased BackBurner and Pyro Shotgun to 85% damage
    • PropLock will now be disabled when you attempt to strafe left or right
    • Last-Prop Jarate now only lasts 15 seconds
    • Engineer buildings are no longer solid
    • If RunTeamLogic is not present the plugin will no longer failstate.

    1.77: (07/06/2010)

    • Fixed ph_propmenu cvar >.>

    1.76: (07/06/2010)

    • Fixed an issue where a heavy with Natasha equipped would get their shotgun removed instead of Natasha.
    • Fixed an issue where medals and other misc items would not be removed
    • Fixed an issue where halo particle effects would show up on a prop
    • Fixed an issue where DMG_DROWN from a trigger_hurt did not effect the props
    • Fixed an issue where props with particle effects (The harvest ghost) would not have their particle effects removed when the player died.
    • Hence restored the ghost to the admin prop menu
    • Changed the prop menu command so it can now be fully disabled (-1 = disabled, otherwise the same values)
    • Increased the damage on the rocket launchers by 5% to try and prevent the weird 1 damage issues.
    • Fixed cvars not being reliably overridden, specifically mp_idledealmethod.
    1.75: (04/06/2010)

    • Airblast is now 25% less powerful
    • Prop Shadows no longer appear
    • Huntsman now does 20% less damage
    • Backburner now does 40% less damage but crits from behind
    • Returned all shotguns with full ammo
    • Pyro shotgun does 25% less damage
    • Pyro shotgun has 2 shells with infinite ammo
    • Soldier/Heavy Shotgun do 20% less damage
    • Minigun now does 30% less damage
    • Increased per-shot self damage on the minigun
    • Heavy Limit of 2
    • Restored Engineer shotgun at the same 0.8x damage modifier as the other classes with shotgun as their main weapon (Heavy, Solly)
    • Removed Natasha
    • Nerfed Direct Hit and Rocket Launcher to 0.5x damage
    • Flaregun now does 5 self-damage
    • Fixed the broken Jarate
    • Improved Teamswitch Logic
    • Changed code formatting style
    • And a bunch of undocumented fixes and changes.
    1.74: (15/05/2010)

    • The hat removal code now hides badges as well, and only affects RED (thanks Geit )
    • Removed all shotguns (same glitch as pyro)
    • Restored engineer pistol with much greater self damage per shot
    • Restored standard minigun (no natasha), increased self damage slightly.
    • Optimisation: replaced a block of strcmp calls with a trie (self damage code)
    • Fixed a glitch where people could spawn as a fully equipped scout after the last prop.

    1.73: (08/05/2010)

    • Now using TF2_RegeneratePlayer in place of GiveNamedItem and the new built-in native TF2_AddCondition in place of TF2_AddCond - will not work on 1.3.2 snapshots - only 1.3.2 stable and newer snapshots of 1.3 and 1.4. - gamedata/prophunt.games.txt and data/tf2weapondata.txt are now redundant.
    • Restored airblast and backburner
    • Removed pyro shotgun (seemed to be doing full spread damage no matter what range etc.)
    • Prop Menu no longer restores health.
    • Removed Ghost - broken particle effect.
    • Added code for a new Prop Rush gameplay style suggested by Geit, currently waiting on some help from Valve before it will be enabled/usable.
    • Recoded around Valve's latest changes:
      • Rotation is now client-side, with full 360 degree accuracy.
      • Burning props no longer highlight the invisible scout - instead the flames appear around the prop itself.
      • Hidden voice icons
      • (And no more invisible props of course )

    1.66: (21/04/2010)

    • Reverted to old movement code
    • Reverted to full damage on the huntsman
    • Fixed mp_teams_unbalance_limit notifications appearing in chat.
    • Fixed propmenu not reading admin flags properly.

    1.65: (08/04/2010)

    • Fixed timer error spam during the pre-round phase resulting in severe lag spikes.

    1.64: (07/04/2010)

    • Accidentally left in some code which made scouts semi-visible in 1.63 D:
    • The propmenu now performs red/alive validation after selecting an option as well as before being displayed.

    1.63: (07/04/2010)

    • The new attachment system is now only activated when not moving - turns out a lot more than just jumping will trigger the wobble effect
    1.62: (07/04/2010)

    • If mp_idledealmethod is set to 1 (i.e. move to spectator, then kick) it is now forced to 2 (i.e. kick). This fixes the bug introduced in 1.6 where players would be kicked at random if it was set to 1. If you want the mp_idledealmethod 1 functionality, there are plugins that duplicate this with it set to 0 (AFK Manager is one example).
    • Props now parent to the 'head' attachment point, resulting in flawless movement and rotation. No need to keep switching PropLock on and off to line yourself up now (When jumping it reverts to the old system for 1 second to combat an annoying 'wobble' which made lining up double jumps awkward.)
    • Slightly increased Huntsman damage - damage was at 70%, now 75%.
    • (Stats-enabled version) Now using BuildPath for the MOTD file location (supports SM being in locations other than addons/sourcemod).

    1.61: (22/03/2010)

    • Fixed bug introduced in 1.6 where spectators could be spawned on RED, rendering BLU unable to win.
    • Flaregun no longer does damage to pyros.

    1.6: (21/03/2010)

    • Another bunch of maps
    • Added engineer (minus sentry) and medic (minus blutsauger and medigun/kritzkrieg)
    • New mouse controls (LMB = toggle version of old RMB camera lock; RMB = first/third person toggle)
    • Fixed server lag which would develop over time without a mapchange, due to stacking PreThink hooks on every player spawn.
    • CP Bonus now extinguishes players in addition to filling their health.
    • Increased tf_arena_max_streak (team scramble) to 5
    • Increased mp_waitingforplayers_time to 40.
    • Added prop menu for admins (/propmenu) - all props available on map along with pyro and ghost.
    • Removed backburner.
    • Nerfed Shotgun (Pyro only) - clip size reduced to 2, unlimited ammo to compensate for auto reloading.
    • Nerfed Huntsman - 30% damage reduction to prevent 1-hit KO from bodyshots.
    • Added team balancing code which runs directly after the teams are swapped. For a difference of 1 player, it favours BLU.
    • Fixed 'remember last weapon after death' exploit.
    • Added cvars: ph_propmenu (enable propmenu for all players, default 0) and ph_enable (enable prophunt itself, default 1).
    • Various minor optimisations


    • Added several new official maps!
    • Added new and improved jetpack, without the DukeHacks requirement.
    • BLU is now permanently Jarated when there is only one prop left.
    • It is no longer possible to freeze your prop while moving, which fixes many exploits.
    • Completely refactored the code to be much lighter and more optimised. It's about 20kb/500 lines shorter now.
    • No more OnGameFrame - prop movement now runs on PreThink, and the CP Bonus is handled by a Touch hook.
    • No more DukeHacks - moved everything to native SM and SDK Hooks.
    • No more Hooker - the game description change is now done by SDK Hooks.
    • No more reloading between rounds - the race condition and entity index bugs are now fixed properly.
    • Replaced #define WHORE with IsDedicatedServer()
    • Replaced #define AO with a hostname check.
    • Fixed exploit where BLU demoman (and perhaps other classes) could become invisible and get all their weapons.
    • Shortened hud text spam time.
    • Fixed bug where props would sometimes get their prop stuck on them while spectating after death.
    • Fixed a number of race condition bugs.
    • Entity indexes are no longer relied upon for certain prop related functions.
    • Fixed significant random timer bug (broke everything and eventually crashed the server) due to incorrect usage of KillTimer over CloseHandle.
    • Fixed a number of inefficient operations in PreThink which caused noticeable lag and server fps drops.
    • PropHunt now works out of the box on listen servers.

    • Due to huge demand from Shinkz, Natascha is no longer permitted and Sniper with everything but Sniper Rifle has been added along with Demoman+Eyelander. Can be toggled with #define SHINX.
    • (Stats-only) !statsme now prints your stats to everyone rather than duplicating !rank functionality.
    • Various bugfixes and minor improvements.
    • Fixed unstuck translation
    • No changes to mp_timelimit
    • Automatically unload on non-prophunt map
    • Airblast disabled sound is now at full volume.
    • Pyro assist speed bonus is now also +100.
    • Fixed unstuck making you get stuck in the control point.
    • Attack2 is now only disabled when using the flamethrower.
    • sm_prophunt_stats for stats-enabled versions.
    • Cleaned up code.
    • Reduced mp_bonusroundtime to 5 and adjusted other code appropriately.
    • Added speed boost for pyros - +100 for a kill, +50 for an assist. Speed is reset each round.
    • Disabled lock/unlock sounds by default - #define LOCKSOUND. Keeping the pyro airblast "disabled" sound.
    • Players are no longer slain at round end (thanks toazron1).
    • Added announcer "mission begins in x seconds" sounds for hiding time
    • Fixed unstuck making you actually get stuck
    • Added a check to ensure Hooker is included before trying to register the game description hook.
    • Added HL2 sounds to M1/M2 on props and airblast on pyros.
    • Removed unnecessary debug messages.
    • Removed pyro prop - control point is the new global prop.
    • Returned Plugin_Handled on all commands.
    • Added map config files
    • Added an option for mappers to have a logic_relay fired when hiding time ends.
    • Prevented slaying between rounds, but kept in slaying when the plugin is reloaded manually.
    • Fixed sound preloading issue.
    1.0 - Initial Release (code cleanup; otherwise equivalent to 0.0.6)

    Special Thanks

    • Bluepanther - Providing the Original Inspiration to code this.
    • Geit - Official PropHunt Goat, Technical support during semi-private beta, PR, Mapping guru
    • LordVader! - The First Non-GM provider of PropHunt.
    • Jocker - Italian Translation
    • And sorry to anyone I've forgotten - many little copy+paste snippets have gone into PropHunt.


    • Basalt - S.W.A.T.Y
    • Brawl - Jazz
    • Canyon - Albatross (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Cliff Face - gRiMrEaPeRsco
    • Concord - zephyrak
    • Cyberpunk - Xenon (Modified by Spykodemon and Shinkz)
    • Desolation - Jamie "Mr. Happy" Lea
    • Devils Canyon - Soylent Robot
    • Farm - Geit
    • Farm Feud - Archanor
    • Goldtooth - Chuck "Atrocity" Wilson
    • Grassland - Mr. Late (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Harvest - Heyo
    • Headquarters - Combatfetus
    • Lumberyard - Valve (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Maze - LabelMaker (Assisted by Geit)
    • Mountain - Austria_Phantom
    • North Ural - Flanker (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Oasis - Tyb00 (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Other Side - Vincent (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Range - Pascal
    • Ravage - Mehby
    • Sawmill - Valve (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Spooky Ravine - Valve & Malachi
    • Storm - Ikem
    • Timbertown - Unknown (Modified by Shinkz)
    • Train Set - Johnny
    • Warehouse - Geit
    • Watch Tower - Joshua ‘JoshuaC’ Shiflet (Modified by Shinkz)

    And to help the forum search engine: prop hunt hide and seek hidenseek hide 'n seek

    The necessary stats.inc for global statistics and prophunt.smx with statistics compiled in are available on request to trustworthy communities. Contact Geit for more information.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (prophunt.sp - 2955 views - 66.8 KB)
    File Type: smx prophunt.smx (32.5 KB, 4520 views)

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    Old 10-22-2009 , 20:11   Re: [TF2] PropHunt
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    The Group Thing - PropHunt v1.2 [Ranked] | Alpha-Networks

    Thanks Dark
    I shall enjoy reading through the details
    And hopefully can offer up some ideas also

    The Group Thing - PropHunt v1.2 [Ranked] | Alpha-Networks

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    Old 10-22-2009 , 20:16   Re: [TF2] PropHunt
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    Nice job. Sounds like a plugin filled with "lols".

    This kinda scares me..."Setting up a stable server is usually awkward. Windows almost always fares better."

    I was just curious, is this the prophunt that was private or is this plugin that was done to copy the private one heh.
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    I was just curious, is this the prophunt that was private or is this plugin that was done to copy the private one heh.
    It's the original private one

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    When we installed PropHunt on our server HLDS refused to update
    In the end I basically did a manual install from scratch
    So I shall try to stick around and help out with troubleshooting also

    The Gaming Masters guys were really helpful also
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    Originally Posted by Darkimmortal View Post
    • Geit - Official PropHunt Goat, Technical support during semi-private beta, PR, Mapping guru

    Originally Posted by Mustang View Post

    The Gaming Masters guys were really helpful also
    Thanks, As usual, it was a pleasure to help out.
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    Old 10-22-2009 , 21:52   Re: [TF2] PropHunt (the Original)
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    I installed this. And everything is working fine except one thing.. After someone dies their prop stays behind. And also when they Spectate someone after they die, their prop model appears.

    SourceMod Version Information:
                 SourceMod Version: 1.3.0-dev
                 SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.1, jit-x86 (build 1.3.0-dev)
                 SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 3
                 Compiled on: Oct 20 2009 19:05:21
                 Build ID: 2830:af1936f4c533-dev
    20:54:32 [SM] Displaying 13 extensions:
             [01] Automatic Updater (1.3.0-dev): Updates SourceMod gamedata files
             [02] Webternet (1.3.0-dev): Extension for interacting with URLs
             [03] RunTeamLogic (1.0.5): Change the amount of players allowed on teams during arena maps
             [04] TF2 Tools (1.3.0-dev): TF2 extended functionality
             [05] BinTools (1.3.0-dev): Low-level C/C++ Calling API
             [06] Top Menus (1.3.0-dev): Creates sorted nested menus
             [07] SDK Tools (1.3.0-dev): Source SDK Tools
             [08] Client Preferences (1.3.0-dev): Saves client preference settings
             [09] MySQL-DBI (): MySQL driver implementation for DBI
             [10] Dukehacks ( additional game functions
             [11] GeoIP (1.3.0-dev): Geographical IP information
             [12] Hooker Extension (1.1.0): extension for virtual-functions hooking for plugins..
             [13] SQLite (1.3.0-dev): SQLite Driver
     [SM] Listing 46 plugins:
               01 "Admin File Reader" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               02 "SQL Admins (Threaded)" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               03 "Admin Help" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               04 "Admin Menu" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               05 "AdminSentinel" (1.0.107) by <eVa>StrontiumDog 
               06 "Admin Sounds" (1.0.1) by dalto
               07 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
               08 "AFK Manager" (3.1.4-compat) by Rothgar
               09 "TF2 Ammopacks" (1.1.0) by Hunter
               10 "Anti-Flood" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               11 "Basic Chat" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               12 "Basic Comm Control" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               13 "Basic Commands" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               14 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               15 "Basic Votes" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               16 "Bonus Round Immunity" (1.1.0) by Antithasys
               17 "TF2 Class Restrictions" (0.5) by Tsunami
               18 "Client Preferences" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               19 "Command Blocker" (1.0) by pRED*
               20 "Destroy Engineer Buildings" (1.0.2) by bl4nk
               21 "Fun Commands" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               22 "Fun Votes" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               23 "gScramble" ( by Goerge
               24 "HLstatsX Plugin" (2.8) by TTS Oetzel & Goerz GmbH
               25 "M3Motd - MOTD / Rules Display" (0.2.1) by M3Studios, Inc.
               26 "MapChooser" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               27 "Nextmap" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               28 "Map Nominations" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               29 "Player Commands" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               30 "Players Votes" (1.3.2) by pZv!, The Resident
               31 "PropHunt" (1.0) by Darkimmortal
               32 "Quake Sounds" (1.8) by dalto
               33 "SourceMod Radio" ( by dubbeh
               34 "RandomCycle" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               35 "Advanced Client Redirect" (1.0) by Olly/Tobi
               36 "Reserved Slots" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               37 "Rock The Vote" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               38 "Sudden Death Melee Redux" (1.1.4) by bl4nk
               40 "Sound Commands" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               41 "SourceBans" (1.4.3) by InterWave Studios Development Team
               42 "SQL Admin Manager" (1.3.0-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
               43 "Fun Cvars" (1.0.0) by Wild1234
               44 "Weapon Logging" (2.8) by TTS Oetzel & Goerz GmbH
               45 "Web Shortcuts" (1.0.1) by James "sslice" Gray
               46 "YeGods High Ping Remover" ( by dubbeh

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    Okay, I just tried this, and it seems like the props move really choppily and I have difficulty moving around. Or was that just me?
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    Originally Posted by noodleboy347 View Post
    Okay, I just tried this, and it seems like the props move really choppily and I have difficulty moving around. Or was that just me?
    Just you :/

    Were you holding M1 by any chance?
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    Looking great, although I recently spent a few days setting up PropHunt on my server (with plenty of thanks to Geit), I'd have gladly waited if I knew you were this close to releasing.

    Also, I've noticed these PushArrayString lines which are required for new maps (and a similar part where the timer is set), you could most definitely set it up to read from a config.

    If I were to change this plugin and replace the one I currently have, would anything like the PropHunt stats stop working?
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