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Convert STEAMID to Steam Community ID

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Old 09-16-2007 , 01:09   Convert STEAMID to Steam Community ID
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I figured I would share this little snippet, this will convert a STEAMID to the a players friendID which is used for steam community.

What could potentially be done with this, is to fetch data on a player, see what groups he is in, and basically gives you the flexibility to ban whole groups from your server without knowing all of their steamids.

At least, thats what I intend to do with it. You can also of course do the reverse, converting friend ID's to steamids.

PHP Code:
__int64 GetFriendID( const char *pszAuthID )

int iServer 0;
int iAuthID 0;

char szAuthID[64];

char *szTmp strtok(szAuthID":");
szTmp strtok(NULL":"))
char *szTmp2 strtok(NULL":");
iServer atoi(szTmp);
iAuthID atoi(szTmp2);

iAuthID == 0)

__int64 i64friendID = (__int64)iAuthID 2;

//Friend ID's with even numbers are the 0 auth server.
    //Friend ID's with odd numbers are the 1 auth server.
i64friendID += 76561197960265728 iServer


Have fun.

Edit: Using this a Pure MySQL was created

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