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[TF2] Thriller Dance

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Team Fortress 2
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    Force players to do the Thriller!
    Old 07-28-2014 , 09:16   [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    [TF2] Thriller Dance
    Adds a command to force players to do the Thriller for a specified amount of time. This plugin uses the TF2 condition 54 which renders players immobile, and are forced to taunt until the end of the specified duration. However, condition 54 has some side-effects, which are listed below.


    sm_thrillerdance_version - Does something useful.
    sm_thrillerdance_humilation - Forces the losing teams to dance during the humiliation period. (def. 0) [Includes stalemate]
    sm_thrillerdance_displaytimer - 0/1 - Enable or disable the display timer during the thriller. (def. 0)

    The countdown will play a small sound whenever it ticks. To disable the sound use this internal command: "sv_hudhint_sound 0" (only if you have sm_thrillerdance_displaytimer set to 1).


    sm_thriller <name|#userid> [duration/s] (Slay)

    Example: sm_thriller SoulSharD 120 - Will send me dancing for 2 minutes.

    Any values which are <= 0 will remove the Thriller.
    Using this command on a player that is currently dancing will reset his countdown to the new value.

    sm_dance - Same function as sm_thriller.

    1. Download the below 'thrillerdance.smx' file.
    2. Paste the 'thrillerdance.smx' file into: addons/sourcemod/plugins
    3. Load the plugin using your preferred methods. (Restart or command.)
    • As of release: none. (I'm sure someone will correct me later.)
    • The effect is automatically removed on death.
    • The commands will not work during "waiting for players" This is deliberate to prevent buggy things happening when the round actually starts.
    • DarthNinja - His Force Round End plugin was used to test the humiliation feature.
    • The unfortunate souls in my trade server... lol...
    • 28/07/14 - Initial Release.
    • 28/07/14 - Added cvar: "sm_thriller_displaytimer"
    As I've mention above, there are a few positive and negative effects:

    The thriller music automatically plays, some may find this a good thing, but others may want to disable the music, which isn't possible. The music is also client-side, others can't hear it unless they're dancing themselves. (This also means I didn't have to precache it.)

    And the worst effect, the condition also completely disables ability to access the console. This includes binds. However, fortunately chat based commands still work (! and /) Which means if you use this on yourself, you are able to remove it with "!thriller @me 0" in chat.

    Quick information:
    • 3600 = 1 hour
    • 86400 = 1 day
    • 604800 = 1 week
    I will not be held responsible for what you do with this information. (Timer would probably die anyway...)

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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (thrillerdance.sp - 1091 views - 5.0 KB)

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    Old 07-28-2014 , 15:02   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    Interesting... I don't care for the timer though at the bottom of the screen. can you add a Cvar to allow you to not show that or any messages at all. If I was to use this I'd rather use it as a hidden feature and just have players wonder what the hell was going on.
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    Old 07-28-2014 , 17:14   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    Alrighty then, I've added a new cvar to enable/disable the display (and sound). It's also disabled by default.

    version: 1.0.1

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    Old 07-28-2014 , 19:53   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    Well disabling the sounds also prevents someone from using their mic...not sure if that is by design or what.
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    Old 07-29-2014 , 05:41   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    If that's during the dance, then yes. The TF2 condition pretty much disables everything but the chat and pause.

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    Old 08-18-2015 , 13:48   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    If you could add a command that players can use on theirselves then that would be great. Like sm_thrillerme.

    Last edited by Wormy; 08-18-2015 at 13:48.
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    Old 08-18-2015 , 14:57   Re: [TF2] Thriller Dance
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    I have maybe one bug, I discovered when I was making a map that when players are sent in hell they get the over heal effect but this one disapear only if the thriller cond come at end, so you can maybe broke the overheal in the helltower. But this is more tf2 fault.

    I recommand you to add TF2_AddCondition(client, TFCond:54, 1.4); in you duration timer instead of removing it.

    Last edited by Benoist3012; 08-18-2015 at 14:57.
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