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[CSGO] I really need this plugin or Console Commands

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Old 06-22-2020 , 17:32   [CSGO] I really need this plugin or Console Commands
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Hello People

I have "nextmap.smx" plugin and maps changing automatisch i know this.
I have Public server.
I don't want nextmap, i want when game finished the players can vote for nextmap UP, in end match.
Like competitive, i try with this mapchooser.smx and i have 1'CMD in server.cfg like "votefor_nextmap 1" working players can vote but that map which players voting, not going but map which is in mapcycle.ini, if you can tell me guys, how to fix this i really appreacite this.
I like StepBYStep
I have now nextmap.smx [ENABLE] only.
And i have in mapcycle.txt this maps : dust2, mirage, inferno, overpass.
How to make when players voting in the end match, that map going for next.

I really need this guys, please help me!


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